Movies 2010, Weeks 41 & 42

October 24- 30, 2010
196) Murderball. Documentary about quadraplegics who play wheelchair rugby.  Great stylistic elements with a story line it's easy to get into.  A fun watch.  Rashan didn't enjoy this but I think part of that is that there are definitely some unlikeable characters.  4 stars
197) Sleepers. Film starring Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro and others about four boys who were sexuallyabused at a juvenile correctional facility in the 1960s.  Slow start but the film became riveting.  4.5 stars

October 31- November 6, 2010
Hey! I hit 200 finally in November! Yay me! Lol.  I watched all of three of these on Saturday.  IDK what got into me.  But I do know if I make it to 250 this year, it will be a Christmas miracle!  O Holy Night, shawty!
198) Just Wright. Queen Latifah and Common star as a trainer rehabbing a man with a knee injury.  As clich√© as you thought it would be but not terrible.  3.3 stars
199) Rabbit in the Moon.  Documentary about a woman looking for the legacy of her family in Japanese internment camps during WWII.  Riveting.  It was great hearing from people who were there about a shameful segment of American history.  4 stars
200) Inheritance. Documentary about a woman living with the evil of her father's (AmonGoeth) N.azi leadership in WWII.  It follows the simultaneous story of the young woman forced to work as a slave for the family.  Pretty fascinating and at times disturbing.  4 stars
201) Zombieland.  Amusing-ish zombie movie starring Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin & Emma Stone.  Not my kind of movie (too much unnecessary cursing and a bit of gore) but I can see the appeal.  3.6 stars


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

.197 A friend read the book and saw the movie. She too said it was riveting in her own words. LOL! I didn't watch then because of the content but I finally saw the movie and I loved the ending. I completely enjoy comeuppance movies! Robert Dinero as a priest was hilarious and perfect!

198. Just Wright is in the cue! It's always funny when you review and I'm about to see the movie next.

201. I saw Zombieland awhile back. It's more of a dude date flick. Men like this sort of stuff. Anywho I was game. I liked Woody in this movie! Really funny!

K. Rock said...

I saw Just Wright just last week and I thought it was cute too. But Common is awful to me. He is so rigid. He didn't even loosen up in the light hearted scenes.

I saw Zombieland but I dont remember that much about it. I think it was just alright.