Monday Mindspacing Vol. II

1) Gluten allergies are weird to me. They seem fake. Like something created by the organic industry to scare already crazed parents into buy a $9 loaf of bread. How is it that in elementary school I knew a girl who was allergic to air... okay maybe not air but the list was outrageous: dairy, eggs, peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts, soybeans, broccoli, grass and on and on it went. That's not the exact list but even in my pre-food obsessed young years I remember staring open-mouthed and frightened for her asking, "What do you eat????" I guess at that point my mother should've known it was the beginning of the end.
2) I've never been a picky eater. That was my sister (and still is). I'm more aware of food possibilities now which makes me not want to waste them i.e. if I know I don't like scallops or iceberg lettuce, why bother continuing to eat them? That's a gross misuse of valuable stomach space that shouldn't be tolerated.
3) I am very bad at the summer vacation thing. Yes, I can be lazy with the rest of them and the best of them, but after a few days I'm ready for actual accomplishments and goal fulfillment. Summer is not hooking me up with that at all.
4) I used to love it but I now find magazine reading to be way too time consuming. If my GQ subscription wasn't free, I would cancel it like I did with InStyle. Rachael Ray's mag will never go as it helps me with cooking. I could do without the non-food-related stuff, but I love the recipe bonanza inside. Did you know she writes several recipes A DAY!?! WOW!! Even as a Rach lover that sounds crazy to me! Lol. But I wondered b/c though she doesn't come up with all the recipes in her mag, she has 30-minute meals and her talk show for which to also create content... better you than me and thank you so much!
5) Pretty sure the mag annoyance thing is securely centered around the fact that as much as I love reading books I haven't completed one in months. This is tantamount to treason for me. I feel book naked. I haven't had time between school and watching more than 300 movies in the last 6 months... yes that looks as crazy to me as it does to you.
6) As soon as I watch a movie everyone's seen I feel good about what I'm doing. It swings back around and slaps me in the face when I realize how many more fall into that category that I haven't seen and that so many more remain. I can't wait until I've watched 750 movies. This is like Blog365 but for aspiring filmmakers. I'm starting to hit a wall. The good thing is I'm quite far ahead so I can take a couple of days off if I want. I don't want to in a way though because I know next semester will get hectic. What a stupid conundrum. Lol.
7) I know this is a downer but one of the saddest sights is a pregnant girl in the trailer park. I hope her child has the best but it seems unlikely.
8) I hate when people give me unsolicited advice on how to manage my time. I write lists. I know what I need to accomplish for the day and when I want to accomplish it. I can be rigid about this-- my timeline. I'm sure you don't need to go back too far to find examples of this, likely the last time I was home. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. We've had this conversation too many times for comfort which just increases my frustration when you do it anyway. Stop it. Stop saying, "Shouldn't you be doing this? I know you hate when I manage your time, but when are you going to do this? Don't forget you have to do this." STOP IT!!! I know you're trying to be helpful but if I don't ask you for it, for the nth time, please let me run my own life.
9) I react badly when I have to repeat myself. See the previous number. I feel myself getting increasingly enraged when I tell people something about myself multiple times and they continue to do whatever it is I've asked them not to do. It's not like these people are my enemies or subordinates. These are people I love. Can we work together on this? Ugh. I'm getting irritated just writing about this.
10) Real Simple. The magazine has some interesting things in it but some of the tips and articles are utterly boring to me and unnecessary. I want to like it more than I actually do. Maybe like Stace says, there are just TOO many tips. Across too many different topics. Oh well. Not like I really have time to take on a new magazine anyway. Mags feel so tedious to me now. I bought this one for organizing tips.
11) It's strange when you grow up and people you've known most of your life suddenly don't know how to act around you. It's mostly the men because they don't want to seem like pervs. I guess the 15-year gap in time since we last saw each other doesn't help, either.
12) O.D.T.A.U.T. That's the acronym I came up with for the kids I saw standing outside at JCSmith University's campus when I went to watch my sister's step practice. Overly Dedicated to a Useless Task. Dog. It's POURING rain out here and has been all day and you're steady out here watching the 4 cars on campus roll by. Stop it.
13) I don't like step shows. Ugh. I really really don't like them. I've been to too many. And once you've seen 5, you've seen them all. But I was forced to go this weekend b/c my sister was stepping.


Momisodes said...

I'm feeling quite book naked, too.

And unsolicited advice drives me nuts!

Sha Boogie said...

I just heard about gluten allergies because my co-worker suffers from it and every place we go that serves food she is steady asking if they serve gluten free items. The best part is most people look at her with that confused look, lol

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Gluten allergies are real. One of my nephews friends had to get shot up with an epi pen because he had some wheat or something.

2. Your picky when it comes to tomatoes.

8 & 9 - Whatever... you aren't as good at managing your time as you think you are.

13. Seen too many step shows in college, not interested at all

Adei von K said...

#7 is random as heck!!!! not a trailer park pregneesha! Preggie Ann!!

and how dramatic are you about your food when you say, "That's a gross misuse of valuable stomach space that shouldn't be tolerated"

woooooooow lol

how many movies have you watched thus far?

Jameil said...

momisodes... 1) we need to fix that! 2) ugh. lolol.

sha... lolol! i would love that!

rj... wheat allergies are weird. i'm VERY tomato picky. i don't need to be good at managing my time. that doesn't mean i need unsolicited help.

adei... i saw 7 when i drove thru the TP. stop hatin! i'm gonna give you some nasty food and see how you feel about it. 326 movies and don't tell me that's enough!

*Tanyetta* said...

I LOVE your mindspacing posts! You crack me up :)