Monday Mindspacing Vol. III

1) I used to only like my sandwiches cut on the diagonal. This is from 2nd grade until just now. I could never explain why, either. I'm starting to come around. Maybe. I haven't actually tried one of these vertical-cut sandwiches but in my head I'm starting to think, what's the big deal?
2) I don't like pb&j. Yuck. Doesn't matter the jelly. I like peanut butter. I like jelly. But not together.
3) I don't like white bread either, never have. The first time I had wheat bread I felt like I learned what real bread is supposed to taste like. My favorite bread, though, is focaccia.
4) Victoria's Secret has pissed me off with their apparent shift away from cotton outside of its Pink line. Pink is the one that's mostly collegiate with neon colors, skulls, hearts, stars, rainbow stripes, catch my drift? Seriously? Ugh. They are about to be off my must-see list. AND they send me daily sales emails.
5) Steve Madden sends too many emails, too. Again: I don't need a daily email about sales. If I'm interested I'm not going to forget your sale ends in 3 days, 2 days, 1 DAY!!!!!!! Thanks. I have cut both down to once a week. Why is that required? If they don't get it together they will be cut out together.
6) I've had way too much bad restaurant food lately. It's horrid! I can't stand it! Why do I have to pay for this food and it's not up to par? But I hate restaurant confrontations.
7) I have to get in the NYTimes. I'm obsessed with this paper. It must be done.
8) I get REALLY mad when people treat my friends badly.
9) I saw the most awesomely bad show on television last night. "G.od M.iracles in Action." It's allegedly a C.hristian talent show. MESS!!! A woman in 1980s outfits walks a runway to elevator music or something else amazingly horrid. There is no talent required but to show yours, just call the number on your screen. Wooooow!! youtube is failing me for the first time ever and I'm sad about that!!!
10) I am cooking up a storm again this week! I'll be posting on me & Stace's food & fashion blog, the Record Dish. First up: lime margarita cupcakes. For the other recipes so far this summer, see this post from a couple of days ago.


*Tanyetta* said...

#5 the same goes for Aldo. They are working my last nerves!

Not so Anonymous said...

No pb&J....dead. I heart pb&j on lightly toasted wheat bread...ahhh.

I, too, am a fan of the diagnol cut...it's just feels right, lol.

White bread=yuck.

Lime margarita cupcakes?!?!?! OMG, I want those NOW! Can you share the recipe or where we can get it from.

Jameil said...

tan... i don't even like aldo's shoes.

aretha... i put the cupcake recipe on the record dish & i got it from rachaelraymag.com

the joy said...

lol pink is all i wear (tmi?). i need my undies to be colorful, lol. im mad the sale is on tomorrow when im trying to save up.

mmm foccacia. my job used to make foccacia croutons. the best!

Liz Dwyer said...

Amen on the white bread. White bread is the devil... wait, that sounds like something the NOI would say, doesn't it?

Adei von K said...

yeah, PINK underwear is not my fave; not as a 27 y.o.... all them polka dots and multi-colored stripes? stop.

i know i shouldn't laugh but the christian talent show? you show what the Lord has given you? walking the runway in horrible fashion?? *snickering*

Momisodes said...

I love a diagonal cut every now and then :)

I am not a fan of the Pink line. I almost feel like my undies would match my toddler's.

Jameil said...

joy... it seems very you. i can't do it anymore. you know that sale lasts forever and comes back every 2wks! you'll be okay. lol. focaccia... mmmmm....

liz... lolol. yes it does!

adei... i know right? girl that show was a mess!! that's like the apollo where people sing a gospel song and hope not to get booed. i need you to see that show!!

momisodes... i always have diagonal! i was thinking the same thing!