2011 Year End Goals

With just a 7 weeks left in the year, I want to review and revise my 2011 goals and see what else I can make happen.  You already know my 2012 goals are being created!  Tis awesome!

1) Complete at least 12 30 for 30 goals.  Whoa.  I've done 5... I was going to say I don't forsee making it to 12 but after looking at them again, I'm pretty sure I can.  It's on!  The ones I want to tackle are take a cooking class/take a dance class, watch AFI's top 100 films, read 10 classic books, ride a mechanical bull, make & keep a budget and learn how to hem clothing.
2) Read 40 books this year.  I will crush this goal!  I've already read 38.  I love this and I'm really glad I put this on my list.  From fiction to nonfiction to professional development, I've read some great (and not so great) books!
3) Try at least 100 new recipes.  Passed that late September, early October.
4) Get a full-time teaching position in a great program.  I don't know if this will happen before the end of the year but I'm optimistic it will happen before the end of next summer.  In the meantime I have varied my options. 
5) Work out more.  I can definitely say I've worked out more this year than in the previous year!  Woohoo!!
6) Make sartorial magic.  I didn't find a tailor but I did do some interesting things with the clothes I already own.  Fashion blogs helped A LOT with that!  In this last month or so, I want to continue to make interesting and intriguing fashion choices.  I want to impress myself every time I leave the house!
7) Send Christmas cards.  I'm thinking it might be semi-newslettery since we had a big year! :)
8) Complete two syllabi.
9) Complete two short films.


Not So Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if your could take a cooking class that had you dancing while preparing the food...two for 1, lol.

All of your goals sound great and I hope you knock out 'em out the park Rick...I mean Jameil!

Jameil said...

LOL! I'm definitely looking for a hookup/twofer on SOMETHING! I had to see my husband for help on that song reference! LOLOL

Trish said...

1. I still suck at goals. I said that I wanted to work out when I got a break from school and I have started that, so I am proud.

2. I have three books that I want to read in the next two months, that will be no sweat for me. I usually read them in a day or two but I want to pace myself.

3. I made a couple of things last week that came out really ick. I know that ick isn't a word, but my Dad was right, if I don't use my talent, I lose it. I am determined to cook good food once again.

4. You'll get a new ft position soon, I'm sure of it!

6. I've been watching hair blogs recently, it makes no sense that after all these years suddenly I need help, but I do.

7. I always say that I'll do this but never get to it, I know you will!! I know you're going to have a cute Christmas pic of you two with the newsletter.

Liz Dwyer said...

And now I feel exhausted! I am SO impressed that you've read 40 books this year. I think I've managed like 15. I need to step it up. And major prayers on the full time teaching job.

gradydoctor said...

Oh man, you are waaaaay ahead of me. I am mad inspired, for real!

Jameil said...

trish... 1) yay! i just keep setting them until i get tired of not meeting them then go actually meet them!
2) i've started pacing myself more, too.
3) you can do it!
4) thanks :)
6) lol. i have to shake things up, too.
7) indeed! :)

l.a... LOL @ exhausted! It helps not having a job in that respect. Thanks!

grady... yay! i'm a goalaholic!