This is Life

Sometimes it's really, really boring. But some interesting things have happened to me this week. First, well, I guess this is really from last week, since it was Saturday. Remember that last post about me getting lost because they shut down portions of the highway YES ALL LANES (?!?!) EVERY weekend? Well because they shut down the same portions or similar portions, every weekend, in either direction, I've become quite accustomed to my detour and started to smell myself a little. I'm like HEY! I know where I'm going! I'm gonna learn this city if it kills me!!

Yeah... not so much. Last weekend they shut down an additional exit. WHAT!?!? And not only was the exit shut down, but the detour signs were trash. That meant I drove in a big circle and found myself in the same place I was 30 MINUTES PREVIOUS!! I just had to get out of the car before I started hollerin. Not yelling, not screaming. HOLLERIN!! So I stopped at a restaurant in Squirrel Hill (can't escape this place with the detours) called The Bagel Factory... but I don't like bagels. But it was around 7:30am so there wasn't much open. And I'd told myself before I left if I got lost, I would stop somewhere for breakfast that I'd never been before and that is unique to Pittsburgh.

I liked their menu even without the bagels. I got a Greek omelette with carmelized onions, tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese. It came with potato wedges. SO YUMMY!! And I had to leave some on the plate because it was HUGE!! 3 egg omelettes are the norm now. I forgot I have to ask for my omelettes with 2 eggs. I cannot eat all that egg especially when there's other deliciousness on my plate. (Do not assail me for not eating a bagel and at the Bagel Factory!! I don't need all that bread in my life! Lol) See what the joy of discovery and adventure does for you?

Sunday, I took a different route, this time along Route 28. I took it out for years and years and WITHOUT so much as a YES THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY from PENNdot (I need to file a complaint. It should not be this hard to find my way home), or a single wrong turn, I MADE IT HOME!!! May I tell you I don't think I've ever been so proud of myself?? It was fantastic! I had grand plans to go to church... but once I got home, I sat down and ate and didn't want to move. I turned on Dr. Charles Stanley, though and he HOOKED ME UP!! He's very down to earth and gives it to you straight. I love it.

Monday was cookie day at work, but most people were just bringing desserts. I really wish I'd taken a picture of my handiwork because it was GORGEOUS!! I took the angel food cake dessert shells you get at the grocery store, filled them with whipped cream, topped them with blueberries and a slice of strawberry. My coworkers were all in awe and I heard they were delicious. Another thing I don't eat... blueberries. What? I bought them because they were blue and I was doing a red, white and blue thing. Color is very big for me. My friend Mor used to laugh at me because when I would go out at night (minimum 2xs a week, sometimes up to 4xs in college), I would have color schemes for my outfits. Once she pointed it out, I noticed and it cracked me up! So funny. One thing I really like to do is have a pop of color.

This is what I wore for 4th of July when I went to lunch with a co-worker and a former co-worker at Claddaugh Irish Pub. I just topped it with a black shirt. Get it? Pop of color. The red shoes. It works with neutral outfits. For lunch I had a meatloaf sandwich and a Sam Adams Summer Ale. Very yummy beer.

Back to this week. Sunday afternoon I also made whole wheat spaghetti with a ground turkey meat sauce... muy yumm-o!!! And I just made up the recipe based on your average spaghetti recipe. A few weeks ago I made chiptole turkey burgers and gave the recipe to one of my coworkers. She made them and LOVED them. I got it from my home girl Rachael Ray. Monday was very uneventful. Tuesday I went to the gym after work, then tried to go to a noon bible study. I get there and see hearses out front but there are still various and sundry people milling about outside. I ask a woman out front but she doesn't know anything about bible study so I ask a woman in the kitchen. She tells me there's no bible study because of the summer. WHAT?!?!? Let me find out we get summer Jesus breaks. Nonsense. I was more annoyed because I'd driven over there for no reason since I'd been on the website that morning and since and saw nothing about noon bible study being cancelled that day or any other. You know I'll be making a phone call to the chu'ch to find out why. That was my one chance to go this month. The rest of the month I'm producing the noon show on Tuesdays.

Oh well. I decide that day I'm going to find the Christian bookstore because obviously it will be a struggle for me to get to a church. I'm not going to stop trying but I see I'm going to have to take some of my instruction into my own hands. Wednesday after work I find the bookstore (again having to make too many phone calls because there are no signs from the road). I need Pittsburgh to work with me. For real. Right now they are TRIPPIN!! There are no signs anywhere or they are the most confusing things ever if they exist. Yesterday I saw 2 signs for the parkway right next to each other. One pointed up and left, the other pointed down and left. Right next to each other. Why? One sign will suffice if you're going in the same direction, right?!?! Why confuse people? Foolishness!!

So at the bookstore I bought Tye Tribbet's latest. There was a shout-out to Kenny on one of the songs, so that's really cool. I also bought a mixed cd and 4 books. I went a bit mad. But I figure since I do that when I go to the regular bookstore and Target, no need to stop now! Lol. One of the books is the Women's Devotional Guide to the Bible. I talked to my mom this morning about my purchases and where I am in my life. She is so helpful to me. It's great to have a mom who can help you and who is there for you. With her help and Wynel, I'm growing every day.

Yesterday the new Chick-Fil-A opened just a few miles from my house!!! Yay!! There are free-standing Chick-Fil-As everywhere at home. Here they were mostly at the mall until the last year or so. Now they're starting to pop up everywhere. Hurray! So I went there for breakfast. I got a chicken biscuit, oj, and hash rounds. Then I headed to the park to walk. I was really enjoying being in the sun because it wasn't too hot. I attacked some of those hills, too. I made sure not to run down them backwards!!! Then I came home, read some more, took a nap. My dad and I went to Uno's for Daddy-Daughter night. We got a half pepperoni pizza with half mushroom and spinach pizza. Yummy. My only beef was that the mushrooms weren't at all cut. Just giant mushrooms sitting atop the cheese. It made them a bit unwieldly as they bobbled all over creation. Can I get that cut in half if you don't do the slice thing? Just a thought.

