Adventures With M Pt. I

My mom (or M as I call her) is so funny. We have an awesome relationship. Last night while I was cooking, she came home and said she was sleepy and could she just go to bed. Now she KNOWS better than to ask me if she should do something. I'm bossy by nature. When that song came out almost everyone who knew me well proclaimed it my theme song. Haters. Lol. I know everyone was claiming it as their theme song but I didn't b/c I knew it would be thrust upon me. I LOVED the song though! That beat was tight!

Anyway, I said, "Ugh! No! I wish you'd told me you were sleepy before I started cooking because I sure didn't feel like cooking tonight." I only did because I had previously told her I would cook. "And anyway it's 7:00. It's way to early for you to go to sleep right now. You're not going to sleep until 6 a.m." She says petulantly, "Uh huh! I'll wake up at 12 then go right back to sleep." "Mmmhmm. You're not going to sleep."

She sucks her teeth, "So bossy!" Then, "Ooh! I'm missing Jeopardy!" I'm thinking, "Good. Something to entertain her." Like a child. Lol. Later she says, "I heard when you get sleepy that means you're dehydrated. Can I have some water?" Hilarious!! "Where did you hear this???" Of course she couldn't remember. I give her some water anyway. Around 7:35 the complaints start again. For the love... I say, "Why don't you put in a movie? Then it can watch you." (She always falls asleep to movies.) She says, "I'm just gonna go upstairs for a minute." Immediately suspicious, I say, "For what?" Sheepishly, "To take a nap." LOLOLOL!!! "No!" Whining, "I just need 30 minutes." "Mom! Put on a movie!... Drink some water!" *snicker* "I tried that! It didn't work!" Lolol!!! Why would water make you less sleepy???? So bizarre! What a funny lady. She managed to take a couple of cat naps while I finished dinner but she made it and even finished the movie with me before going to her room around 9:30... then I yelled a conversation upstairs to her for about 10 minutes. Lol.


Adei von K said...

that is too cute!! the roles have reversed!! LOL

Not so Anonymous said...

poor M being sleep deprived. It's nice that you two are having fun though. Oh and LOL at water making you less sleepy...i'll have to use that incorrect info one day soon.

Miss Snarky Pants said...

I'm all for your moms getting her nap on!!

Shoot...sleep does the body good!!! [pass it on] :-)

Sparkling Red said...

Your mom is the opposite of my mom. Mine will stay up until 1 or 2am when she knows full well she has to get up at 6:00 in the morning... and then she complains of being tired. Silly moms!

Rashan Jamal said...

go head and get that sleep bossiness out of your system before you get back to ATL. If I wanna sleep, I'ma sleep!!! No amount of water will wake me up! LOL

1969 said...

Bossing mommy around...love it!

What did you cook though?

Ahem....Top Chef Masters! Are you ready?

ANd the Fashion SHow

Southerner in Suomi said...

My mom says that mess about water and sleepiness, but I've never asked her where she heard it,

Sha Boogie said...

Great! Someone besides me goes to bed at 9:30pm! lol

Momisodes said...

You are terrible! :D

I totally feel your pain though. I go through this same struggle with my 3yr old. If she naps, the rest of the day is awful!

Liz Dwyer said...

I've heard that about water, too! It never works on me though.

Too funny that she falls asleep in movies and you say the movie watches her! Haha!

Jameil said...

adei... lolol. yesterday she said when i fuss about stuff she feels like the child. lolol.

aretha... she's funny.

ms... not at 7pm! lol

red... i'm much more like your mom although i'm not so much w/the 5 hr sleep. i know that makes me a very evil person.

rah... yeah right. i don't get bossiness out of my system.

1969... lolol. cooking post up now! not quite a fashion show fan (see earlier post) but top chef masters? bring it on!

v... so weird.

sha... lolol. you're preggers! you have an excuse!

momisodes... lol. you comparing babisodes to m is HILARITY!!

liz... so odd! where do y'all hear this stuff?? those movies stay watching her!