Monday Mindspacing Vol. 57

1) I never stop hoping the people I love will follow through on their grand desires to make massive changes in their lives... despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.  And I don't mean I've pushed them to act, I mean I sat by until they said they were ready.  It's so disappointing.
2) Hulu shouldn't show workout videos.  REALLY???  Commercials in a 10-minute workout???? No point.  Also, THEY WERE ALL FOOD!!!  #epicfail
3) I just realized something about myself... I hate packing... (knew that)... but I LOVE UNPACKING!!  LOVE IT!!  The idea of settling in somewhere (for however long) is so cool to me.
4) I had a dream that I met Tyler Florence and told him why I decided to cook my way through his book.  He was amused that I did in spite of my love for Rachael Ray.  Lololol.  For some reason we were eating dinner together (me & TF & his kids-- for some reason he had 2 sons).
5) I just ran across a girl who listed her interests on fb as "Hooker Heels, Makeup, Fake Eyelashes, Tanning, Friendship, Nails." LOLOLOL.
6) Me and Rashan have now officially been together for 2 years. :)  Our day together was great & dinner at Canoe was AWESOME!!  By the river, and I finally like steak after tasting the AMAZING sear on that ribeye!!  Thank you Jesus for that steak!!  That steak was delicious!!
7) How do people believe these foolish show names on Throwdown??  LOLOL.
8) Did I mention I like steak now?  I mean... it was GREAT!!
9) Rashan doesn't get my aversion to pictures of pregnant bellies.  It's not the bellies NECESSARILY but the ridiculously corny poses in the photos.  My least fave?  Making the heart with your hand over your belly.  No ma'am.
10) The Dad Camp psychologist/therapist lost me when first he was like (I'm paraphrasing), 'Ya gotta fornicate!' then told them to grab some condoms... FOR THE FUTURE!  Dead.


K. Rock said...

3. Packing is the absolute worst! I utterly despise moving. But I hate unpacking just as much.

4. I am really enjoying your cooking adventures!

5. Was she 12?

6. Congrats on the anniversary. I have heard that Canoe is pretty good.

9. I have seen some really corny poses with preggo bellies too. It has never bothered me though. Most of the time it's the new mommy excitement thing. It really gets old after the first one though believe me!

Naima said...

#2: #epicfail indeed! For shame, Hulu!!

#6: Yay!! Go ya'll!!! *pulls up the Canoe website and commences drooling*

#9: For me, it's the bellies. They creep me out. I suppose I'll have to get over it eventually, but not right now! LoL!!

Anonymous said...

I'm exactly the opposite...love packing (like I seriously could be a packing consultant), but HATE unpacking. It's usually a good week before I get everything out of there.

Love your blog...you've been bookmarked!

Mrs Count said...

1. I know the feeling 2. I hate to unpack. I live out of the suitcase until everything has been removed. Or until I trip on it 10 times and get mad. 9. A facebook "friend" just went and got professional pregnant pictures done. did I mention she's 11 weeks and 2 days? I want to hit her with a rock.

Not so Anonymous said...

1. You can say that twice...i feel the same way.
3. I hate both, but I love moving on to new places...go figure.
7. What? I have no idea what throwdown is :/
9. I love pics of prego bellies...and the cornier (is that a word) the better. I hope you get bit by the "I wanna take corny pics of my belly" when prego one day.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. I've stopped hoping for the best and become resigned to people just being who they are.
2. LOL - Did they stop mid workout to show you Keebler Cookies?
3. I hate them both. Can you do the packing and unpacking for me when I move?
4. I def thought that was strange that you didnt cook your way through one of Rach's books.
5. Was it Stace's profile? *burn*
6. Happy Anniversary! That meal was awesome.
7. But I'm going to be on Food Network next week with my show called "PBJ and Mushroom soup"
8. That is the way steak is supposed to taste!
9. I really don't get it. I think it's cute.
10. Dad Camp is really, really bad. That guy is always saying something stupid.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

4.Okay first I believe in dreams. You should write this one down so when it comes true you'll have a written memory. You know Tyler does have two sons right?
5. I'm with K Rock was this a teen?
6. Congrats!!!! Umm Canoe Wow! and Yumm Freakin Yumm! I love eating at places like this! *dead*@"Thank you Jesus for that steak!!" That steak was awesome huh? Glad you like steak now. Deelish!
7.Okaay! I was like really??? A show called that?? LOL!
9. I think that will change once it's your belly.
10. I don't really like him or that show. They lost me when the black dude lost it over the Ed Hardy jeans really Ed Hardy stop it! Bwhahahaha!

