Monday Mindspacing Vol. 4

1) Whenever Seinfeld happens to be on my screen and Kramer shows up I say "N.igger" at the screen. I know. It's crazy. I can't help myself. I never liked or "got" that show and his screaming rant a few years back made me what some would probably consider hostile. I know what "Jewish classmate" would say (he hates when I call him that on the blog which is why I do it), "Yeah, it's unfortunate. You should really give the show a chance." Nope. No more chances. I won't yell at Rashan if he stays on it for a few seconds, which he does frequently, but I'll pass.
2) At my old gym the people who worked at the desk used to eat fries all the time. THAT IS WRONG!! They should be banned from eating the bad food while we're there trying to refrain!!!!!! I mean come on! I love fries and you torture me w/them!? Hmph! That's why I used to get fries AND a beer after leaving the gym.
3) Someone at the farmer's market last week was apparently making goat stew for millions. Why do you need 8 pounds of goat meat? I know it's only about $2.39/lb. (I know... makes me wish I knew what to do w/goat meat or what it even tasted like... no, I don't know anything about any Caribbean roots in the fam) but really? Stock up for the next year ON A SUNDAY with a huge line? And while you're at it get your lamb kidney and liver? WHAT ARE YOU MAKING!?!? I try not to be that kind of food snob but... I must say, to my American-food-only raised eyes that are becoming more and more open... it looks disgusting. LIVER? Ick.
4) That being said... after hearing about sweetbreads for years on Top Chef (and never having heard of them before), I knew they weren't really very sweet, or breads, and cooked poorly would be disgusting as they were some sort of indiscriminate animal product. I decided to go for it at this Gainesville restaurant I'd heard nothing but good things about still not knowing what they were! GOOD CHOICE! They were great!! (And they're the thymus and pancreas glands of lamb, beef or pork.)
5) I've been watching a lot of crazy movies lately which is prompting a lot of crazy dreams. I'm a several times nightly dreamer, as in I usually have multiple dreams a night. I have been working very hard to forget all of them as soon as I wake up. All I know is they make me uncomfortable and I wake up extraordinarily grateful they are not my reality.
6) GQ's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. It's part savvy, fashion-forward businessman, part silly frat boy and everything in between. The fashion is on point but the articles range a wide gamut from Newsweek-esque to curse-strewn diatribes. From what I can gather from the 6 months I've been a subscriber, it's target audience is the 25-year-old former frat boy who is now playing house but loves to reminisce on the good ole days nigh on 3 years past. I prefer the part that caters to the adult (duh). But how about one of my friend CC's friends is absolutely in that target. I forgot self-absorbed as a descriptor for the GQ reader and that one SO applies.
7) When Rashan's sister was here last weekend I kept laughing loudly at Rashan and I was thinking, "I know she's like, he is not that funny." Because that's exactly what I would say about any woman laughing like that at my brother. Except my brother really is hilarious... but still.
8) I LOVE how my voice sounds when it's hoarse. I think it's so hot! That being said, right now, after screaming the lyrics to lots of songs over the weekend with Stace, Bran and CC at Bran's daddy's birthday party, I'm pretty hoarse. Ah yeah! I don't like the accompanying sore throat but I know it's only in passing so I don't complain.
9) I'm tired of driving!! I don't want to drive anywhere for like a year!! And me, my mom and Stace are going to visit my family in Mississippi next week...
10) I'm getting to the point where I miss Rashan after a couple of days apart. I know... sickening, right? Lol.
11) The best friends of 2 guys I dated in college were staying in the same house as me when I went down to Brunswick for the party... umm... potentially awkward (and really mostly in theory) but turned out to not matter at all.
12) Rashan met one of my aunts, who also happens to be my fave. One aunt/uncle down, 11 to go. Lol.
13) I love the song "Halle Berry" because it makes me laugh. Especially after seeing her dance to it on Ellen which was actually the first time I"d heard the song. Anyway I wondered what "let's get ratchet" means so in true old person fashion (Lord... I'm out of the loop at 26... but let's be real. I was rarely up on slang. Doggone suburban upbringing.), I relied on someone's little sister... Adei's sis says it means let's get wild. So there you go. I guess urban dictionary could've helped too. This was easier.
14) Why did me and Rah see 3 guys sitting outside Starbucks wearing long-sleeved tee-shirts, and drinking coffee in 95 degree weather!?!?!


Momisodes said...

Fries inside the gym? That IS torture. If I can smell them just walking into a food court, I'm pretty much sold on whoever is selling them.

Where is the Utterz of your sexy voice?

Sha Boogie said...

You ma'am need some curried goat in your life and ICK at the 'sweet bread', no and thank you!!

pserendipity said...

You coming to Mississippi? Yay!

Southerner in Suomi said...

LOL@ get your lamb kidney!

I learned about sweet breads watching the Hannibal Lecter series. Still scary. LOL

Adei von K said...

8 lbs of goat meat?! how do you request that?!

yeah, GQ is getting too schizo for me. Have you seen the latest cover?

FD the Architect is sooooooooo the GQ demographic.

I'm laughing at you laughing at Rah's jokes and his sister rolling her eyes on in the inside!! HAHAHAHA!! Jess and I BOTH roll our eyes at SKK!!!! That ninja is NOT funny!

Jameil said...

Momisodes. Exactly!! Man I forgot to utter while it was here and now it's gone!

sha... i knew you'd say that! ol jamaican self! you and shani. i'm sure sweetbreads are like that. cooked properly? delish!!

pseren... yep. jackson.

v... so gross! sweetbreads tho are yum!

adei... exactly! as the dudes are measuring it out i'm like REALLY!?! idk which is the latest cover. FD is the epitome of the demo. lol @ SKK! poor thing! rah makes me laugh!