Monday Mindspacing Vol. 124

1) Most hilarious film review I've read in a while: yeah, this movie is literally made of filth. It is absolutely terrible, don't even be curious, if you happen to rent this movie throw it in the garbage when you recieve [sic] it and then request it again and repeat the process until the movie is no longer in stock.  (About a BlairWitch rip-off)
 2) I got a new phone!  I still don't believe in buying phones.  That means I get a new phone every two years when my contract is up.  Well Rashan and I have now merged our phone accounts [& car insurance (I guess this means we're really married now!!)] so I got a new phone and I LOVE IT! Droooooid. I've been Words With Friending (Jameil1922) it up for over a week! I also found and immediately made a recipe from an Allrecipes.com shake-up app. That app is definitely competing with WWF for fave! On a related note, Swype texting is AMAZING!
3) I finished Couch to 5k two weeks ago and I've run 2.5 or more miles 3 times since!!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  I feel magical!!  In December, my running partner and I will start either the Bridge to 10k or a 1/2 marathon training program. I want to run at least one 10k and maybe a half before I turn 30 next year.  Woot!
4) Every couple of years, bloggers fall off of the map which means blogging becomes boring because very few people comment and few still post regularly. It makes me want to post less as well.  Sigh.  I hate having to find new people to interact with.  If I wanted to write and not care if anyone read, I would have a private blog.
5) One of my Hampton friends and two of my cousins are pregnant right now.  Somebody better be left to be my pregnancy buddy in a few years OR ELSE!!!
6) I'm starting my Thanksgiving cooking today and I'm soooo excited!
7) I have a secret... after I cook my face off for Thanksgiving I don't feel like eating when everyone else does.  I want to take a nap then come back later.  Just gimme some fried oysters to tide me over and I'll see y'all in a couple of hours. No one else likes this idea.
8) Don't forget to read The Hunger Games for the blog book club on December 5th!


K. Rock said...

2. Yeah! I will send you a WWF game. Let's get ready to rumble! And yes SWPE is everything! I absolutely love it.
3. Get it girl! Love the ambition. Can't wait to go on this journey with you.
4. I was going to do another blogroll post similar to last year where I list all my blogging buds and I realized how many different ones there would be on the list this year. Mostly because quite a few have fallen off into oblivion. But there are a few (you included) that seem to be in it for the long haul.
8. Ummm yeah...I'm getting to it. I guess I am just going to have to buy it.

Anonymous said...

2. Congrats!! **envious** Send me a game please. I'm maxed out and can't begin any new ones - MrsTDJ
3. Whoo whoo!! Way to go chica! I just started this weekend.
4. Darn, is it that time again? I guess I'll reassess the old blog roll and the google reader after the holiday. I'm happy that most of my homies like you, K. Rock, Nerd Gal, P, etc are holding strong.
6. I still haven't decided on my final menu. Any minute now, huh? Times a ticking.
8. Dang! I'm not gonna make it. I'll try again in January.

Sparkling Red said...

Hurray for new phones! Thank you for giving me the name "Swype". It came pre-installed on my sister's phone, and I was very jealous watching her zip through words while I tried to adjust to thumb typing. (I am very bad at it. My left thumb has no dexterity at all.) It never occurred to me to look for an app to convert my phone, and if it had occurred to me, I would not have known what to search for.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. That was absolutely hilarious! I enjoy witty comments. Some people are just ROTF funny.
2. Congrats on the new phone! I’m considering a new one as well, and yes I too stick to the contract. Luckily it’s up in 2012. I really want to be a part of the WWF world but I won’t be playing you. LOL! Allrecipes is one of my favorite sites.
3. That’s amazing!! Running with a group seems to be the thing to do to stay motivated. Good luck with your next goal.
4. Guilty, but trying to do better…
6. Good for you! There have been a few changes on my end so we’re still shopping *sad sad face* but the menu is set!
7. My mother used to do that and I never understood until last year. I was completely exhausted after DEAD@ *cooking my faceoff* last year.
8. Okay...why do I have to be that girl? I saw the movie preview and thought to myself oh that’s the book club book. Now I’m interested. SMH!