"She Wants Her Own Day"

The doctor pronounced my mom's due date as August 5, 1982. My mom said the 15th was more like it. If I'd been born on the 17th, it would've been my Uncle Jake's (dad's side, on my mom's side its Uncle Jacob). My dad said, "No, she'll be born on my birthday, the 21st." When I skipped that day, he said, "Ok, our anniversary. She'll be born on the 22nd." If I'd been born on the 26th, I would've shared a birthday with my older sister. But I took my own damn day: August 23rd. Fitting, right?

My middle school crew included A, whose birthday is August 3rd, M is on the 21st, same as D (dad), S is the 27th, T is the 30th. August babies unite! I don't really talk to A anymore. Not because we fell out or anything but we just kind of grew apart and we were never that close. She's getting married next month (allegedly) so I'll probably send her a gift. Just because I'm sweet like that.

I've done a myriad of things for my past birthdays. I finally got the surprise party I've always wanted on my 24th birthday. This year, me, M and T are all going to Beverly Hills for the big 2-5. We're staying at the Tower. I want to go see Ellen, too. I love Ellen. She cracks me up.

Love her! Stacey taught me how to embed video. I'm so excited. I also love Issac Mizrahi!!

Do yourself a favor and scroll through some of those quotes on that page. A few classics, "Gay equals lavender," "Style is 75 percent confidence and 25 percent... I don't know." What??? So funny.

I also love Nia Long. I will be her in my next life. I was trying to find a clip of her on Isaac because that was one of my fave episodes. She's so cute and fantastic and funny. I love her. Black people should really get on youtube more doing something other than shakin it. I could only find one clip that wasn't a trailer.

On a side note, shout out to my Hampton homie who just got his first published article on espn.com!! Wheeeee!!

Back to the bday. I'm always excited about my birthday. Not this year. This year I'm apprehensive. And it's not just because I'm older. My aunt turned 60 this year and LOVES her birthday. She celebrates for the entire month of February. It's great.

How depressing that I'm not looking forward to this one. Especially since I have plans. AND with people who actually come through when they make plans. We say we're going to do something, we're going to do it. We had a great time hanging out almost every day I was at home. (I really will finish that post b/c I have more pics to share). But I just want something else. I definitely need some black friends in this city. I don't have a single one. Isn't that horrendous? I've been here a year and a half and I don't know any black people. I know some but we're not friends. I don't call them up for lunch or just to chat or anything. It's pretty sad. Something's gotta give. I've always been the girl of a million acquaintances and a core group of friends. I know, I know. You pare those down to the basics. I know this but STILL! Sometimes it's just annoying.


CNEL said...

I definitely like it when people's birthday's fit them. My birthday wasn't supposed to be my birthday. I was nearly two months premature. Though I've stopped wondering what if, I used to wonder if my birthday at all contributed to my personality. When I used to read my horoscope on the regular, I'd definitely see myself as a Cancerian.

As for the birthday, I'm sure you'll grow more enthusiastic as the time approaches.

We def need you to get up with some people of color, some conscious folk. When I read what you wrote I thought of a friend who said, "I find that end its your friends who sustain you."

Bklyn Diva said...

lol I had to read your post 2 times before I realized where you were going.. LOL :) teeheheheee

Enjoy its your 25th.. it's a "milestone" so to speak!!! enjoy it.. LOL all of my milestones I was pregnant except my 30th!!!! whooohoooooo

and friends.. wow.. I forget you are in a different "city" than you were raised.. they will come..

Big J said...

Thanks for the shoutout!!!

dreamyj said...

Yay for your trip to Beverly Hills! That should be fun! Although I can honestly say that as an LA native, I hardly ever go over there.

Your birthday will be fun, don't worry!