Monday Mindspacing Vol. 76

1) After all the hype, someone wanted to taste FourLoko before it was pulled from the shelves but couldn't find anyone who would share it...
2) I went to my first tailgate!  It wasn't actually that fun...
3) When people act like a film isn't that much work, I black out for a second.
4) Is this semester over yet?
5) I added shrimp bisque to the Thanksgiving menu.  I let Rashan choose the soup since Thanksgiving Day is his birthday.  My love will be 36!  Olllllllld maaaaaaaan.
6) Rashan found a job up here! Yay!!!!!!!!!!
7) I really hate watching people self-destruct via social media.  I don't like train wrecks.  If you can't get it together, do I have to watch it?? I DON'T WANT A FRONT ROW SEAT!!!  But I'm sometimes to nosy to not watch...
8) I hate when I tell people I don't like turkey because it's dry and they ask me if I've ever had a fried turkey.  Only for about 13 years.  Still don't like the flavor enough to eat it for 8 days.
9) If I die before Rashan, DO NOT LET HIM WEAR A SWEATSUIT. EVER!!  Nope, not dying, just ornery. 
10) I watched 0 movies last week. O_O
11) Can we stop acting surprised when women are knowledgeable sports?  Not we.  Can YOU stop that?


K. Rock said...

1. I have never had it either but there are other drinks just like it. You should be able to find some since your in a college town.
5. 36!! So he's robbing the cradle with you huh?
6. Yeah!! Now the lovebirds can be together.
8. I'm not a huge fan of turkey either.

Not so Anonymous said...

2. A tailgate that wasn't fun...that's a pity.
3. LOL
4. Almost...hold tight.
5. Aww...I love bisque (especially lobster). And, Happy Birthday, Rashan!
6. Wooo Whooo!

pserendipity said...

2. Was the food good, at least?
4. No.
5. Hmm....My menu is boring. It needs help!
6. Alright, now!! Congrats, Rashan!!
7. Sometimes it's like I wanna help them, but nah. I really just wanna watch.
8. Have you ever had a fried turkey?
10. Me, too. :)
11. Okay, I'll try.

Sha Boogie said...

Mmmm...fried turkey! Yay, Rashan! And I totally would have went halfsies on a can with you, lol

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.Uhhhh! What in the world is FourLoko and why was it pulled???
2. I want to go to one with the new tailgate trailers. Can you say AWESOME!!!
3. Well us regular folk don't know better. It's over in 1 or 2+ hours You mean it didn't take 2 days to make?? LOLOLOLOL!
4. Not quite. Hang in there you can do it!!!
5. Mmmm! Mmmmm! mmm! Loves the bisque! Happy B-day Rashan! Stop calling him old! YOU like it! LOL!
7. I just witnessed one last week It was hilarious!!!! Educated folks trying to be refined with big words clowning each other. Quoting the bible AND using famous quotes. Just stop it!
8. I don't know! A good seasoned fried turkey?? GIRL!!!!!!!!!
9. O_O and O_o
10. Well there's always this week.
11. Right!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. I'm sure we can still get you a 4LOKO in the hood. I won't do it with you b/c of the caffeine (just forget that I've had chocolate the last 2 days.)
2. Falcons tailgate is fun, but that's just so I can get tipsy and not have to pay GA Dome prices for liquor.
3. I've seen it 2nd hand. I on't want no parts of that process. My brain is not that organized
4. No... No it's not.
5. YEP!!! Skrimps are awesome. (ignoring old man comment, since I can't really deny it anymore)
6. YAY!!!!!!!!!
7. I have one for you on twitter. I'll see if I can find it.
8. But have tried a fried turkey? Or a brined turkey. Or just dunk it in a glass of chocolate milk?
9. LOL - that was totally a joke. I'm not even in possession of sweat pants, much less a full sweatsuit. But if I do get one, I can wear it with my loafers, right? Right???
10. How short are you on your goal? I'm sure you can watch Nora's Hair Salon 2 at your mom's house.
11. Can women who are knowledgeable about sports stop acting like they are special?

SincerelyGo said...

1) I've had one before. I didn't like it. But I still want to try another flavor before they are pulled off the shelf.
4) Nope not yet.
5) I love seafood, oh and tell Rah Happy Birthday. Clearly he's done with blogging. ha.
6) Yay Rah, I'm happy for you guys.
7) Do I do that? Maybe a lil bit. ha ha.
8) I love turkey, fried, dried pot pied however. Lol
9) Got you covered.
10) O_O
11) Yeah I'm not a huge sports fan but I can enjoy a good football game. That's about it. Lol

Sparkling Red said...

6) That's awesome news!

8) I'm not much of a turkey fan either. Although, I have to say that I enjoyed the "Happy Turkey" my in-laws prepared for Canadian Thanksgiving last month. It was "happy" because it had been raised free-range with no antibiotics on organic turkey food. It really did taste better than a normal turkey.

Anonymous said...

2) That's just wrong! Tailgates should be THE BOMB! Good people, good food, trash talking, etc. How can that go wrong???

5) Sounds delicious. Shrimp anything is ok by me.

6) Congrats to him!

8) I'm ok with turkey, but chicken is just sooooooooo much better.

11) Still a novelty in some circles. Thankfully I'm surrounded by more women who love sports than those who don't.

Liz Dwyer said...

Happy birthday to Rashan! And so glad he found a job there. God is looking out for you two! When I ate meat I never liked turkey either. But it does smell good! ;)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Why in the world would anybody drink 4LOKO??? That name sounded ignant so my mind didn't even let it register. LOL! But I know what it is.