Monday Mindspacing Vol. 123

*Update: I stopped in the middle of number 10 but I finished it! Oops!
1) You know the game Boggle? I LOVE IT!! And I haven't played in years. I want it for Christmas. I will play by myself if I have to!
2) Speaking of Christmas, I haven't gotten heavy into the music yet but I promise it's coming!! I finish the Couch to 5k program TOMORROW!!! I'll be moving to Christmas music on Thursday.  :)  And my Christmas list will be coming later this month as well!
3) My least favorite running encouragement, "If I can do it, anyone can." I think it minimizes what you did.
4) Old people on fb crack me up!  "Hey Rashan! I sent you message when you got married. But I think I sent it to myself."  What?!?!  How would you send yourself a message you thought you sent to someone else??? OMG!  I hope I'm telling this right.  We laughed for like 15 minutes over this!!
5) It's daylight saving time, not daylight savingS time. No S.  Yep.  I'll say this yearly until I stop seeing it on fb & twitter.  Educate the masses.
6) I wanna make cheese...
7) Are you guys ready for my Thanksgiving menu!?!?  I am!!  It's super time for me to share!  This week!  I shan't ... SHALL NOT... keep you in suspense much longer!  I have a secret... I don't like cranberry sauce that much and I certainly don't see the point in making it.  Did I tell you my sister-in-law is trying to go vegan?  But she never ate that much so I don't really have to go crazy veganizing everything.
8) Every time I go to Rashan's mom's house, I always have free reign of her kitchen. (It's so nice to not have in-law drama.) I make mental lists of the gadgets I need to add to my arsenal when I get a bigger kitchen!  It.is.AMAZING.
9) I asked Rashan if he had a pet rock. He said, "No. I'm not that old." LOLOL But close. Pet rocks started in '75.  He was born in '74.
10) I love comedies and romantic comedies.  I almost never care about the romance in dramas! OMG shut up and blow up something!!!
11) I watched the Voltaggio Thanksgiving special.  I wanted it to be more than it was... I was most appalled when.... one of them BASTED a turkey with MAYONNAISE!!!  Y'all.  I don't like mayo anyway but you want me to baste a turkey with it?!?!?!?! I just... *drops mic*
12) You know what's ridiculous? How much better Quaker Oatmeal Squares are dry than in their intended purpose.  They're awesome dry and disgusting in milk.
13) I think I'm gonna give Seinfeld another try. For the12th time. I might start at the beginning.
14) After watching this, I want Rashan to thank me for regularly attacking his eyebrows.  I don't want him to have to go on television in defense of them.  Oh Andy!  LOL


Sparkling Red said...

I love Boggle! I used to have a "deluxe" set. It got lost at some point. It's probably still at the back of a closet in the house my ex now lives in with his wife and son. I should get a new set. I hope they're enjoying my old one!

K. Rock said...

1. I havent played in years. I should get one for the house.
3. Indeed it does.
6. Make sure you document that. I would love to see that done at home!
12. Never tried those.
13. Start at the beginning? You are setting yourself up for failure. If you want to appreciate it, just watch a few here and there.

Nerd Girl said...

1. I want to play gin rummy.
7. I made some last year. It was easy. And good. But too loose - this year, I'm buying a can!
9. Ahem.
11. Mayonnaise. Blech.

Anonymous said...

6. Cheese is amazing and I support this pursuit. Keep us posted on the results!
7. I like cranberry relish or chutney much more than that canned crap called "sauce".
9. I wanted a pet rock, but my parents refused. =(
12. Love those little nuggets of goodness. And yep, dry is best!
13. I used to be a Seinfeld junkie. I think if you start from the beginning, you have the right sense of humor to "get it".

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. I am not surprised AT ALL!
2. This is a reasonable start to Christmas music. YAS!! To Christmas lists!!
3. I don’t like when that phrase is said about any major accomplishment, especially college degrees. Ummm look around...everybody can’t do it.
4. I love old people!
6. What kind of cheese? Mild cheddar...perhaps?? LOL!
7. Yes, I’m excited to see. I’m posting next week...maybe.
8. I feel like this about my aunt’s kitchen. How does someone have everything?
9. I can’t believe that man made millions off of that!!!! I wanna sell pet sticks!
10. I love romantic comedies too. I adore the happy endings!
11. I’m confused by the mayo. My sister would just DIE!!! I should tell her I did that this year! Oh yeah I’m not making the turkey.
12. I feel this way about the flavored shredded wheat cereals.
14. But the other dudes brows in clip?? Bwhahaha! How can he see?

Jameil said...

red... i hope so, too! boggle should never be wasted!

k... 1) yes! boggle spreads!
6) of course!
12) they're new.
13) starting in the middle doesn't work for me either apparently.

ng... 1) teach LG!
7) I'd make it for my mom. Maybe I'll do that for Thanksgiving.
9) lol
11) -_- Rashan couldn't even watch anymore after that.

mrstdj... 6) definitely!
7) Pass.
9) LOLOL I would have had to as well!
12) Tis crazy the difference!
12) The whole series is like that!

gp... 2) a reasonable start? i've waited too late! i never like to be reasonable!
3) tis true!
4) lol
6) never. not if paid would i make such a "cheese."
7) maybe? boooo
8) it's amazing! and awesome!
9) lolol DO IT!!
10) yes!
11) i was so... just...
12) i'll leave you to shredded wheat.
14) LOL! THEY WERE SO MUCH! HOOOOOW???? You are unmarried??? Yes???