Whenever I'm feeling a bit blah, I use shop therapy. Before you groan or try to chide me for being stereotypical, let me say I do not have credit cards and don't get down with severely depleted bank accounts so I never spend money I can't afford. I also have strict rules for what I can buy based on what Oprah once said, "Doubt means don't until you know." Word Oprah. That means if I kind of like something in the store but I have to tilt my head in several directions before the light hits it right, that means I need to kindly return said object to the shelf/rack. Not for me. Because if I don't like it in the store, I'll hate it at home and have to return it and what a pain that is!!

So! Today I'm going to buy some more stuff for the bride. Look, it pays to be my first friend getting married. I'm going a bit crazy. I already bought stuff off of both of her registries. Plus I'm staying with her, per her request, and I just read this article in Allure this month. (Sidenote: There are lots of mags at the gym so I get to read a bunch of different ones while on the bike or walking around the track (yes I'm that girl walking on the track reading). I've learned you have to read them at once because otherwise they'll be gone by the time you get back. I wouldn't have read half of these magazines w/o Bally's so shout out I guess.) It said if you're a house guest, you're saving on a hotel so you can afford to shower the host with gifts. Good tip. You'll always be welcome. My mom taught me I should bring something with me anyway so when I went to Wynel's for Thanksgiving, I got her a Nine West gift card. Who doesn't love that, right AI?

One of my fave co-workers is preggers. Her shower is the same weekend as the wedding so unfortunately I can't go but I'm going to Target to hit up her registry and knock a few things off of it. Can't wait. My old roomie's due in January and already registered. Hilarious. Girl after my own heart. I'm right with ya girl! I'll start registering before I plan a thing. I had to practically threaten the current bride on multiple occasions. Get on it! I wanna spend money I can't possibly regret!!

Countdown: 6 days to VA!


Sha Boogie said...

Ok, remind me when I get married/pregnant to invite you to the festivities AND to stay at my house..LOL

shani-o said...

Spendy! I do my best to contribute to everyone's showers... but can I get a gift for being young, single, childless, financially stable, and hot?

Tasha said...

Congrats to your friends! And props to you for being such a good friend and not stingy when it comes to gift giving. I'll be sure to let you know when we register LOL!

Ms.Honey said...

I am the same way if I have to ask myself over and over about something I dont get it..If I have to try it on over and over i dont get it. If I leave it at the store and I come back and it's there I get it LOL

YAHHH for parties

Jameil said...

sha... lmao! you are nutty.

shani... um.. no. i didn't get that gift so afraid you're chillin like me homes.

tasha... lol. y'all are silly.

honey... it makes the most sense right? i've had to leave things i couldn't afford back in the day that sometimes are still on my mind which let's me know sometimes if you really want it you just need to get it. (if you can afford it)

dreamyj said...

yay for Target! and weddings, friends and registries! =)

CNEL said...

Recent convo between me and my mother:
"I don't really like shopping only to get gifts."
"I know child. I can't wait til' you rolling in the dough. You give good gifts. Just make mine cash."
-My Mother

When I went to Italy last year I had 70% of my money left and spent it on gifts.

GreatWhyte said...

I love buying gifts for baby showers... weddings are a bit more boring. But I get real competitive with my gift purchases; I can't STAND being the gift at the shower where everyone just looks and then says, "oh. Nice."

As for VA, honey I hope time and distance haven't altered your memories. Virginia is NEVER that much fun!

Jameil said...

dreamy... yay!! drinks all around!

cnel... mine must've gotten lost in the mail!

x... I KNOW!! i'm uber competitive, too. don't tell, but i've been checking the registry to see what else has been bought. this next gift shall be fantastic. it just has to be. you've just elevated it!

the va excitement is mostly about the wedding, the beach and getting more alum para. that's it. i have no delusions about it being this magical place! lololol you're so funny.

So...Wise...Sista said...

I always wondered, can you register with a bank?

Cash...the gift that keeps on giving.

CNEL said...

LoL J when I get a 9 to 5 I got you.

You could have gotten a gift sooner but remember you encouraged me to come out to the boonies and intern.

GreatWhyte said...

Ew. Virginia Beach is dirty :( Take your Purel, kay punkin? **lol**

GreatWhyte said...

Ew. Virginia Beach is dirty :( Take your Purel, kay punkin? **lol**