5 Questions

I know, I know. I'm not normally the one to do these, but I'm tired of talking about the relationship that wasn't. It's over, let's move on. I will let some of the rest of you interview me in the comments. These are from Los Angelista.

1) When you were a kid playing hide and seek, where was the one place you could hide where no one would find you?
Hmmmm.... that's a good one. You know how you had home base and you could run back to home base and win? That was always my strategy. As long as I wasn't as readily found as at least one other person, then I'm GOOD! I'm running back and winning that sucker.

2) You get an invitation to a costume ball. Who/What do you dress up as?
Ok my mother never let us do Halloween so I've always wanted to be a cat (think catwoman suit but with ears and a tail, tres adorable). BUT depending on the crowd, that may not be appropriate, so I also like to look very glamorous/dramatic. Maybe a Tina Turner (short dress a must) or Diana Ross (big hair and sparkly dress with high slit, a must).

3) What made you decide to pledge? Do you ever wish you hadn't?
I'm a legacy AND I'm from the south, so I'd been around sorority events all my life. You know Greek life is huge down there, grad and undergrad. There was no way I wasn't going to pledge. However, contrary to popular opinion, I didn't just pick the one I was most exposed to. Hello. I know I come off as stubborn. It's because I can be. I'll make my own way. I actually did some research and couldn't see myself as any of the others. It will sound nasty if I say why and there are some neos (newbies) on here who are easily offended so I'll just leave it at that.

I don't wish I hadn't. All orgs have their issues which is the hardest thing for neos to understand. There is a certain amount of disenfranchisement with any organization you join, Greek or non-greek. You have these perceptions of what it will be like, but its different, because there are a million personalities and reasons for joining (some of them bad), so you don't understand why everyone doesn't have the same goals as you. The older you get (this sounds hilarious because I just celebrated 5 years, but I tell you even 2 years after joining your org you feel infinitely older than a neophyte. 5 years, you feel ancient), the same things don't matter as much. You begin to accept people for who they are. It is a preparation for life. (I could go on about this for a long time).

I also have my line sister to help when I'm feeling terribly pissed. I would never have been close to her without Sigma Gamma Rho and now I can't imagine my life without her. She keeps me very sane and is one of my closest friends.

4) Luda and T.I. both ask you out on the same night. Which one are you going to go out with?
LMAO. Sigh. If I had to pick one I'd go with T.I. I guess, though I saw this Youtube of him threatening to kill some college kid who threw a something at him and was thoroughly disgusted. I think Luda is probably smarter, but the whole Oprah thing really pissed me off. I mean, seriously, do you REALLY think Oprah should care about hip-hop enough to regularly feature rappers you talk about bitches and hoes and nigga this and nigga that and hoes in different area codes? Oprah is a ridiculously successful GROWN WOMAN. That is not her audience and if you want to come correct, then do so, but whining is not the way to do it. AND I saw him on SNL and it was one big black joke after another. VERY offensive. It was like a minstrel show. Particularly a skit called "The Bitch Slap Method." Still confused about Oprah's decision? Why'd you get me started? Lol.

5) What five songs are on the soundtrack to your life?
"Though the Storm" Yolanda Adams
"Someone to Hold" 112 (gotta have them, I LOVE that group)
"Get Low" Lil John (reminds me of my crazy crew in college!)
"Brown Skin Lady" Black Star
"I Put A Spell on You" Nina Simone

*If you'd like to be interviewed or want to interview me, leave it in the comments.


So...Wise...Sista said...

ok what do you mean 'never let you do Halloween?' Like no trick or treating and dressing up cuz it's the devils holiday?

Ooo ooo interview me! Interview me!

Jameil said...

wise... precisely.

1) what is the stupidest thing you did in your 20s?
2) what are the best and worst lines you've ever heard?
3) if you could do any job in the world without having to worry about money, what would it be?
4) say your house is on fire and all your pictures and birth certificate, etc are safe, then what's the one thing you take?
5) what is your favorite thing to buy and that you know you should stop but you just can't?
bonus: tell us one thing that should've stayed in vegas but you're going to tell us anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

im like wise ... me too ... can i be interviewed! and i feel ya on the halloween thing ... it was the same at my house too!

the joy said...

Omg I love that yolanda Adams cd. I can't remember a time when she wasn't playing at my house.

That TI/luda one was a hard question. I still don't know what I'd say.

Southerner in Suomi said...

I'm going with T.I. no matter what!! He is shorter than me and known for violent tendencies. But let him try and scrap with me. I'll set him skraight in two rounds.

