Ya Girl is HOT!!!

And not in a good way. But why am I fightin mad though? Like FIGHTING MAD!! It was one of those days at work but I left and today's my Friday. Can I get an Amen! I'd already planned to go to noon bible study at an unnamed church whose website I visited. I didn't know exactly where it was so I wandered a bit until I found it, then turned around to find some food. I stopped at Anthony's in East Liberty to get breakfast. It was ok but then it turned out they didn't take debit cards. The lady let me leave to go get money and since she was so nice about it, I gave her $10 for a $6.25 meal. Pay it forward. Holla!

I head around the corner to the church and THEY DON'T HAVE NOON BIBLE STUDY IN THE SUMMER EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok first, WHAT?!?! Who does this??? The whole city of Pittsburgh doesn't believe you need Jesus during the day in the summer?!?! Second, but why is this the 2nd church I've learned of their noon bible study online which had NO MENTION OF SUMMER JESUS BREAKS?!?!!? Lord, please holla at these web folk. Third, conspiracy. It's gotta be. This shows me I just don't need to go to bible study. Ever. I must need to do this my way.

Last Sunday I headed to another unnamed church (let's not hurt nobody's feelings). NO AIR!! Or open windows!!!??? The choir was off key. And worst of all, the woman they let speak for women's day in the pastor's place was beyond off topic and confusing. I still don't know what I was supposed to get out of Zachariah 5:5-11. I looked at this but still have the huh????? face on so (even though that blurb held more understanding for me than all 20+ minutes of her "speech") if you read it and you know, please spread the word.

I tiptoed out before the baptisms so I could go to the gym and realized I parked right next to Winslow Street. So I wanted to see the scene of the tragedy I'd been writing about for more than a month. I can't get this story out of my head. It breaks my heart that two mothers reportedly admitted to leaving their combined 7 children home alone in the middle of the night. They were 3 to 8 years old. The two 8-year-olds were the only ones to make it out alive. Now the burned shell is boarded up and the sidewalk is covered with stuffed animals and flowers. I said a prayer as I drove past.

As I drove around the corner, I saw a church I'd been looking for 2 months earlier but couldn't find. Then another church I saw during the first Jesus break debacle was letting out as I drove past. Turns out this one is also a black church so I may hit them up as well. There go the next two Sundays. So I've decided that was the purpose of going to the service I did not enjoy. After church I headed to the gym, the grocery store, then the bed!!

The point! Why is your girl so hot??? Let me tell you why ya girl is burning up but trying to calm down. Because on June 12th, the same day these children died, I was heading to work and was sideswiped on the highway by some kid who was not paying attention. We have the same insurance company. He ended up lying and saying he wasn't at fault. The people handling both ends of the claim are in Erie. A minimum of 2 hours away. Please let me know how you can investigate a claim when you don't even know what the highway looks like or where the accident happened. So when they said it would be a 50-50 claim, I said no thanks. I kept going up the chain until I got to the regional manager. He re-opened the claim. I went to the gym today to work off some of my frustration and actually felt way better.

Then as I pull up to my house, do you know one of his lackeys called me to let me know they came to the same conclusion WITHOUT COMING TO SEE MY CAR OR CALLING ME AGAIN?!? That is NOT an adequate investigation if you use all the same information!! No. Unacceptable.

I took my mother's advice and called an attorney. They said because of the amount of damage (a huge scrape but still driveable) it would cost more for them to get involved. That is oooooooooooook. Know why? Because I was captain of the debate team and have had several people try to convince me to go to law school because of my analytical mind and love of research and debate. I'll pass. But here's what I've done so far. First, the guy who hit me is in the Navy. Since he lied, I researched a little about his branch of the military. My great uncle served in the Navy for DECADES. Retired from the Navy. My father was in the Air Force. 2 uncles were in the Army. One went to Vietnam. My grandfather did two tours of duty in France during World War II. I know a little something about military honor. DON'T try me. So I looked up their Core Values. Take a look at the section on HONOR which is to apply "aship and ashore" as they say. If there is a problem, report it to the Inspector General. Trust and believe that's my next step.

I also researched and found I should not sign ANYTHING lest they try to hold me to it. My mom said they didn't conduct a further investigation because they want me to give up. Yeah right. He hit the wrong one. THIS IS NOT OVER!!

On a brighter note.

Tell me that's not a drawer full of joy. And it's heavy as all get out, too. I know he wants to get EVERY SINGLE beer in, but D... come on.

Still need something to wear to the wedding and it grows closer every day. This is a possibility. I asked her if there were any colors she didn't want at the wedding. She thought and thought and said hot pink. I got quiet and then started to describe the skirt. She quickly interjected, "JAMEIL I DON'T CARE!!! Wear what you want." So this is a contender.

