My Body Is Pissed

All these changes. So I told you how when I left Pittsburgh and got to Charlotte, there was about a 25 degree temperature difference right? Not reallllly a problem because, who complains about 72 degree weather? Not me! Spend the week in Charlotte, its in the 70s and 80s the entire week and rain free! Fantastic!

I get on the plane from Charlotte at 625am and its about 60 degrees, 8 am, we get to Cleveland on the layover, I had loafers on and jeans, ankles exposed, blazer but no coat (packed it away) and do you know I shivered when I stepped off the plane? 40! BRRRR! Not like back in February. 40 is no longer fun. Someone getting off the plane behind me said, "I forgot it was still winter here." I'll say. Once I got to Pittsburgh it was about 50, I had to pull out my coat b/c the wind was so extravagant. STOP THE MADNESS!!

It's been in the 50s and 60s since I've been back. Today 68, cool, I can get with it. Tomorrow, 75, HOORAY!! Wednesday night, drops to 29!! IT'S APRIL!!! This shan't be allowed. It shan't! I haven't reached the best part. Thursday, it's supposed to snow, we could have a white Easter (who ever even HEARD of such a thing) AND with a high of 45, Easter will be colder than Christmas.

*drops mic, then picks it back up and throws it against a wall, shattering it into only 3 or 4 pieces, they don't break down to much so its unsatisfactory. picks up 50 inch mirror, throws it into the street as a tractor trailer barrels by at 70 mph. there. much better. turns around, glides back into house with stunner shades (i'm so mad this website exists) on like nothing happened.*


Vdizzle said...

Wow!! Next time you go to the gym, find the heavy bag. Those things rock!!

But also, even though it warmer down here, it also means (at least in Louisiana) bees and mosquitoes (west nile anyone?) and 75 percent humidity erry damn day!
But you know what, I think I'd rather sweat than freeze anyday.

CNEL said...

It was blazin in Bmore today around 1, but by the time I got off of work at 6pm, I could comfortably walk back to the dorm.

I need it to stay between 75-80 with a slight breeze. We ain't getting down to 29, but I think we're due for some chilly 50's before the weeks out.

Stunna shades sight, out of control.

Anonymous said...

rollin on the floor laughin about the stunna shades site ... im mad about the weather here too ... its been in the 80's on the regular and now this week they talkin bout high in the 50's get real now ... i got too many cute 'fits i need to be wearin ... either way i know its no comparison to snow ... but it is what it is!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

Yo!!!!!!!!! TRIPPIN the FCUK out at your 'drops the mic, picks it back up and throws it against a wall' diatribe!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, your LS is a nut for calling your Easter a white one... I sorry Jameil :-(

it shan't?? heehee

jameil1922 said...

v... i don't think there is one of those. oh honey PLEASE i do NOT miss the humidity at all. nope. i want some balance. and i don't mean 50 degree differences in the same week.

cnel... i can do without blazin. i'm sayin 69-81. it used to be 73-77. either way i'm not down for being outside for long periods of time partially b/c i hate to SMELL like outside. ew.

ai... i know!!! hahahahahha. stop it w/the 50s. you know the deal. you are not allowed to complain about your warm weather!

stace... you know she's a hater!! and i knew you would like my tirade! i did it mostly for you boo! :D

X Factor said...

Yeah, the tirade was pretty hysterical... white Easter is never positive. The weather is so random here right now... I had just decided to take my fur coat in for spring/summer storage, and now I think I'll have to wear it tonight. **HUMPH!!**

the joy said...

That site is as ignorant as the weather. White Easter? Really?

So...Wise...Sista said...

How bout I had the mild to moderate sniffles all weekend bec of this pneumonia weather nonsense. :(

Anonymous said...

How you think I feel? It is still snowing up here!! Can I get some damn sunshine?!?!?!

Omar Ramon said...

I am positively in stitches after reading the destructive rage at the end of this post! STOP! The power of Christ compls you! Laughing this hard at work has got to be wrong!

anyway, Jersey weather is notoriously shady.We had a hailstorm on an 80 degree day this summer. We had a 75 degree day about a week or so before christmas. Last month there was an 70-something degree day followed by a night of icy disaster... I am on the brink of indifference.Mother nature is starting to lose her shock factor with these unending displays of elemental tomfoolery.

and yes it DID snow on Easter here.Why was my ig'nant pappy outside grilling chicken when I got home from church? What brand of coonary is that?!