I Go to Work!!!

That's the name of my new playlist. I got kind of sidetracked because I've added so much stuff to my ipod that I'd forgotten half of the stuff on there!! Geez! I really have to get the car adapter. It's all pointless without it. I bet that will keep me off the phone in the car! Lol. I keep buying cds. I should introduce myself to my current stuff!!! One of my fave new finds thanks to Ace is Alice Smith. That girl is nice. "Dreams" is a bangin song. "Woodstock" is good, too. Look, I just like the cd.

Here's what I'll be working out to next time I head to the gym (my pre-requisite are that the song be fast-paced, almost crackishly so):
1- "The New Workout Plan" Kanye West (b/c it CRACKS ME UP!! and I get crunk and MOVE!)
2- "Hey Lil Mama" Young C (one of the hood songs my girl hooked me up with when I went home)
3- "Get Me Bodied" Beyonce (I could not stand this song until I got back from home and that's just because my friend wore it out and it made me think of her. I like the video because she does all these dances that are very DJ Jubilee and New Orleans bounce of her. My fave is definitely "snap for the kids." TOO funny.)
4- "That's Right" Ciara f/Lil John (very hyper)
5- "Bang it Up" Ciara (more hyper)
6- "One Minute" Kelly Clarkson
7- "Lose My Breath" Destiny's Child
8- "Anything" Jay-Z f/Usher & Pharrell (not that fast, I just like the song)
9- "Never Again" Kelly Clarkson
10- "I'm A DBoy" Lil Wayne f/Birdman
11- "I'm Hot" Missy Elliot (always makes me think of Ash and the rest of my HU crew)
12- "B.O.B." OutKast
13- "Skew It on the Bar-B" OutKast f/Raekwon
14- "Fever" Rhymefest
15- "Pass the Popcorn (Revisited)" The Roots
16- "Oh Timbaland" Timbaland
17- "Let Me See It" UGK (just cause I like it it gets me crunk.. another song that reminds me of HU)

BTW it took me a full WEEK to recover from my injuries. Wow... Went to the gym yesterday. Today's pain is all minor muscular aches that show you actually did something!! :) I wanted to go today but I didn't pack and gym clothes. Oh bother.


Miz JJ said...

Nice play list. Take it easy. Even if you feel better you could still reinjure yourself.

Dopelikelouboutins said...

Luv like 98% of your playlist, u have taste girl!

Sherlon Christie said...

I haven't heard many of the songs on the list but I'm sure they are great if you like them. I need more rap and fast music when I'm working out.

Southerner in Suomi said...

Anything rocks. One of the few gems on "kingdom come."

That whole Lil Wayne album roxs! If it's got "carter" in the title, it's the bomb.

"B.O.B." and "Let me see it" are my hoochie on the slick songs. I love UGK. Everything by them. And as you can see, all their songs are of similar subject matter.

dreamyj said...

Hurray for the work out playlist! Mine has a really boring name, I call it "exercise" but I operate with the same "really fast tempo" songs like you do.

Jameil said...

jj... yeah i know. if i feel anything like a strain in the calves i'm like holla! pass! i'm too cute to be crippled!

diamonds... lol thx.

sp... my taste in music is a bit all over the place. i'm more lenient w/workout songs than regular music, though.

v... anything is hot! and that lil wayne album is ridiculous. talk about sidetracked!! i was supposed to be cruisin thru the ipod and it took forever b/c i got stuck on that. ugk is crazy. i never knew anything about them before i went to hu and some of my homies were big fans. them and 36.

dreamy... not exercise!! lmao! what's on your list? is rihanna's cd good? you seem to like it. i have another one called "workout" and one called "workin it."

Anonymous said...

If you dont have International Player's Anthem by UGK and Outkast on your Ipod, your Ipod isnt functioning properly.

Holla @ ya boy if you need it.

Organized Noise said...

This post makes me miss my iPod. Workouts just haven't been the same since it died on me.

shani-o said...

Dude, fully 1/2 of those songs are on my workout playlist!

We're ::here::

Jameil said...

dp... i love that song. feel free to give it to me b/c its not on the ipod yet.

noisy... i would never go to the gym w/o mine. one day i didn't have it and i just turned around and left! lolol. the girl at the desk looked at me like wtf? i would have to buy a new one if the old one cost more to get fixed.

shani... yay!! what else is on there?

Jarrod said...

Let Me See It...word??? If I ever doubted your Southern heritage this just confirmed it.

Adei von K said...

your playlist is crunk as the fcuk!! daaaaaaaaaam!! i like! that is SOOOOOOOO riding down 95 to the beach music!

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

ok so i'm wayy behind but I'm feelin u with some of the play list selections. I have like 50 on my workout mix but that's because it allows me to do multiple skips when I get tired of hearing the same songs. They include hip hop, reggae, soca, and the like.

Kanye's Workout Plan! Definitely a must. Get me Bodied is number 2! We share a number of others but here are a few others on my list you might like:

Breath In, Breath Out - St. Lunatics (They were pretty bad but this song gets me going if I'm on the treadmil

Pump It - Black Eyed Peas (don't really like them either but hey, it's for a cause!)

Girlfight- Brook Valentine

Madder Than That- Machel Montano (soca)

De Band Comin- Shurwayne Winchester (more soca)

...just to name a few!!