That's me!! Oh my. It's been 4 WHOLE DAYS since my last post which means I have 700 million things to talk about. I used to get in trouble for this. Always talking in class. Then in middle school passing notes took over my life. 8th grade through high school, we graduated to notebooks. I had a notebook with my friend Gineen. We'd write a note (usually 2-3 pages) and pass it in the hall or at lunch or after school. She's in the media or public relations now, too. I had books with a couple of people, but in high school, she stands out.

How about I'm the most selfish person in America right now. With all the drama going on in my life (well just one thing), I totally forgot one of my fave college homies is preggers. I'M AWFUL!! Her mom called me to see if I could come to her baby shower and I gasped. I'm like I haven't spoken to her in a month and she's pregnant!! Granted she's only maybe 3 months pregnant and it's not unusual for us to talk only once a month, but still. Bad Jameil. Now we're playing phone tag.

Speaking of phone tag. May I tell you how excited I am about Wynel's wedding. One of my co-workers is bringing in several dresses for me to look at now that I'm a size 2... ow! Let's talk about my size. Black folk. Y'all are too funny. White people get SO excited when you talk about losing weight. My Black friends and family are all concerned. Like, are you eating? Do you want to be that small? Are you going to stop? FOLK!! I'm eating, the normal amount. I'm working out; and no, I don't want to be much smaller but just more toned. Yes, I'm still fly.

Back to the wedding. This is my first friend to get married. You know how we're at that age where you'd think I'd have a million weddings every few months? I'm sure in the next year or 2 I will be buried in wedding invites, but now? Not so much. A coworker is getting married at the Bellagio in Vegas and I can't wait!! I've never been to Vegas and La and Wise act like its the best thing to ever happen to their lives. I'll make sure to get the scoop from them before I jet.

The 4th of July trip to the 'Cuse has been cancelled. I didn't realize it was almost 6 hours away. For a 2-day trip, that's too much. Especially coming off of a 6-day week. I have also never seen the world-famous Zambelli fireworks which are based in this area. They did the Times Square New Year's celebration this year. I saw some of them from the road when they did one of the Pirates' games last year. I was so excited for days. BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait. My dad won't be here. You know he doesn't stay around for holidays.

When I head to Miami for the birthday, which Stace and Dreezy are SO excited about, I'm going to Rosa Cha to fulfill another New Year's resolution!! I'm too excited even though the summer 2007 collection is not bright enough for me. I also need a suit for Wynel's wedding since she only lives 10 minutes from the beach. I miss the beach so much. The water was one of my favorite things about Hampton. It's a HUGE selling point. One of my friends from home just went for the first time and was amazed at the beauty. Ahhhh yeah! GO PIRATES!!

Back to Miami... so they told me we're going to all of the places Rachael Ray went to on Tasty Travels... well they said Tasty Travels but I don't see where she went to MIA, so maybe they meant $40 A Day. WHATEVER!! My mom called me a groupie... I'll be that! Rachael Ray is so cool. I think about her every time I'm in the kitchen. Is this getting creepy? Whatever. Suck it up. At least I don't have Beyonceitis.

AND as a final note. Blog loves, I need y'all to stop slackin on your pimpin. You are not hustlin like this. You're boring me. POST!!


Southerner in Suomi said...

Sorry we been slacking on the posting mama. :-)

Finally Rachel Ray rox!! And I love that a normal-sized woman can be some famous. You know her dad's cajun and her mom is Sicilian? That's carb central. She'll never get rid of them hips.

Sha Boogie said...

OMG! I thought me and my BFF were the only losers that had notebooks dedicated to all the rediculous notes we wrote in high school, HAHA!

Ok, nice to know I am not alone. Again. I LOVE Rachel Ray, she is my food IDOL! Stalk away! I'm right behind ya..

AND I have nothing to yack about..I guess I do but dangit I'm to lazy right now..

Anonymous said...

The Pittsburgh Fireworks display is VERY underrated..

Zambelli does it up good.

Are the Pirates in town?

That would even double the fun.

Three weeks until Training Camp.

I know you can't wait. Dont let YT talk bad about Mike T.

La said...