It'll be like Ike and Tina when they were in that limo. She just got tired of that foolishness.

I feel ya about trying to change the subject. And yes, every greek org has their faults and you know you got that one or two crazy line sisters to prove it.
You never regret it! I have friends I met that I don't know what I'd do without the org either. It's all love. Ooooooop Oop!! They better ack like they know!!

La said...

me! me! Interview me!

Otherwise you'll just have to keep hearing stories about me trying to navigate dating life, lol

Chris said...

I'd like to be interviewed.

shani-o said...

I'm not an easily offended neo... tell me more!

And interview me, too.

1969 said...

Good answers Jameil. Yes, interview all of these people...you know I am nosy. LOL

BK said...

oooh u can interview me.. that will be my post for tomorrow LOL *just can't ask about today's post.. not ready to out still doing investigation*

but I soooo feel you on #3!!!! like you I was legacy and I won't lie it had a lot to do with my decision but when I look back at my life LOL I probably would have gone down a different path!!!

my mom didn't do halloween either but she would hide candy in our house and tell us we had 30 min to find it all LOL I do the same thing with my kids LOL

the joy said...

Btw, interview me too!!

We're gonna keep you very busy.

Liz Dwyer said...

Glad it took your mind off of things. I had a Kyle once and girl...it must be something about that name that just makes things not work.

Your answers have me laughing, especially with the hide and seek. You should totally do Tina Turner this year for Halloween since you have been getting your workout on. You could even get "What's Love Got To DO With It" as your ring tone.

I'm picking T.I. as well...and Vdizzle's comment made me laugh out loud. Now I wonder how tall he is and if he has a Napoleon complex.

You have a whole lot of interview questions to come up with! :)

Jameil said...

wow... y'all ain't got nothin better to do? lolololol.

1) what are you most looking forward to about the upcoming move to cali? least?
2) you pick up your favorite pair of shoes, which is it?
3) what's the boldest thing you've ever said to a guy?
4) if the power was out at your house for 2 days and you couldn't go elsewhere for entertainment and could only be on the phone for 30 minutes per day, how would you keep from going crazy?
5) who is the most embarassing person in your life and why?

joy!!! omg!! i'm so glad someone else knows that cd! i was shocked you didn't want to be interviewed... then i scrolled down. lol.
1) when did you know you wanted to marry kesi?
2) i know you want kids, but doesn't the idea of having a PERSON growing inside you and eventually beating the crap out of you until it forces its way out of your body freak you out?
3) if you could have any hair style right now, what would you have?
4) you are known for your mildly outrageous/odd clothing. what's the furthest you've ever pushed that envelope?
5) say you couldn't talk to kesi, lauren or your mom for a week, who's left that you'd feel a bit nutty if you didn't talk to them for a week?

v... uh.... that worries me. i only have one line sister. i used to kind of want more, but more money more problems, more line sisters more problems. sometimes it only takes one to get on your last nerve. its part of the reason we're as close as we are. we've had to rely on each other and we're the only ones who had our experience. but there are def. people you look at sideways. you're a delta?

la... don't stop the stories... but here ya go! :)
1) what was your (now) laughably worst date ever?
2) why are you such a fighter?
3) i believe you said you could cook, what's the meal or dish you do when you really want to impress someone?
4) if you weren't a ride or die, southern hoodrat chick (lmao! i know you're gonna love that), what would you be? one of those ride or die hood chicks from jerz, ny or dc?
5) what was the most defining moment of your life?

1) push bitter to the back. what is your dream girl like?
2) if you hadn't gone to del state, in an ideal world, where would you have gone?
3) what's the best experience (outside of the newspaper) of your college career?
4) we know you don't like mac and cheese, how can you earn back your black card?
5) if you were a woman, what would be the first thing you would do?

shani... I wrote this long thing but I erased it b/c there's no way to say this stuff over the net without coming off evil and rude or bitter. I will say what pushed me most toward SGRho. I loved a lot of them and they were so nice to me of course when I was in the cotillion AND when I went to Hampton. even though I told my mom not to, she told my now big sis to look out for me and she really, really did.
1) how did you pick your org?
2) what was the most annoying change when you joined?
3) when you walk out of the house, other than a cell, what do you HAVE to bring with you?
4) what's your dream gift?
5) if you could drop everything right now, go anywhere with anyone, where would you go?

