30 Before 30: Tour A Brewery

My first completion on my 30 Before 30 List!!  I must say, I really hope the rest of them go more wonderfully than this one.  Rashan & I went to the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta.

The tour was very underwhelming.  I read the reviews that said don't expect to learn anything on the tour but this was ridiculous.  You could barely hear the guide, it was short and you didn't see any bottling or filling of kegs.  What is the point exactly?  It was clear people just come here to drink. 

When you get there, you walk right into the tasting room with your glass and 6 drink tickets, both courtesy of the $8 fee.  If you are a beer drinker, it's worth the cover.  You get to taste a nice amount of beer.  I can't say I loved any of them, though.  There was a bitterness I didn't find appealing... though interestingly enough when I've had the 420 in restaurants with food, I liked it.  Not sure what that's about.  Since I'm cutting back and Rashan isn't sure if he still likes beer, this was a sad experience. 

Not sad per se because we did see some one's spiritual leader in there...........


I just hope the winery is better.


Naima said...

I thought about taking that tour...then I remembered that I don't like beer. At all. Now a wine tour?? I'm all over that!

Yay for cute Gators shirt!!

pserendipity said...

Our wine tour was about the same. I expected to see people stomping grapes with their feet or something. It was really the equivalent of "we'll show you where the wine is stored until it's put in bottles tour", but the wine tasting at the end more than made up for it!

SincerelyGo said...

You guys have me so excited to do my 30 Before 30 post. Well I hope the winery is way more fun!



Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Okay I'm so mad at you for blasting Was that a Rabbi??? Oh God! LOLOLOL!

Cute pic. tho!

Adei von K said...

Maybe that guy was a rabbi abt to "bless" a batch and make it kosher. Drew told me there's TONS of money in that!

What a let down. Oh well, an experience all the same!

Jameil said...

nai... lol. not liking beer (how'd you make it thru UF like that???) = bad candidate for a beer tour! can't wait for the winery! yay cute gators shirt! :)

pseren... aw man!! why would you say that??? :(

go... yay!! i hope so, too.

gp... dude... why was he there?? he looked more swarthy than your avg rabbi. thanks!

adei... wow... that's special. super let down.