Losin' It

*I wrote this several weeks ago and waited to post it until I stopped being lazy and took some pics. That day has come since Honey decided to blog about what she liked about my blog. I haven't talked about fashion in beyond forever, right? Overdue. Now watch me work... in a roundabout way.*

I get lost almost every weekend with all the construction on my route to and from work. PennDOT and the parkway east are conspiring to make sure I explore this city. I've been to the Market District Giant Eagle which is way better than the regular grocery store, with more specialty foods, Whole Foods and Trader Joes. All stores I've wanted to test out. Surprisingly, I'm not the biggest Trader Joes fan (too small), but Whole Foods really peaked my interest. I did NOT like the potato chips in either store. What really struck me is the fact that everything is going back to the old days. Farmer's market, green growing and living, clean and efficient living. I don't need that in a potato chip. Thanks guys, but your hard little, break my tooth chips aren't cuttin' it for me.

Stace's boyfriend was overjoyed that I tried a vegetarian lasagna. It actually wasn't bad. He's stolen my meat-eating friend and replaced her with a pseudo-vegetarian! She eats Morningstar Farms and stuff like that. Replaces ground beef with soy. Granted, I often use ground turkey and had forgotten what it was like to cook with ground beef, but still. I am trying to be open-minded, but I am still southern and ground soy is a bit much for me. I will let them try to convert me to some things when I go down there, but I still love my meat!

This weekend, I saw the cutest neighborhood (Greenfield, with all the families walking, and groups jogging and Frick Park), took a turn and was suddenly back where I should've been all along. Since I was playing hooky from church this week, I stopped at this flea market-type set-up in a parking lot I've been wanting to stop at but have never had time. One lady had the cutest hats EVER!! Some of them were too small for my head (thanks Dad). They were all 30s, 40s, 50s style. Let me tell you how the hats are so fly I just HAVE to go to church next week. I wanted to go this week but I thought the 2nd service started at 9:45, not 9:30 which meant I needed to leave by the time I was about to start getting dressed. Not cute. So! That just means I have more time to plan these miraculous fits.

The hats. Did I tell y'all I've always wanted to be the hat lady at church???

2 have feathers... one has a net with rhinestones. FIERCE!! Slow down, son, you killin 'em.


the joy said...

that is easily onea my fave commercials. easily.

i commented on the hats already. maybe god's tryna tell you something right now...

Little Brown Girl said...

I love the yellow one...don't hurt em' Momma!

CNEL said...

Yay for exploring.

I have to get back to experimenting with food, but yeah some things I just won't try.

Hat ladee (sang like bag lady minus the bag!)

Miz JJ said...

Loving the hats. I like the one with the lace over the eyes.

I find that ground soy tastes like whatever flavour you are cooking. They are so good in my soy tacos. Yummy!

Jameil said...

joy... hahahaha. that commercial CRACKS me up!! joy hursh! when my dad said the brown hat was very celie i almost escorted myself off of a bridge.

royce... :) thanks! and i plan to hurt them! lolol

cnelly... food is yummo. you should try things if its free. that way you're not pissed and hungry b/c you paid for it. exploration and adventure make life worth living. lmao @ your created song.

jj... i love that hat, too. i couldn't leave it. its actually my fave of the 3. i can't believe i found another soy eater! mystace made soy tacos for her 2nd graders and they loved it. her bro and sis had no idea what they'd eaten and they're nearly grown! so funny. just the word soy sounds scary! lol

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

i like the last one the most. I love hats too girl. I am not planning it but i have a feeling that I will be the hat lady in church one day!

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

wow... everything is allll...blue.....

kick ass hats!


Ms.Honey said...

Ok that yellow is def gonna get got if I see you in the street matter fact the black one too LOL

I love hats when I was going through the "short" phase of my locs I wore them everywhere now I just wear them everyonce in a while....I actually like soy milk I think that's what it is..you can get it from trader joes I'm gonna have to check out whole foods I've heard lots of things about them

Victoria Page said...

lol @ "Hat Lady". As a First Lady it is my duty(it's in the church bylaws...lol) that I MUST wear a hat that matches my suit or the outift means nothing. That last hat is fiyah!

Dopelikelouboutins said...

I luv MorningStar Crumbles & Boca Burgers!
Those hats were interesting.
Might have to add some into my Fall Wardrobe
Luv the new look :)

Adei von K said...

my dog said, "the hats are so fly I HAVE to go to church"... not cause you want to hear the word or fellowship or anything like that LOLOL

I didn't realize it, but you haven't talked fashion in a while! love the post!

Jameil said...

m... future hat ladies unite!!! lol

ace... thanks! :)

honey... hahahaha! you are not allowed to steal my hats!! however, i may have to jack a few of yours!! lolol. soy milk is what turned me off of soy... i think it tastes disgusting. whole foods is WAY better than trader joes.

victoria... you're joking right???? that is too funny!

diamond... i had no idea so many readers were into the healthy food! wow! now i'm feeling even more tempted to try. i like the new look, too. and i think it will be ever changing.

stace... YOU ARE SUCH A HATER!! lol. i didn't realize the lack of fashion, either. hmmm.

The Detective said...

Love the hats. Whole Foods is the devil girl. You will get hooded and it will take all your money before you know it.

Liz Dwyer said...

You are rockin' those hats like no other. They look lovely on you. Very original.

I've been a vegetarian since 1990 when I got into a debate with a brother who was NOI. He claimed I couldn't stop eating meat because my devilish side (the white blood in me) wouldn't let me. I just had to prove him wrong and I actually felt better and had a reason to turn down the squirrel when I was over my grandma's house.

Give Trader Joes a second chance. They are much cheaper than most farmer's markets. Whole Foods...I think they must smoke crack while putting price tags on their stuff. Why would I pay almost $5 there for a box of veggie burgers when I can get the same at Trader Joes for $2.50?

Mau said...

The main reason I don't really fool with soy is because I really can't cosign eating any one item that can taste like soy sauce, beef, turkey, milk, and well, nothing.

It's just not right.

GreatWhyte said...

**apologizing in advance for this** Oooooohhhhh bitch them hats is FLY!!!! I keep saying that I'ma start the hat thing at church, but I still don't have enough self confidence. How much did those fabulous hats set you back?

Jameil said...

detective... yeah but that can happen anywhere. like w/all stores you have to know your prices. its not on the way ANYWHERE for me so I've only been once.

liz... thanks! lmao @the squirrel!! my older sister's been an on and off vegetarian for about that long, too. i'm cutting back on meat and can actually eat meat free meals now-- something i never would've been able to imagine a year ago. trader joe's and whole foods for some reason are practically across the street so neither is near ANYTHING for me except this one church i keep trying to go to.

mau... HAHAHAHAHA!! HILARIOUS!! i don't like soy milk so that's what makes me quite wary.

x... but you can change your hats like your mood! and w/that haircut, i know they will be FLY!!! the hats only cost me... get ready... $7... for all 3.

yet another black guy said...

yo those hats are mad fly, you gots to take some whole outfit pics!