OMG!!! Joy and I did the notebook! Lol I still have it somewhere in storage. I imagine we'll pull out one day and laugh at ourselves and how serious we were about our silly. Vegas IS great! Have fun! I loooove the Bellagio. Its GORGEOUS. I wanna stay there next time I visit.

Jameil said...

V... yay!!!! her middle name is domenica. wow! you really are sicilian aren't you??? hilarious.

sha... ditto!!! so glad to have people who share my love. stop bein lazy!

dp... yes the pirates are in town. yt? no seriously. stop the countdown. i don't care and you're making it worse. do that on your own blog.

la... hooray! i love that we all did that. so funny.

GreatWhyte said...

BITE YOUR TONGUE... Beyonceitis is only the HOTTEST disease to have. Everybody who's anybody is a patoent and... and... **stopping to take a breath** and I love her!!!!!! But I'm a Rachel Ray groupie too.
And lay off the Hampton Roads talk. I haven't been home since November :(
WHAT? Notebooks? I sooooooo participated in that foolishness! Until my mom found mine one time. Yeah, no more notebooks after that!
Vegas is FABULOUS in EVERY way, and the Bellagio really is beautiful (won $3000 last time I was there!). But the best rooms are at the Wynn.
And one more thing... I've been trying to blog, but bloger is being mean to me :(

La said...

X how in THE HELL did u win $3000? I suck SO HARD at gambling. I say we organize a blogger meet and greet in Vegas this year; that was I can accomplish my goal of meeting a couple bloggers AND someone can teach me how to gamble so I can walk away with more than $22.74.

So...Wise...Sista said...

CORRECTION: The BUFFET at the Bellagio is the best thing that ever happened to me. Vegas is only like second or third.

Bloggers in Vegas?
Im in.

RR is such a freak...but Ill be damned if I aint been effing with them damn dunkindonut iced coffees everyday.

Mau said...

If you're going to Vegas, be SURE to check out one of the Cirque du Soleil shows. Do O or Mystere. Don't fool with that Zumanity crap.

As far as food shows go, I'm with Alton Brown. Even Ina Garten. 5 minutes of Rachel Ray, and I want to reach through the TV and choke her ass out...

Charreah said...

you make us look bad with these thought out, fun posts multiple times a week! And I love weddings so I had to live that one through you since none of my friends and fam seem to be maiking it down the aisle lately. . .

Jameil said...

x... well you take that disease!! i was in HR in november, too but didn't get to go to HU. haven't been back home (by the sea of course) since Oct 2005!!! horrible. so i already let the bride know we'll be making a trip there AND to the beach. can't wait. my mom would never be able to find anything in my room or even try but i kept them well-hidden anyway. BLOGGER BEHAVE!!! and i too need those 3k tips!! :)

laaaaaaaaaa... not THIS year. didn't you hear me recount all my trips?!?! i gotta save some money somewhere!!

wise... she gets in your soul. i can't WAIT for all the food and drink!

mau... cirque kind of scares me... i don't like alton but i can get w/ina and sometimes giada. i like giada's food more than i like her. i think the fact that she's so small and eats portions the size of a penny. i know you don't want to be the pig on tv but giada!! you are KILL.IN.ME!!

queen... awww! you're too sweet. i'm just bored as all get out and there are not enough people off when i am to converse with!!! i am like BESIDE myself with the wedding. omg. can't wait.

Mau said...

Cirque scares you? In that case, you MUST go. Mrs. Mau and I don't miss a show when it comes to town. You'll be hooked.

If you've got the $, get the best seats you can. Do it early, because they sell out.

Omar Ramon said...

When I came home from my brief (4 month)stint living in Orlando, Florida I had lost about 30 lbs.All the women in my family stalked me for about two months. Everytime i went to the bathroom it was "Are you throwing up in there?!"

Whenever I came in the house my grams would immediately offer me food. In fact she still does it. She misses her chunky grandson.

Anyway,your life sounds immensely more exciting than mine....ENJOY !!

yet another black guy said...

on the real, that beyonceitis might be one of the funniest things i've ever read!

Karamale said...

dang, girl. you got a new look and everything. i need to get back sometime and catch up on your life. meanwhile, tag, you it!