Ask and you shall receive

I said you guys could ask me some questions, too. Cnel came up with five more. Y'all so nosy.

1) Where do see yourself five years from now?
Wow. I have no idea. 3 weeks ago I would've said married. Now? Same. The view's a bit different but I can't imagine not being married at 29, almost 30, though I know plenty of people who are/were. On the professional level, I will be running something, calling shots. "Wanna be a... balla, shot calla!" Name that song. I bet Joy will be the first or La. I will probably be making documentaries at that point, too. Something about black people.

2) What constitutes the ideal friendship?
Honesty is paramount. If you're gonna lie to me, it's best we not talk. If you're going to expect me not to be honest, you shouldn't ask. I'm not going to try to hurt your feelings, but if you ask a question, I'll answer honestly. Do I think your boyfriend's a bastard? Yeah. You know you deserve to be treated better. Do you look fat in that? That does not flatter you. Go up a size. Etc, etc. I also need a friend who is happy for me. If your depression outweighs the happiest event in my life, then what's the point. You ALWAYS have something negative to say, I can't deal. Fun is near unparallel. I like a talker, but a listener is tres important as well.

3) What do you consider your best qualities?
My honesty, drive and charisma. I can come off a bit harsh, but when I want to be, I am quite charming. And I love to have fun! Who can beat that?

4) If you were not in journalism, what would you be doing?
Documentaries. But its still journalism to me, just in a longer form. I wouldn't want to be a documentarian (I don't know if I just made that up) who puts her opinion in every work. I just want to tell people's stories. I also wouldn't mind being a researcher or fact checker. But I would still need to be writing and calling the shots on some level.

5) What's your favorite drink aside from nasty a%% beer?
Beer is more cost efficient. You have to figure out what beer flavors you like. I'm not a fan of Coronas or Heinekens but the more I drink beer, the less repulsive they become. I can't stand Coors Lite and Miller Lite is worse. Blech. I'm a fan of Honey Brown and Yuengling.

I love margaritas. I also like tequila sunrises. (sense a pattern?) Soco and lime is a yummy choice, too. Amaretto sours are good. Don't get me started.


Sha Boogie said...

I'm with you on the beer (so cost effective) I like those yuppy flavors too..lol..

I see myself married by 30 as well,the thought of being 30 without a husband and children frightens me! I think because I never had that 2 parent home I crave it for myself.

JOB said...

For a damn tasty beer, you have to go microbrew... something with real flavor.

You know Jameil, if you ever tire of the real world, the world of teaching can always use someone who enjoys calling the shots.

CNEL said...

Aren't I a good interviewer?

When you doing docs can I serve as a producer?

You didn't say why you loved beer so much, when you put it in terms of cost, maybe I'll have to rethink my opposition LoL.

Don't be going around the Internet calling me "ol fake ass CNEL". Ya'll be asking probing I have an image to maintain LoL.

the joy said...

Better way, by tela? I'm not sure but I remember the video by heart. The dude singing is fat and sweaty.

I can tell you been listening to black star. Documentarian. True life documentarian! Lol.

I love amarretto sours! Yum. We should party.

Jameil said...

sha... yuppie flavors? are we supposed to like hennesey or something? i had a 2 parent home and i still don't want to be w/o a hubby and kids.

job... i like those, too. there are a lot in pgh. i was talking about stuff people can get anywhere. i thought about teaching but i don't know. i think volunteering would be better for me.

cnel... you alright. no. i'm the producer. i didn't say i love beer. i like it. not just b/c of cost but that's why i started drinking it. stop being a punk. answer the questions.

joy.. yes! knew it! lmao. i've never seen the video. amaretto sours are so yummy. we should def. party!!

GreatWhyte said...

Damn Gina!! I'm feeling a bit persecuted up here in Jersey with the whole not wanting to be 30 and unmarried thing! I'm 30 (or damn near!) and I'm not married. But let me not trip...I'm DYING to be married with childre. Yet another one of my punk ass linesisters emailed me yesterday to say that she and her husband are expecting a Christmas bundle of joy. DAMMIT!

BK said...


you should make this a segment.. :) LOL

lmao @ beer.. I'm a heineken, becks, guiness kinda girl if I had to drink beer.. but Killian's Red and Yuengling aren't bad either.

Ms.Honey said...

Ok how come all I got from that was I need a drink LOL

Jameil said...

x... feel you not so persecuted! you know you're not alone homes!

bk... lololol. glad you like it. that means y'all would have to volunteer to ask me 5 questions! step up to the plate! guinness??? blech. you are hard core! i don't mind killian's red. red stripe is yummo too.

honey, cuz you're a drunk! :) hahahahaha.

dreamyj said...

i can definitely see you runnin something! get it girl!

i feel you on wanting to be married, i'd like to settle down at least in my 30s so i have some time to spot some potentials before then.

thanks for the tips on beer, i really don't care for it as of yet.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand friends who are yes-men. They agree with everything. Never really give their true opinion. Say what you feel. That's when it's best.

Oh and umm...yeungling is good stuff...

JustMeWriting said...

YOU STILL GETTIN INTERVIEWED...LOL. I like the friendship answer...that's so on point.

Liz Dwyer said...

Of course you're going to be running something. And I think you'd be a good documentarian. We need more black female filmmakers and journalists. Our stories always seem to get told by someone else and that needs to change.

I think I once read some statistic that says only 36% of us are married right now and 40 something percent of us will never get married. But, I sometimes think those stats are just designed to make us feel less desirable, less worthy. Anyway, the right person will come along, probably when you least expect it.

the joy said...

Kesi said the song is by Lil Troy. I was wrong! Why?!