Then we went to see Transformers. Not my kind of movie. It was kind of interesting and could bring out the kid in you. I was annoyed by the length. I really don't think any movie should be 2 hours long. 2 hours is dragging and dragging. Just get to it. Especially because if you watch enough movies, you can guess the end about 20 to 30 minutes in. So just get to it. Comedies are the worst past 90 minutes. You just sit there like ENOUGH!! Plus I get annoyed with action movies that have to have some sort of love story. The love interest in this movie is not a good actress. And I was irritated by her breasts pushed up to the heavens in every scene. Is that really necessary for us to understand she's supposed to be the "hot" girl everyone wants? I wondered while watching the movie if she was annoyed by her costuming. This is why you don't want to go to a movie with me. I'm analyzing things totally unrelated to the plot in addition to the plot. Thinking too much? Maybe. But it's who I am. I won't ruin your movie experience unless you want me to, but if you ask, trust, I'll let you know!


Charreah said...

I see you with that cooking game . . .chipotle turkey burgers . . .outdoing the coworkers with the whipped fourth of july-esque desserts. I love, LOVE blueberries! Got me all hungry at work with lunch a few hours off:(

The Detective said...

Cute shorts.

When I first moved to Atlanta, I would get lost all the time.. still do sometimes. However, I always end up going back to the "lost" area for one reason or another. It's weird.

Those bagels sound GREAT. Too bad those are only treats now..

Sha Boogie said...

Your are hilarious! I love reading your blogs, reminds me of your crazy @ss at HU..lol..

That burger sounds devine! And why am I so pissed that there are NO chic-fil-a's in Boston!! WHAT?! Madness, I LOVED those in VA, chicken is delicious!

P.S I'm with ya on the 'pop' of color, its fabulous!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Ground turkey and ground chicken are such awesome subs for beef.

I need some fashion sense. I think I'm just lazy really.

CNEL said...

On fashion: I got told to rock something other than blue on air. I wore an ivory blazer, this dude said, "Looks its CNEL the guy that thinks he can wear a white suit on T.V." I thought to myself I'm me so I can break a few rules.

On food I tried sushi: California rolls and shrimp tempura.
For main course I had miso soup and beef teriyaki.
CNEL experimenting you'd be proud.

Up with Bible study and self-improvement. You're like my mother with your television preachers. I call her, she's watching a T.V. preacher, talking about "I'm having bible study."

La said...

First of all, let's talk about how this made me extra hungry, lol.

And you didn't like Transformers? I LOVED it. Then again, I was pretty big on it as a kid and I'm all about things getting blown up or shot up, etc. Its the guy in me

Jameil said...

queen... lmao @ you hungry at work. too funny.

detective... atlanta and all them peachtrees (ct, st, dr, rd, ave, blvd, ext, circle, terrace... do i need to go on??). who wouldn't get lost?!?!

sha... lolol. everyone who's met me always talks about how i write exactly like i talk. the burger is deeeeeeelish. i would be heartbroken over no chick-fil-as. apparently there aren't any ihops here. i didn't even notice.

v... stop being lazy!! i've never had ground chicken but rach uses that a lot, too so i want to pick some up next time i go. i don't see it too often tho. i don't know if i've ever seen it.

cnel... def. a good idea to switch up the colors so it looks like you have more than one outfit. i don't really do asian-inspired food. but i'll try just about anything once. i'm just as picky w/tv preachers. i usually don't watch them but i'm bombarding myself of late.

la... lmao @the hungry ones. i found transformers a bit melodramatic and my dad was moaning the whole time which made it hard for me to concentrate. there were def. parts that i liked.

Anonymous said...

id ask what cell phone service you have .... but it doesnt matter you should be able to dwnload a navigational system on your phone ... i know vzw has vznavigator ...ive got it on mine and well i dont need it here at home ... but ive used it on some trips and am planning on becoming best friends with it while in cali...it may help you become more familiar with your area... and as far as the jesus breaks for summer ... lol i feel the same way ... folks wouldnt be to happy though if they though jesus went on vacation from us though ...LOL... kudos on the outfit ... but you already know ...

dreamyj said...

cute shoes, i have some that are very similar

Southerner in Suomi said...

J I'm working on it. Thanks to you I now know that a pencil skirt, is a pencil skirt. Lol.

Ms.Honey said...

Cute outfit..love the POP of color

I soo LOVED transformers LOL

Sometimes getting lost can be the best thing notice I said sometimes cause I hate to ride around with no destination lol

I'm gonna have to get that recipe for those turkey burgers they sound yummy

yet another black guy said...

please have a Chick-Fil-A milkshake. doesn't matter which flavor just have one. they will change your life. i've already had one today and am planning to get that 2nd hook up.

Jameil said...

ai... how's am i (get it southern!!) gonna look at a phone & drive simultaneously? i print off directions and sometimes i have to take alternate routes which is what always gets me. that's what i'm saying abt Jesus!!!! what do you really think???? can i PLEASE get some bible study when i go lookin for it? is that so much to ask?? geez.

dreamy... where are yours from?

v... at least you're tryin!! hurray for you!! and glad i could help! :)

honey... getting lost can make me want to tear my hair out. those burgers are BOMB!! click on the link for the recipe. too yummy thanks to my girl rachael ray.

black guy... OH MY GAH!! I saw somebody getting one of those and I almost drooled on his sleeve. wow... i'm gonna treat myself to one one day soon. lmao @ i've already had one today. love it.