1969... lolol. i'm like obsessed w/your hubby series!

bkd... i love that halloween thing! that's sounds so fun!
1) what are you most looking forward to about your kids growing up (other than them getting the *beep* out yo house!)?
2) what childhood memory do you dust off and enjoy over and over?
3) what's the most ridiculous thing you've ever done?
4) where do you go for some peace?
5) if you could only listen to songs from one artist for one week, who would it be? now if you had to choose from rihanna, ashanti, ciara and cassie, then who?

Jameil said...

liz... girl i've been sittin here for a long time. good thing i was a journalism major and i remember everything i read. i would've had a lot of research... i'm also very curious (not at all nosy). how hot would i be as tina? i don't have her deez arms but i would be so fly anyway. t.i. is like 5'3. def. napoleon complex. sit down crazy midget!

Anonymous said...

Hold up. No Halloween?!?! You mean like no costumes or no unwrapped candy?!?! You mean you weren't rocking the Wonder Woman costume with the gold bracelets?!?! Shame on yo' mama!!!! Depriving kids of their youth. LOL

Southerner in Suomi said...

Sorry that was one of the many delta cousins writing. I told her to read your blog while we were hanging out.

I told her to put her name. Silly girl. I was only a Delta Deb. :)

JustMeWriting said...

that was great...I love all the answers to the last question...I'm not going to make you come up with anymore questions though...LOL.

Organized Noise said...

Just came through via Bklyn Diva. Saw that you interviewed her. I wouldn't mind being interviewed by you. Considering this is my first time here, I could only imagine where the questions would come from.

CNEL said...

I'm afraid to be interviewed by you.

Plus I conduct interviews I don't do interviews.

For you:
1) Where do see yourself five years from now?
2) What constitutes the ideal friendship?
3) What do you consider your best qualities?
4) If you were not in journalism, what would you be doing?
5) What's your favorite drink aside from nasty a%% beer?

Liz Dwyer said...

T.I.'s only 5'3"? Oh wow. Not trying to diss short dudes but bwahahaha!

GreatWhyte said...

Hmm... Ludacris and Oprah. I tend to disagree, but whatever... I would love to be interviewed! Please please pretttttttyyyy please?!?!

Jameil said...

funky... i'm a survivor! :) its actually surprising how many people weren't allowed to celebrate halloween. and i went to a black school and no one cared there either. doubt it will ever have a whole lot of luster for me.

just me... i would've come up with some for you! :)

noisy one...
1) you love nyc to the fullest, what's the 2nd greatest city in the world?
2) if you had to eat just one thing every day for a week, what would you not get tired of and why?
3) your extended family has a dancing contest. who's winning? what place do you come in?
4) you see a girl you HAVE to approach. how do you get and keep her attention?
5) other than (maybe) your parents, who do you admire most and why?

oh no cnel. you will answer my questions.
1) say you graduated this past may. where's your first job?
2) how did you meet epsi?
3) how would you react if a girl you were interested in pursued you?
4) what's your favorite item of clothing?
5) name one of your interests we may not know about.

Jameil said...

my bad, x.
1) what's the craziest thing you've ever done?
2) get on a plane right now. where are you going?
3) you don't talk about your dad much, what's your relationship like with him?
4) homecoming was not the bomb last year. if you go this year, why will you and how will/would it be better?
5) when you go shopping, which stores do you always it? would you hit if you had more money?

Anonymous said...

You can interview me

Jameil said...

1) what do you miss most about hampton?
2) what's the best thing about being an aunt?
3) if you had the opportunity to sit down with the president, what would you say?
4) what are you obsessed with?
5) would you ever move back to charlotte? why or why not?

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

Ok Jamiel, hit me up.

Jameil said...

ace how the hell you gon ask for questions when you haven't updated your blog in a year? lmao! and its jamEIl. e first.
1) how would you feel if you weren't able to play music?
2) does being in an interracial relationship ever drive you batty? what about your girl?
3) i know you musicians do some crazy things. tell us about one of those times even you were like i can't believe this is happening to me!
4) what internet site and television station can always hold your attention (other than mine, of course)?
5) who's your favorite dead person?

T Dot said...

I feel like I"m late. But can I be interviewed? Pretty please.

Jameil said...

t dot baby, that's because you are.
1) what was the best date you ever went on?
2) i remember one of the people from your freshman year internship talking about how amazing you are, so I know you're ambitious. What is your long-term goal?
3) you know how we're all starting to feel a bit old for most popular music? what do you find yourself bumpin anyway?
4) what's your favorite city and why?
5) who's your favorite comedian?