Liz Dwyer said...

Hulu has workout videos with commercials? OK, somebody there lacks critical thinking skills. Don't they know everybody's heart rate's gonna come down in the time it takes for the commercial to be over?

Hooker heels??? LOL!

Congrats on the two years! Here's to even more!

Sparkling Red said...

1) Yeah, people tend to talk a lot about wanting to make changes, but the proof is in the pudding.

5) I love that friendship is second to last, lower on the list than fake eyelashes.

SincerelyGo said...

I was big on HULU when I didn't have access to cable television for about a month. People have been trying to get me into LOGO or something I have no idea. Something about lesbians is all I know.

I love pregnant bellies. Not to touch them but just to be like awww.

Happy Anniversary! Dang why does it seem like it's been longer than that..[shrugs]....

I hate packing, unpacking and toting luggage. Was my initial thought but moving..yeah same rule applies. I always wish I could just throw everything away and buy new stuff.



Jameil said...

k... 3) packing is horrendous. I like to organize things, though (a shock to people who have seen my room...) so unpacking allows me to do that in fresh fun ways! Lol
4) Oh goody! :)
5) I'm pretty sure she's in her 20s. FAIL! Lol. I was still cracking up.
6) Thanks! It was fantastic!
9) LOLOL. The 2nd and 3rd time you're like okay yeah yawn i get it. There's a baby in there. LOL

nai... 2) I mean really. What's the point.
6) soooo good!!
9) LOL!! That's why I said necessarily. Sometimes it's just creepy.

happy... come on down here & pack me up! & i'll have another move for you in a year! lol. thanks!

mrsC... 2) sometimes i'm like that but sometimes it's my only way of getting something accomplished that day. Lol. That's a mess.
9) Girl, bye!! ROTLF!!

nsa... 3) lol 6) Thanks!
7) Show on Food Network where Bobby Flay challenges people around the country to cook their signature dish and he tries to do a better version.
9) LOLOL!! At the first part. NOOOOO at the 2nd part!

rj... 1) i guess. :/
2) Some full-fat, creamy sauce-covered pasta!!!!
3) I'll throw out a ton of stuff in the packing if you're okay with that. Lol.
4) Her books have too many recipes. That would take the rest of my life. Plus she loves making dressings and I ordinarily don't.
5) Daaang! Lol. And no.
6) THANKS!! :) xoxo
7) *vomit*
8) RIGHT!?!
9) SOMETIMES. Sometimes it's gross and/or corny.
10) LOL. That show is hilarious.

gp... 4) It's written down. I knew he had one. That's weird.
5) Lol. NOPE!
6) MMMMMMMM. I'm glad, too!
9) I'm not saying I won't take pics but if I take the heart pic, I'm doing it with a screw face!
10) LOLOL. A PAIR OF PANTS!! He needs to stop watching so much tv & realize dude... no one wears that anymore (and shouldn't have in the first place).

liz... exactly.
get your hooker heels!
thanks! :)

red... 1) mmhm.
5) Lololol! PRIORITIZE!!

go... LOGO's the gay channel I think. HULU is good sometimes but that right there was wack.

IDK why it seems longer. Lol.

Dead @ throw it all away & start over! Hilarity! I can't wait til I can afford movers! That will be one of the happiest days of my life! But I like unpacking b/c then I know where everything is.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!! Glad you enjoyed your "Top Chef" meal. I'm not big on steak other, but hubby loves it, so I cook it for special occasions only.

I hate packing and unpacking. I do however love redecorating.