Adventures with M Pt. III

I got new phones for my mom and myself while I was at home and my goal was since it took about a million steps on the Tmobile website to upgrade phones, to go to the store right up the street from my house, walk in, upgrade and walk out with my first new phone in 3 years. I don't like phones. I love talking on them and the convenience of phones (see: the 7hr+ convos Rah and I have several times a week) but I don't see any reason why I need my phone to do anything other than look nice, dial in and out, tell me the time and be my alarm clock. I don't text, get on the internet and I'm a bit too much of a snob to want that little crappy 1.3mp camera.

Anyway, I ask the guy what phone I should get for my mom and he says, "A lot of older people like this one." Why when I got home did I slip and tell her this? LOL!! She said, "I'm not old! He doesn't know me!" I said laughing, "He didn't mean like elderly! I told him it was for my mom!" I didn't tell her he also said, "Because the numbers are big." HAHAHAHAHA!! She really would've been mad then! What? You wear glasses! I told her, "Well, if you don't like your phone, you have 14 days to take it back." (I knew there was no way she was taking that phone back. She doesn't do additional steps and hates returns except at Harris Teeter where if something's wrong you get double your money back.)

When after a protracted week of issues I won't even get into, I finally got my phone she says, "Yours is cute! I want a pewter phone!" I said, "Well good luck. You can go wrangle for your own phone." Stank, I know. She said, "I thought you were going to trade with me." So I can have the elderly phone? Lololol. "Yeah right." She said, "This one looks like too much to learn, anyway." Sigh. I know. Look at all that crap on it. I loved it the second I had it in my hand but I don't want to be bothered with learning it.

Rashan had to look up the alarm for me because it was this ridiculously convoluted process. Last Samsung phone it was directly under settings. This time? Under fun and apps, then organizer THEN alarm. What in the bloody blue blazes? And why is the screen ORANGE when I dial out and I can't figure out how to change that fuglyness? I hate orange. I figured out wallpaper but that crap? Ugh. The girl with 2 blogs (3 if you count the one I don't update, LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, utterli (formerly utterz, which Stace and I are bringing back now that twitter is so overexposed), and myspace (never checked anymore) can't figure out how to change the dial out screen on her phone. Figures. I did discover the whisper mode, though. So cool! It magnifies your voice so you could answer, put the phone on whisper mode and proceed sotto voce to tell them "I can't talk, I'm in church!!" Lol. How about you just don't answer the phone! I HATE when my mom answers the phone to tell me she can't talk!!! Just call me back!!!! Lololol.


Adei von K said...

"b/c the numbers are big" has my DYING!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm telling her!!! We're going to be in Alabama when I'll ask to use her phone and say, "my, what big numbers you have!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

real talk, there was way too much rigamarole for your phones. and out of alllllllllllll the colors for a screen, you would get orange. T-Mobile's way of sticking it to you!!

Adei von K said...

* me dying

spchrist said...

You don't text? Wow. I don't know a woman that isn't in love with texting.

Sparkling Red said...

I don't text either, or use any of the usual gizmos and whachamacallits that come with fancy phones. I call in, I call out, and I love the built-in FM radio receiver. I have never bothered loading on any MP3's although it's a music phone, nor have I ever used the crappy built-in camera.
Good luck with learning your new phone. Maybe you can make a shortcut to the alarm clock - my phone lets you makes shortcuts.

Dreamlover said...

haha, I got a new phone recently too, I hate having to relearn how to find stuff!

Ladynay said...

I kinda feel you on the phone thing. Let me make and receive calls and I am good! LOL!

P.S. You sound like I thought you would :-)

Jameil said...

adei... hush up that noise, girl! and that orange is hideous!! ugh!

sp... wow chauvinistic. how many women do you know? b/c i know plenty who don't text.

red... i have no idea if there's a radio but pretty sure i wouldn't use that either. i don't think there's shortcuts but i should be able to figure it out... hopefully... lol.

dream... right!?

lady... exactly! and lol