You Should Stop

Because you're killin people with all that flyness. I had on those shoes (minus the rest in the picture) with a black pencil skirt, a black and white polka dot blouson top, onyx earrings and a matching onyx beaded necklace my father brought my mom back from overseas. Fly.

I went to the gym. I'm tellin you. Put a magazine in front of me and I can stay on the bike and walk around the track for a long time. I wore out these two dudes who were eye stalking me. You know the kind. Stare at you for so long and so hard that you stop what you're doing and BAM! All up in your face. Whoa patnah. Slow ya roll. Allllll that? And no speaking... get it together. It was partially my fault b/c I had on spandex pants and a spaghetti strap tank top. I usually try to cover up a bit more so I don't stop traffic! Hahaha. I know someone is shaking their head at the vanity... likely my mother. What?! I can't help it. I stop traffic. It's all in how I carry myself. Ladies am I right? The dude you're most attracted to is not necessarily the most attractive, but the one with the swagger. Hello! I know there's a man who can witness to that, too.

I did about an hour of cardio between the elliptical, the bike and the indoor track. I had to finally make myself stop walking around the track. I would've been there all day. It's my weekend so it's not like I had anything to do but FINALLY go to the beer distributor. The other day my dad brought home a 6-pack. Ummm hello!! There are 2 beer drinkers in this house. You are trippin. It's funny when he hands me a beer then says, "Yo momma would tan my hide if she saw me handin' you a beer. 'James!' she'd say, 'Stop corruptin that girl!'" Ha! Yeah right. My mother knows far more about my college activities than you do. AND.... I'm just over a month from my 25th birthday. I'm getting very excited now.

Know how I wasn't? Yeah I'm over that!! The trip seems to be off though and I'm okay with that. I was pissed at first. I was like, "MY WHOLE LIFE IS FALLING APART!!" BUT! I have several trips planned. That's a definite upside to what we will no longer talk about. I'm not constantly planning my next trip to CT so I can do other things with my money and time. Fourth of July, I'm going up to Syracuse to visit my fab line sister. I'm going to make her go shopping with me either for a dress for Wynel's wedding or a bathing suit. I'm sure either way bathing suit will be on the list since I will need many for another trip. I'm going shopping tomorrow so I may find a dress while I'm out.

Then first weekend in August, I'm going to Wynel's wedding in Norfolk. Near my home by the sea!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! I miss Hampton so much. I had a blast there. Then my birthday is August 23rd. My mommy says she wants to come visit me. Then August 31st, my vacation starts. Since I'm no longer going to Los Angeles (that means I won't get to meet Los Angelista :( how sad!), I've decided I'm going to sunny Florida!! Wheeee!! Especially since Stace's love Dreezy has been stalking me half to death about getting down there. I will see my beloved Stace (who's FINALLY back from Ghana!! Yay!), West Palm Beach, and MIAMI!! Can't wait! I'm already planning my trip. I've been to all these sites about Miami. I've never been before. It will be fantastic. Ya girl is good AND I'm going to try to go out FOR REAL THIS TIME!!


Southerner in Suomi said...

Gurl!! 25 in a month? when is your b-day? Mine is July 21. Are you a cancer?

And I'm still laughing at "ghettorobics"

Perfect word:

GreatWhyte said...

One time for our home by the sea. I miss it too- who knew? I was supposed to go this weekend so the father could meet Bishop, but looks like it's a no go :(

the joy said...

Lol I need your gym energy. I have yet to fix my bike...

I know what you mean about the shallowness, and yes it is shallow. Lol but we're good at it, eh?

Jameil said...

v... did i say a month? more like 2. my bday is august 23rd. virgo baby. cusp. so i'm exactly like leo and virgo.

this is my fave http://youtube.com/watch?v=oDAxtgk5EJw soooo funny.

x... awww :(

joy... shallow??? i'm not shallow. i'm confident in my abilities. you don't get gym energy until you create it. you have to make yourself at first, then you feel lost w/o it. isn't there a gym at your job? are you able to use it?

Sha Boogie said...

Its so nice to know I'm not the only person in their 20's who has not been to Miami, whooo!

Gurl, I know what you mean, I can't help it that I'm fly, its all in that swagger, baby!..lol..

BTW- the shoes are BANGIN!

BK said...

LMAO.. girl why those shoes look OH SO FAMILIAR!!! hahahaa

keep working it out ma.. you won't regret it especially in your 30's :) LOL

dreamyj said...

awww, no longer coming to LA?! Some other time then! no worries, all those other trips sound really fun as well!

So...Wise...Sista said...

Good luck not vomiting in your own mouth in SorryExcuse, I mean Syracuse.

Anonymous said...


What a joke.

and your swaggericiousness is too hot for Pittsburgh. You gonna hurt someone up there.

Jameil said...

diva... you have those too?? fab! thanks for the encouragement homie!

dreamy... awww! you could've showed me the ropes.

wise... thanks for the help! :) i'm not going up there looking for all the fun in the world. i want to see more of the campus since the last time i was there it was for a sorority function and i didn't really get to see much. i'm also scouting j-school programs and most of all seeing my l.s.!!! it's been a while. we'll have a ball sitting in her room watching tv. i've already been warned by a co-worker that its not that great.

dp... i really will tho. po thangs.

Adei von K said...

Jameil, I loooooooooove this post!!! so full of energy!!!!!

I can't wait for us to hit South Beach! I'm getting that brown and white swimsuit out of InStyle and the brown GAP jacket. that's my outfit. with some wedges. holla.

Adei von K said...

the jacket is down to $26.99... i can wait :-)