Monday Mindspacing Vol. I

I've decided to do a new weekly series called Monday Mindspacing where I just let loose on the things on my mind but not long enough to warrant a blog post.
1) I can see the difference between Luke and Owen Wilson but I can never remember which name belongs to who and who was in what movie.
2) My 25-year-old sister asked me to be her personal assistant this summer. Really?
3) I'm appalled by the DVD collection in my mom's house. It's full of movies no one should see more than once if ever. When I suggest docs they (my mom and sister) both look at me like, "Is she serious?" It's not like they're uncultured. They just like really bad, predictable movies.
4) Stacey cracks me up with her answering machine rants about whatever is irritating her at the moment. Hilarity! We like to leave outrageously long, one-sided conversations, usually with some sort of song, on each other's phones, up to 5 minutes.
5) I've been really pissed off by the barbeque I've had lately. Bah. I want some really good food.
6) I used to be a fast food fiend (partly because my mom never let us have it growing up) but that desire is leaving me more and more daily (mostly because it's so hit or miss-- mostly miss).
7) I was waaaaay too excited when I learned that both of the grocery stores within 5 minutes of my mom's house are 24 hours.
8) I can't WAIT to go to the library! I love the library! Love of my life!
9) At the Hampton Alumni Charlotte cookout Saturday, a woman asked me if I went to Latin... as in Charlotte Latin... high school. Even better? Before I went to the cookout, I said to myself, "Cute! Now let's hope people don't think I'm a student." Got what I wished for. Not a student at Hampton, in high school. I know that's supposed to be a good thing but really? 10 years younger? Le sigh. That one hadn't even crossed my mind. But then when I went to buy wine, the girl waved away my i.d. I guess I magically aged over 3 hours.
10) I love that my friends ask about each other. My closest friends are a mix of middle school and college and they ask about each other even though some of them have never met. I love that! It's so cute!
11) Favorite clothing line name I recently spotted in Nordstrom: Not Your Daughters Jeans. Hilarity.
12) I just gave up my InStyle subscription. It's increasingly skewed toward celebs. Drives me insane. Talking about their clothes? Great, sure, whatever. All that other crap-- the parties, lunches, causes-- I DON'T CARE!! This is supposed to be a fashion magazine!! I felt a little remorseful when I saw the ONE MORE ISSUE paper over my latest mag until I opened it and it was, true to form, even more celeb-obsessed than the last. SAVE IT FOR PEOPLE OR US WEEKLY!! Stick with your niche! Lord knows we don't need another celeb gossip rag. Ugh. Good riddance.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jameil! My mom sent me a pic of yall at the picnic. As far as looking young, why did this 19 year old try to holla at me in the mall last week??? I thought he was stopping me to sell some candy for his basketball team or something...When I told him I was 30, he said oh age ain't nothing but a number...oh really???

Rashan Jamal said...

Owen is the one with the crazy nose in Marley and Me...

Your mom's dvd collection sounds like all the movies that come 2 for 8.88 at Wal-Mart.

I wish you woulda had your camera when we saw Not Your Daughters Jeans. Woulda made a perfect wordless wednesday

Adei von K said...

that's what's been off the mark for me... the celeb obsession. now granted, I don't mind my dose of celeb news but I get enough from YBF. I want a fashion magazine!! that's why I started reading InStyle!!

yeah, i don't know who's owen or luke. i *think* luke is the brunette??

Liz Dwyer said...

I can't picture you as an admin assistant. No mas. And the celeb obsession in magazines is boring. Show me some models working it for the camera please!

Momisodes said...

I noticed the same thing about InStyle. Not a fan of the celeb fashion.

"Not Your Daughters Jeans"- HA!

Sha Boogie said...

LOL @ ur sister! Wait. Is she paying you? That may change my thoughts..lol

Ladynay said...

What did you tell your sister?

Number 8 made me pause. I don't know of anyone who says the library is the love of thier lives! I can not say the same.

Jameil said...

everything... lol! mess!!

rj... okay... that makes it better. that is so her collection! taking pics in nordstrom sounds crazy! lol.

adei... wow! lil miss celeb agrees! cool! you're right on the bros.

liz... i was shocked. wait... you want me to assist you how? girl act right. i need the mags to do something different but this celeb-obsessed crap is so wack and uninspiring.

momisodes... :*( i should tell them. those jeans had me cracking up. i thought of the snl skit: mom jeans! lolol

sha... she said she "might pay depending on how good you are." she better be glad i was on the phone. chick you will get cut!

lady... i gave her the side eye and told her i will help her organize. personal asst? yeah right. the library is awesome!