Movies 2010, Week 27

July 18- 24, 2010
Not too much movie-watching this week but it was a pretty good film week nonetheless!  :)
155) Pressure Cooker.  Beautiful documentary about a program to introduce children in underserved communities to the culinary arts.  Kids at a Philadelphia high school as they compete for top scholarships.  LOVED IT!!!  Go see it ASAP!  So beautiful with great kids and a wonderful teacher.  5 stars
156) No One Dies in Lily Dale. Documentary about a NY community with the largest community of mediums in the country.  Some of the effects midway through were terrible.  Very interestingly shot, though.  The music was cheesy.  The end was too drawn out but I can't say there was a moment where I wanted to stop watching.  3.6 stars
157) My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown.  Daniel Day-Lewis stars in an Oscar-winning role as writer born with cerebral palsy misdiagnosed as mentally disabled for the first 10 years of his life.  Interesting.  The Oscar was well-deserved.  Strange story progression with an abrupt ending.  3.7 stars
158) Funny People.  Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan & Jonah Hill star in a film about a comedian who hires an assistant when he learns of his terminal, inoperable cancer.   Way too much cursing.  There were moments were I was cracking up.  It was hilarious... everyone once in a while.  The story floated all over the place and it just wouldn't end even though it was clear it should.  3.4 stars


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Lily Dale was interesting. I felt for the black man who lost his son. I am normally a super skeptic but I don't know. I was kinda believing LOL!

I felt the same way about Funny People. Some funny parts, too long.

Trish said...

Funny People had me laughing practically the entire time! You're right though, there was an awful lot of cussing. I had no idea that he was going to get sick, I hadn't seen the previews.

I watched this movie called "Sarah Getting Married." I like trying nw movies, Anne Hathaway, who I am a fan of was in the movie but I was a bit disappointed.

If you see Inception, please post on it because Teddy and I don't agree on how the movie ended.

Jameil said...

It was certainly interesting to watch. I won't say I was converted by Lily Dale, tho.

Trish... I knew he was gonna get sick but there were moments I was cringing thru the cursing.

Rachael Getting Married? I didn't like it at all. Rashan really liked it.

Rashan & were supposed to see Inception today but both of us were too sleepy for the matinee.