May I eat for a living? Because I really could do that. I love food. Like love it. You know the query, "do you live to eat or eat to live?" THE FORMER! It's insane. Thank God for high metabolism. And for actually liking some of the things that are good for you. Like wheat bread (hate white bread, it's so bland. bastion of flavorlessness). Did you know when you eat wheat bread, it should have no less than 2 grams of fiber PER SLICE? Otherwise it's just white bread with grain in it and then what's the point? You've still got the bleached flour and it's not even that good for you. Don't even get me started on taste again. I also prefer baked chicken over fried chicken nine times out of 10. This is partially because my mom makes some ridiculously good baked chicken. So delicious. But I love chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce. That is joy on a plate.

Salad? SUCH a fan. I also like spinach (yes, you can eat spinach again)... though I prefer baby spinach leaves... partially because they sound so hilarious, but because the taste is much less harsh. I definitely had to get used to eating what really looks like large leaves out of your yard.

Before you get all whiny with me and say something like, "that's not fair she only eats healthy anyway," let me say my greatest vice is french fries!! Love them!! Love them!!!!! People eat sweet potato fries which I guess is okay but I really want the savory (see: salty) flavor without getting sideswiped by the sweetness. I'm definitely a savory girl. I also like frozen french fries and tater tots. When I choose what fast food restaurant I'm eating at, I usually just figure out which fries I'm in the mood for. I like all of their fries on different days. (Side note: Paula Deen drives me insane. Batter-dipped fries? For what? Everything she makes is dripping, rolling, roasting, baking, frying or marinating in fat. It gets disgusting after a while).

Part of the basis of this post were two particularly outstanding fry cases of late. One at Zink American Kitchen in Charlotte, flavored with oregano, and these fries that came with my homie Tyler Florence's bruschetta burger at Applebee's (I won't start on how much I love siddity burgers and sandwiches or we'll be here all day). Oh. My. Gah. Crispy garlic fries topped with shaved parmesan cheese... WHAT????!!?! Forget healthy. That meal was one of the best in a while. Also today's Panera Bread sandwich, the turkey and artichoke panini? Never fails to satisfy. Also the catalyst for this drool-worthy blog.

I do have one thing though. Soup. Please don't try to feed me your gourmet soup. Your strawberry soup? Sweet potato cumin soup? Stop. Cream of broccoli, mushroom, or chicken or chicken noodle. Potato soup, black bean soup. Things that make sense. I cannot wrap my mind around your fruit soup...


*I also saw Kyle on my off days. Recap of that and the rest of the Charlotte trip are forthcoming. What? You know I get lazy. It's loser week AGAIN so close to the last one. How sad.


Omar Ramon said...

i forgot how much i love you. smart and intelligent. witty quips and appropriate wordplay. so much energy in every line! plus you're talking about food which comes second only to music in my life...*sigh*

i only regret my many vacations from blogopia when i think about bloggers like you!

LaurenAshleigh said...

Ugh! Loser week sucks!!! I'm leaving vegas where I spent my bday weekend.

Next week is gonna be ASS.


So much so that it inspired me to post ;)

Dreamlover said...


I love me some french fries, yum yum.


the joy said...

I'm such a fry girl. My BIL calls me Irish. Its that bad. Kesi hides his fries from me.

Don't sleep on the sweet potato soup. Actually it has to be more stewwy for me. I like it thick.

You're being stingy on the recaps!

Vdizzle said...

First off someone needs to whup Paula's crazy country ASS!! She makes us Southerners look like we eat everything deep fried and dipped in lard and hot sauce. She deep fried a damn biscuit one time. WTH!!

But I digress. The good part about being back in Baton Rouge. Izzo's illegal burrito. I think they sprinkle crack on that stuff.

And thanks Jameil. Because of all the good food I ate at Easter, I think I may have a food post soon. Lol.

CNEL said...

You don't like Paula Deen? She makes me wanna visit Savannah. I may need an emergency room visit, but I'm sure heart attack on a plate would be divine.

I'm a fry guy but then again I so love potatoes. French fries, home fries, potatoes and onions, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and don't forget hash browns.

So...Wise...Sista said...

OK FIRST of all...sweet potatoes fries are the SHIT...so much so that I had to lay off them cuz ever since I discovered them in the grocery store I cant fit none a my jeans. *sigh*

And uhhh...you cant have back to back loser weeks. that would mean after the first week you knew you had something to look fwd to...and part of loser week is the hopelessness of not knowing where ur next vaca is coming from!!!

Jarrod said...

Talking about Paula Deen will get you drop kicked in the chest...please believe me. I love that woman. No seriously, I do.

jameil1922 said...

O... :) thanks hun!

la... it is horrendous. hurray for posting!!!!!!!!!!! i knew you couldn't stay away from us.


joy... ew. i'll pass. i don't even like yams. i like sweet potato pie tho.

i'm trying ok? i'm trying. don't be mean to be abt the recaps.

v... that's what i'm sayin!! we don't deep fry, mayonnaise or lard down all foods. geez.

cnel... i want to go to her restaurant but some days her food really makes me want to vomit. all that mayonnaise and butter. ridiculous. i lurve potatoes too. you forgot au gratin. mmmmmm

wise... they're all right. the sweet gets in the way of my savory like i said. i didn't know we'd get to see each other that soon until after i'd completed loser week. so there :P geez. i can't believe i had to prove loser week to you. there is something really lame about that. like i want 2 loser weeks. I DON'T!!!!!

J... i need you to ask your woman to think about a meal without trying to smother it in lard once in a while. just a thought.

dreamyj said...

yay for french fries! my absolute favorite food!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

yeah, you sooooo eat for fun! and that's allright!!! you foodie!

Sha Boogie said...

I do declare, we need to start an 'I love food club'!! Oh my! Unlike you my metabolism SUCKS!! But, dang it to hell if I care -- shoot we have to die sometime and that's what the gym is for!.lol

Leela said...

you really did name the post "drooling" LOL, too much for me!

jameil1922 said...

dreamy... mmmmmmmmmm.

stace... foodies unite!!!!

sha... lets!!!! fantastic!!

leela... hahahahaha