Don't get used to this kids...

I've now posted 4 times in 4 days?!?!?!?! Oh my!! Hey, before I get to the purpose of this post... let me ask you a question. Now, in Pittsburgh, there's some crazy thing where every time it hits 80, it pours within 48 hours, complete with thunder and lightning. What is that about?!?! I know the meteorological answers (warm and cold air masses colliding) because I have my own personal meteorologists at work! LMAO!! If they heard that they would give me the quick (hilarious) evil eye. I LOVE our weather people... well the 3 that I know. They are not nearly as boring as you might think a weather person might be. Excuse me, a meteorologist. :) But really, it is a bit strange/annoying (btw, when I write something like that, you are to read it "strange slash annoying" thanks. management.) that a warm day is always followed by a day of crazy, insane weather. Hail, broken trees, the whole 9. (Does anyone else remember that STL dance? A former college homie introed me to so much fun Southern music. Another STL college homie introed me to 36 Mafia... wow... No one can ever tell me that's not one of the most Southern places in America.)

Y'all... please tell me you've seen "The Family Stone." This is like one of the best movies I've ever seen. No really. I am very movie picky and I love this movie. It's one of my new faves. Rachael McAdams is in it. CLEARLY she's the star of one of my other fave movies, MEAN GIRLS!!! AND it's a Christmas movie. WHO doesn't love a Christmas movie? La. Scrooge.

I also spent too much money at the mall. Not too much as in I will be eating beans for a week. I haven't really been shopping for a long time (months). It's not as fun to shop alone. But I let Limited, Express, Nine West and a few other stores have it. I can't divulge allll of my secrets. I also bought mommy's birthday present. June 30th! She'll love it. Can't wait.

So... I talk to reporters all day everyday at work. Booooo. I want to be INTERVIEWED by a reporter :). So my Hampton homie T-dot hooked me up. Here it is.

1. Were you always a stylish kid or did something happen to make you into the fashionista we see today?
Honey please. I've been stylish since birth. If I didn't like what mom picked out, throw up on it. Fix that little problem right quickly. Hahaha. No really, my dad used to call me "Fashion Bug." One of many nicknames. I used to harass the mess out of my family with "that doesn't match." My mother gave up on dressing me by 2nd grade and let me do it myself. I always match. Even while sleeping and at the gym. I couldn't always afford the clothes I wanted and I keep myself from overspending on clothing, but it's always been there. And going to Hampton just heightened it. I'm so glad I went to a school where fashion mattered as crazy as that may sound. My friends are fashion nuts, too. Stace and I read In Style together on the phone. Cover to cover.

2. Share a moment with us that forever shaped who you became today. It can be sad, funny or just reflective. You choose.
GOOD question. I could be lazy and just pick one I've already shared. But I'll actually think about it. This won't be profound, but one day one of my Hampton homies, who shall remain nameless, lost her very expensive phone. She'd just gotten a new one maybe a month prior. I was so perplexed and concerned for her when she had to call her parents to get money for a new one. At that moment, it finally, really smacked me in the face how freakin expensive kids are. If its not a phone, its a field trip or a senior trip to Mexico, or graduation fees, or a new baseball bat or a dance recital outfit. My parents never denied us those types of things, though of my college senior trip my dad did say, "Do you want a car or a trip to Mexico?" The car won.

But at that moment, it made me really glad that at this point and not for a while yet, I don't have any school chiddlers (heeeeey Roald Dahl. I love that guy. Best kids author. Though I was a HUGE Ann M. Martin and Baby-sitters Club fan.) Even with someone to help you pay for those little crumb snatchers, KIDS ARE HARD!! Oh and with all the pregnant and recent mothers at work, I am DROWNING in baby talk. Drowning. Wow.

3. You're dying. What do you want for your last meal and why?
Ooh T-dot. You are smackin alll my faves. You know I'm a foodie. Alright. If I'm dying, I don't know if food will be that big of a deal to me. But if it is, let's say my mom's baked chicken, her friend Jean's mac and cheese, broccoli rice casserole, Boston Market cornbread, an Italian margarita from Olive Garden (yum!!), and some green beans. Might as well go with more than one veggie right? Die makin mama proud!!

4. You, too, are extra confident. What are you self-concious or less than confident about?
That I will not be 30 and alone. That is some scary ish to me! I'm kind of scared to be successful. Like that Nelson Mandela quote that our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. You know how some people have "it." There is something about me. I know that sounds incredibly vain but no really. My 2nd grade teacher's aide told me I was going to write a book. That long ago she told me that. She asked me to dedicate it to her. I haven't forgotten Ms. Bennett!! She was such a fun teacher. It's not that I don't think I'll be successful professionally, I'm just kind of scared of it.

Know what, though? I'm more concerned about my personal life. I've always been like that. Not concerned like I'm trying to track down a husband or thinking every man in the world could be "the one," but when the visiting professionals came to Hampton, they were always single or divorced. MESSILY divorced. And we would ask them, ARE THERE ANY HAPPILY MARRIED JOURNALISTS?!?! It was disheartening. And I don't want that.

5. What do you want your legacy to be?
Something amazing. I want people to say, "I want to be just like Jameil when I grow up!" and then I'll be very encouraging and say, "No, baby, you want to be the best YOU you can be. Aim even higher than me!" It will be great. I want people to say, "She is so cool. If she can do it, I can," then tell their kids and grandkids about it. THAT is a legacy.

It is still in the plan to go out tonight. I asked my homie Lauren to meet me out. Hope it happens! I'll keep you posted!


Southerner in Suomi said...

1. STL is as country as damn Holly Springs, MS.

2. It's ok to be thinking about a relationship. You have a good head on your shoulders and aren't like some crazy women I know who are obsessed with the thought of not getting married by a certain age.

La said...

I'm no Scrooge!

Ok maybe I am.

But I do love Family Stone. Great movie!

yet another black guy said...

since all your posts are so funny, i'll take your advice and rent Family Stone tomorrow.

oh, and LOL reading In Style on the phone cover to cover. together! ya'll off the chain!!

Sha Boogie said...

You are so awesome -- I loved reading that interview! I think that fear about being alone at 30 you share with a lot of woman, including me!!..lol

Jameil said...

v... word to #1. on #2, i know. but men/our culture like(s) to make us out as crazy relationship-obsessed people. now some women are and they scare ME so i know how guys feel but there are some relationship-obsessed men out there too!

la... yes baby you are. family stone is fab.

black guy... oh yeah! converting them already! let me tell you how every sig. other has been amazed by me and stace and in style. so funny.

awww sha! thanks! you are fab, too.

GreatWhyte said...

Okay. Good interview and all, but AGAIN with the 30 and alone thing? Do you plan to die at 31? Will your ovaries shrivel up and fall out after your 30th birthday? ARGH!!! You're only what - five or six years from that now? Relax! I promise that late 20s and 30 is WAY more wonderful than your nightmares! And honestly, unless you've already met him, some of the best men for you will come later. **sighing deeply as I throw away my bottles of Gray-be-Gone and Gerritol, respectively**

Jameil said...

i love you x!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm sorry!! please retrieve gray be gone and gerritol from the trash!! you are so hilarious. i know they're not horrific but you know what it's like when you get this plan all in your head and things don't go how you planned it. i know God is not interested in our plans, only his but IT'S SO HARD SOMETIMES!! i mean damn!!