And let's end on the gorgeous view I get to look at 5 days a week. If I weren't always running around like a crazy person, I would enjoy it a lot more but c'est la vie.


So...Wise...Sista said...

Oh shit i LOVE it. im gonna be obsessed with the investigation, particularly the code of honor part. That's too brilliant. I shoulda called you when I got my shit hit and the bitch lied.

PS...maybe you should CALL the church before getting lost trying to hit up noon bible study again. ;)

Organized Noise said...

My church cancelled summer bible study as well. And all the ministries (except for the singles ministry that I am in charge of) took the summer off. The pastor told us we have dress down sundays now (imagine the deacons in Hawaiian shirts and the ushers in capris) and sometime next month we will be having service outside.

Southerner in Suomi said...

What did chick say about the Zachariah passage? Cause I don't get it.

You really need to call dudes superior and report his ass.

Finally I have heard at least five stories in my lifetime, that happened in Louisiana of bitches leaving their kids and a fire breaking out.
I still wonder how the government can keep people from having dogs, but they can't make them not have children. Cause I know a bitch right now with three kids by three different dudes and she don't need NONE of them!!

CNEL said...

Props for knowing to pay it forward.

LoL @ "summer Jesus breaks".

That story about the family is so sad. When I first heard about it, I was like dang I bet J is covering that. Tragic may be an understatement.

Ummm yea you might need to investigate law school, or at the very least become someone's investigative producer. That is brilliant.

You and your bottles LoL.

1969 said...

Sock it to em Jami~my new nickname for you...LOL

You know I like skirts with pink flowers :)

Anonymous said...

Wise is right...You aint in the Bible Belt no mo. Let ya fingers do the walkin.

Good luck on the search for a church home.

Jameil said...

wise... :) thanks! i kinda of relaxed when i first heard he was in the navy. then i was like oh wow!!! you lied and you told me what branch you're in!?!?! you must have missed that HAMPTON UNIVERSITY ALUMNI on the back AND you're stationed in Norfolk? Get your life together. the first thing they should've told you is that we are gung ho.

wise and dp. that is ridiculous. we need to stop giving lazy web people a pass. don't try to promote your website and talk about how its up to date when its not. don't have a site if you don't want to update it with MONTHS LONG changes.

noisy... THAT IS INSANE!! i really don't understand that. i need bible study right now. vomit at the hawaiian shirts and capris!! 2 things no one should wear!!

v... that's what i'm sayin. i have no idea what she was talkin about b/c she was off topic. and she turned me off b/c the first thing she said was "i think God makes scriptures purposely confusing so the people they're not meant for won't understand them." now that makes all kinds of NO SENSE!!!!! WHAT?!?! so she kind of had me at hello. like you need to back track on that one homie. but i thought well if she's gettin down like that, she must really be ready to explain this!! wrong. the girl next to me was about 15 and turned to her great-grandma at the end and said, "i don't understand." ME EITHER HUNNY!! oh yes i'm callin his inspector general. leaving kids home alone is not new but it never loses its horror for me.

cnel... i love research and have a huge sense of injustice. i've always been one of those people who may get more angry than the person who was wronged. lol.

1969... jami is kind of gross. lol of course you like skirts w/pink flowers.

dp... what does the bible belt have to do with anything? if you have a site, update it. esp. if something applies for months at a time. there's no excuse for that. it makes me not want to go to your church.

Sha Boogie said...

Grrrrr...nothing pisses me off more than a motor vehicle I am not at fault for, but yet I get the run around!! I feel your pain, I've been in more accidents where some jerk-off hit me than I care to recall! Don't give up! Take his @ss through the wringer!!

shani-o said...

Giiiiirl, you're messing with his military career... he better watch out!

And yeah, who needs Jesus in the summer time?

Cute skirt!

Little Brown Girl said...

Beautiful view

Cute skirt

Sad situation with those children

You gotta stand up to these insurance scammers! I also refuse to give up whenever things like this happen. They assume you will cause you want some money...any money BUT HELL TO DA NAH!

Hope you find a church soon

Jameil said...

sha... thanks for the encouragement!!

shani... he show betta watch it!! the breaks are KIL.LING.ME.!!! WHAT!?! foolishness.

royce.. they don't know the kid!! i hope i find a church soon, too. for real. b/c i'm getting a bit tired of wandering.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

Chesterfeild ale is by far the tastiest offering that Yuengling has.. and cheap too!

So...Wise...Sista said...

How you know both webmasters didnt get caught up in a church 3some or something and are on probation?!

Jameil said...

ace... i love that you always comment on the alcohol. you're hilarious.

wise!!! I CAN'T STAND YOU!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

Adei von K said...

JESUS SUMMER BREAKS!?!? Take a hint and go the self discovery route like you said. also, drew said he'll study with you lol

dreamyj said...

nice pics, lol @ that beer situation