Monday Mindspacing Vol. 19

1) I love how well my body responds to exercise!! After the first week in a while of 3 workouts a week, I already feel more svelte and sleek. Eye of the tiger kids! Especially since I've made a commitment to workout 3xs a week in the month of October.
2) I'm ready to admit it: I, Jameil1922, am an Etsy crack whore. ACK!!! The idea of being able to find cute vintage stuff and/or handmade hats and jewelery without having to leave my house. LOVES IT!! Wait until you see these hats I made!!!
3) No matter how many times I hear it, and I've heard it at least 5xs this year in different films from the Civil Rights Movement era, it sends chills down my spine and nearly brings tears to my eyes when I hear Bobby Kennedy announce the assassination of Dr. King. I can only imagine how devastating it was to hear that at a time when the country was in so much racial and emotional turmoil.
4) "Wrong. WRONG!" Dude! When Rashan and I first started talking on the phone, before we started dating, we were reciting whole scenes from the Chappelle Show on the phone. Lololol. How 'bout he said he should've known it wasn't gonna work out with this chick he went on a few dates with when she had never seen an episode. SCRATCH THE RECORD. You should've never spoken to her again. How bout THAT!
5) I'm in full student mode right now. I can't watch, eat or read ANYTHING out of critique mode. It's insane. INSANE!! ... But I kind of like it.
6) Why in editing "RunThisTown" for radio would you beep out g.string but not arse? Does that make a lick of sense? No. Smooth move ATL radio.
7) I have no idea how to dress for fall anymore. Seeing as we had one week of normal temps which might be misconstrued as something like fall i.e. below 88 and it's been 90+ but feels like up to 100? Yeah... I'm still looking like summer out here all day every day. But in Atlanta it's fall. Since I went to Atlanta this weekend, I kind of needed to remember that... yeah...
8) Taste of Atlanta was AWESOME. We definitely found some new restaurants to try. One, Tin Lizzy's had yummy Mexican food but pitiful margaritas... that's never good for a Mexican restaurant to have bad 'ritas i.e. is there really alcohol in this because it tastes like straight sour mix... Fix that. I cannot wait to go to Highland Bakery because they had these AMAZING sweet potato pancakes with caramelized brown sugar syrup. I will be thinking about those for years.
9) I've been dreaming about food a lot lately. I know this seems like it would be something I do regularly, but it's not. That's why I've noticed it.
10) I've actually seen some good movies recently. That doesn't mean I don't want to finally be able to watch my favorite movies. I do want that. I really really miss 'When Harry Met Sally' and 'Brown Sugar.' Le sigh.
11) I've been blogging 4 years and missed my bloggerversary! Tsk tsk.


Desy said...

I was watching the Rachel Zoe and I just kept thinking about the accessories I saw on that show... I really appreciate quality hats and necklaces... I love bracelets and bulky rings. I need to learn how to work that out in my own home.

I've changed my diet and did some healthier modifications that has my body glow and radiate... Exercising plus dietary modifications can REALLY send you over the moon (physically).

I find my work bleeding into my life too- the constant speech therapist...lol. Can really get on my friend's nerves sometimes-haha...

Happy belated bloggiversary

Liz Dwyer said...

Happy Blogiversary! Four years!

Etsy is seriously addictive. I am on a time out from some of my favorite jewelry vendors. The best earrings tho, for real!

It's hard to get my parents to talk about when Dr. King was assassinated. They just talk about how insane the whole time was. So very sad.

Not So Anonymous said...

Congrats on 4 years.

Exercise is simply divine...when I do it...sigh. No more on that topic for now.

watching any movie/documentary on the civil rights era gets me emotional. The strength and courage that was shown up against the hate and intolerance is overwhelming.

No chappell show?!?!? That's absurd, lol.

Rashan Jamal said...

2. I don't want my gf to be a crack whore... even if her crack is jazzy hats. LOL

3. I can't imagine living in that world. that clip is so eerie.

4. LOL - yeah, that was really weird. I should have known.

6. its funny what they edit and what they let go.. don't get me started on "Becky"

8. I'm so glad you were able to be here for the Taste. Score!!!

11. Happy 4 years!

Ladynay said...

I thought I commented already!

5) Ful EDit moode huh.

6) It's not just ATL radio.

10) Still have not seen the beginning of Brown Sugar, I always catch the last 45 or so minutes when it's on TV.

11) Happy belated blogaversary!!!!

Jameil said...

desy... i love hats, earrings & rings the most of all accessories! i could really wear all of the above daily if it was possible! how are you gonna say you're glowing and radiating and not share? WACK!!! and finally for bloggerversary: thx!

liz... thanks! etsy is CRACK!! i'm on time out right now but i think i need to get on time in really quickly! my mom said my grandfather kept them home from school that day. i don't know that i've ever asked my dad.

nsa... thx! exercise is a beast! love it! the civil rights movement was amazing! sometimes i think about how shocking it is that the things i do & love to do-- eat & travel, would've been impossible to accomplish in the same way just 40 years ago. CRAZY. no chappelle show? you should just end it now.

rj... you obviously haven't seen the hats! lol. very eerie. she tried right there to tell you she was boring and you wouldn't listen. ah well. now you appreciate me that much more! the editing is ridiculous these days! taste was awesome!! & thx!

lady... get it together! lol. yep, full edit mode. i know but that's the radio i listen to the most oddly enough since i'm in my car there at least 3xs as much as here plus they have so many stations. never seen the beginning???? THE SHAME!! thx!