Monday Mindspacing Vol. 125

Welcome back! Thanksgiving left me feeling reeeeefreshed!  Despite the non-stop noise of 4 kids at my mother-in-law's house.  This is mostly Thanksgiving with a little bit of extraneous random.
1) Remember that episode of Scrubs where Elliot let Carla live with her while her and Turk figured out their issues?  Remember when Elliot said to J.D. about Carla, "NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM THAT RULE!!!"?  This happened to me yesterday but with my own rule: STOP TALKING TO ME IN THE MORNING!!
2) My mom's reunion probably deserves its own post.  In 1971, her 10th grade class was the first to be integrated in Jackson, MS.  (Yes, schools were SUPPOSED to be integrated following Brown v. Board in 1954.) All the 10th graders in the city were in one school.  They had their 40th reunion this weekend.  It was segregated.  Only the black kids were invited.  Mom.  SERIOUSLY!?!  She couldn't understand my dismay.  "We didn't like each other."  Well maybe there are more of you that are ready to heal from that. When you know better, you do better. They need to do better. We're gonna have another discussion about this.
3) My mom also has a classmate who has 8 grandchildren and FIVE great-grandchildren.  WAS SHE PREGNANT WHEN YOU LAST SAW HER 40 YEARS AGO!?!?!  Off the chain.
4) It is reconfirmed that I don't know how to deal with sleepy children.  "If you're tired, be quiet and go to sleep." -Thy Good Sir, Christopher of the Bridges Clan
5) I shall never tire of hearing my nieces and nephews (from Rashan) call me Aunt Jameil!!!  Well at least not for a few years. So cute!
6) Speaking of the children, my 14yo niece can take and give verbal jabs and it is AWESOME!  The sparring! I love it! My sister and I played Just Dance with niece and 5yo nephew and yes I did taunt niece every single song I beat her on. LOLOL I do NOT let kids win. Let's go! AND she's never had raw oysters but is willing to try. I can't WAIT to introduce her to them!
7) I finally met Rashan's only aunt and uncle this weekend. This is weird on many levels but let's stick with a. that he has one uncle and through him an aunt seeing as I have 13 blood aunts & uncles and b. that we're just meeting this weekend. Regardless, they loved me! :)  I'd also never met his TWO living first cousins (to my 36...) so I met one of them.  More love.  :)
8) When we left, the kids said, "See you Christmas!" I might have objected a little too vehemently.  Whoops. Rashan and I decided years ago Thanksgiving with his family, Christmas with mine. We deviated last year and I was miserable. I still love you and you can come to my mom's house but Christmas is in Charlotte until we have kids and then it's probably wherever we are.
9) It does make me sad that Rashan's brother and his two kids are all the way in northern Virginia so we don't get to see them much. I miss the munchkins! They are ADORABLE!!
10) Remember how I said after cooking all day on Thanksgiving I just want to lay down and take a nap and eat later? STILL TRUE!! Next year if Thanksgiving is with the in-laws? I'm cooking way less. Dressing, my now famous french onion soup & maybe a turkey. There's plenty of other food and though they are appreciative, it's not worth the work.
11) I was so excited to see Christmas trees at Whole Foods the other day that I tried to hug one... LOLOL!
12) I hate losing. HATE IT!! If I lose to you in anything, I'm coming back to win. I'm never stopping a streak on a loss. If I haven't yet beat you in Words With Friends... and there aren't many... I'm coming for you. I played a 105-point word against Rashan the other night after he set up quark and left a TRIPLE WORD space! He knew his mistake as soon as he hit send. I made QUARKS across and SIZE down then told EVERYBODY I KNOW!!!! :)


Sparkling Red said...

2) !!!?
4) Yup, I sure don't miss babysitting. Bedtime tantrums are the pits.
7) Your family is HUGE! My mom grew up with I-can't-remember-how-many cousins. I have 6, and 2 of them live far away so I rarely see them. Also one is non-verbal and lives in a group home. So it's more like 3. Still, they're very good people, so what is lacking in quantity is made up for in quality.

sayitlikethis said...

Rashan only has ONE aunt & uncle? OMG! I'm like you: my mom is one of 15 (8 boys, 7 girls) so there are 40+ cousins on that side and my bio dad is one of ten. My stepdad is an only child so he LOVES being with my family.

How do you only have two cousins? I didn't think that was possible. I always figured everybody came from big families like I did.

On the WWF tip, I LOVE making large words. With some folks, I play for enjoyment. Others? It's all about strategy and blocking the DW and TW boxes so they can't be used.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. Even on vacation with family? Nope those rules can’t apply unless you let them know up front. Did you??
2. That’s deep! But it’s not isolated. From what I heard from my people some horrible things were done to them by whites that they choose not to forgive. Your mom expressing dislike was putting it mildly. I have heard real HATEFUL stories. It’s actually pretty sad.
5. Awwww...that’s super sweet in their cute little kid voices. :) GP loves da kids! But...
6. I don’t let kids win either! LOL!
7. We’re running neck and neck I have 13 aunts and uncles, mom made 14. Each child had at least 3 kids so you can imagine all these people! Folks with extremely small families from the south is odd.
10. I agree with you on this one! I was exhausted and did not get a nap. I will continue to relinquish responsibility for food each year.
11. Wait what?? LOLOLOL! I can’t lie; I was thrilled when I saw them too. No hugs though. I love the Christmas tree smell!! Yay!!
12. I’m not too keen on losing either. However, I shan’t be playing WWF wit choo! LOL!

Anonymous said...

4. Sleepy children are a mighty handful to deal with. It's an acquired skill, don't feel bad.
7. Wow, his family is super small. Hubs is constantly amazed at how large my family is and he even pulls out the family tree that we created a few reunions ago when he gets confused. LOL!
9. Sounds like a roadtrip to DC!! See y'all soon????????
12. ***snickering quietly***

Nerd Girl said...

2. My Mom pretty much feels the same way. She grew up in the segregated south and there's no love lost...

3. I've got so many HS classmates who are grandparents it's not even funny. Grandparents, seriously? My kid is 7 o_O

4. That is how you deal with them!

8. We always said we'd alternate. We lied. If the budget allows, LG and I hit the road!

12. I feel like I should send you a game. But I'm scared. Well played.

Jameil said...

red... 2) i.know.
4) seriously.
7) LOL I'm so used to a large family that it's extra normal for me. The first time I learned there were pople like you with just a few cousins, I was SHOCKED!! I couldn't even fathom it!

say... ONE! Rashan's side has more kids so I love that part of his family! Two cousins is amazing to me, too! I love the blocking strategy!

gp... 1) you really think I was talking about them? RASHAN!!! RASHAN WAS TALKING TO ME IN THE MORNING!!!
2) sigh
5) :)
6) Nope!
7) Small families shock me, period even though my kids will have that.
10) I went immediately asleep after dessert.
12) Come on. I can never beat too many people!

mrstdj... 4) I don't. LOL
7) ROTFL @ family tree! Rashan's gotten quite good at knowing who's who for aunts and uncles.
9) I would love that!
12) Keep snickering. I'M COMING FOR YOU.

ng... 2) so disheartening.
3) Some of Rashan's are too and he has no kids!!!!
4) LOL Exactly.
8) LOL! I know that's right! We're close enough to both that we don't have that particular concern.
12) Leggo!