Still Me

I know you didn't think uncertainty with my new surroundings (I literally made up a new word when I drove up: ginormical) would change who I am. Not a chance kiddos. There are more and more people on campus every day as you might imagine since class starts on Monday. Some look like freshmen. Apparently I do too because I'm unfamiliar with where I'm going. NO CHRIS, NO CHRIS, NOOOO!! (Love that lookin' b.oy song. It cracks me up! Lol.) This dude is wearing a ratty orange blue and white tee-shirt, blue shorts and orange crocs. Can we say ugly? All together now-- ugly. The gator nation is no joke. People have straight orange and blue wardrobes. I can tell already.

Dude. Why are your shoes off? During yesterday's orientation this guy was rubbing the chair leg in front of him between his big toe and second toe. I hope no one was doing anything that disgusting and illicit with the chair I was sitting in!! I didn't even think of that. I'm sitting pretending to paying attention to orientation with thousands of other people (replete with things I could've just ignored in an email) and the person behind me is molesting the chair with his feet. YA NASTY!! I think there were a million international students in the place. It was crazy! Huge orientations like that = mental murder. I'm just sayin.

I must admit I was distracted by my toe cleavage in my red flats during orientation. My mom had never heard the phrase. It was just so cute. Lol. The cleavage-- not her lack of knowledge about the phrase.

There are a lot of people eating alone in here. How sad. Note to self: don't eat alone in the food court in the union. This italian food in here smells yummy! But I'm not eating out today since I went to the grocery store and I've still eaten out every day since I've been here. I've also eaten my delightful leftovers. Tell me why the Mexican restaurant near campus, which is my new fave (Rashan and I ate there 3xs in 4 days while he was here), has $1 beer. I AIN'T ABLE!! And one of my faves-- Amber Bock-- is on the list so it's not just the crap beers! Yessss!!! Ness, get down here immediately!! Lol.

Let's see if blogger will stop its gratuitous hate and let me post more pics of the apartment.

Yay!  These are my shelves beneath my shoes in order. Yes, the shoes are on display.  The books, photos, magazines, DVDs, CDs and jewelry are hidden.  Lol. Okay blogger was hatin in another way.  Jerk.  This posted all kinds of crazy the first time.  Don't get me started!!!  


Jazzy said...

memo to self: do not come over here when in the midst of drinking anything!

This line..."molesting the chair with his feet"...that entire paragrapah really - almost made me choke on my tea!!!

So glad I didn't have to see it...what is wrong with people?!

Orange crocs??? really dude? smh

Rashan Jamal said...

Ginormical is horrible. LOL

Crocs are hideous...especially on dude. Since you go to UF, are crocs called gators? Corny, I know! LOL

Never heard of toe cleavage either...

Stop hating on the loners in the union. All you need is your computer and some Starbucks and you straight. Who needs friends? LOL

Unknown said...

YAY!! I'm glad you're there and settled and all.

Yuck@the guy "molesting the chair with his feet" That is disgusting...however the story is pretty funny...lol

Southerner in Suomi said...

You KNOW you're in a college town with them $1 beers. The Chimes near LSU had $2 Mexican Beer Tuesdays and it was all the wonder rare ones that usually cost like $6 a bottle!!

I smell road trip!! I wonder if I can take a train. I hear their numbers have increased since 9/11.

Monie said...

Yay! You're there and settled. And I know you're ecstatic that you found a Mexican place...

Jameil said...

all: let me say precious Lord take my hand. I found free wifi at the crib!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!

diva... lololol. great memo! i'm sure it needs an addendum: or when hungry! lolol. you know i love describing food! dog. that chair molesting was DISGUSTING! and the crocs were most def. hideous.

rj... hahaha. stop hatin. you were the one who said it was a mix of gigantic, enormous and astronomical. :P so hush up. crocs are awful and yes that was a corny joke. toe cleavage is hot. don't let me catch you staring! so fresh. i don't believe in starbucks. it's a cult. i'm not hatin on the loners. i just don't want to be one.

b... me too!! yay!! i can already see the endless stories out of this place. how could you not w/53k students??

v... right??? omg cheap beer is love! train rides are VERY expensive if you're going far. trains are fun if its a short distance and you have company or a good book. otherwise a plane ticket is quicker and cheaper.

monie... i'm here!! yeah mexican!!!!! woooo!!!

the joy said...

i dont even know what to say to the fact that framed pix are hidden. how will people go "aw..." jameil? how!? lol ya boy with the toe is nasty. maybe he has athlete's foot.

cherry's kid said...

Jameil...You found the Chipolte!!! Great!!! It's next to the IBC...Institute of Black Culture...a cool place to study and get the goings downs with the black folks there!!!!

Preoccupied with toe cleavage? Really? Wow!

Crocs are everywhere down there you definitely have to boost up your orange and blue wardrobe!!! LOL!!!

Oh and there's $1 beer specials everywhere!!!

Okay for the past couple of comments I've given you UF pointers..I'm going to back off now as an over anxious parent and let you explore The Ville on your own!!! Hope you have as much fun as I did!

Momisodes said...

Oh man, the last time I flew, a man was doing the same thing on the plane with his toe!!! I SO get the chair molesting. I wanted to vomit.

$1 beer? Man, I miss living in a college town. I love Amber Bock :)

Unknown said...

Ginormical??? Hmmmm.... I might have to use that one.

Dude with his shoes off is just disgusting. I would have wanted to walk right up to him and ask if he was oblivious to the fact that he was in a public place or what. Just NASTY! UGH! And toe clevage??? I'm with your mom because I have NEVER heard that before. kwasvt

Adei von K said...

the place look niiiiiiiiiice!!

beer and mexican? what more does Jameil need??

lol @ rashan's "joke"

you know you're going to see A LOT more barefoot people right? EH.VREE.WHERE. WPs don't like shoes.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - you're hilarious.

And yes - that no chris no chris nooo - wears me OUT everytimg. I ain' table - lol.

too funny. molesting the chair? yuck.

dreamyj said...

orientation can be the devil. how many people are in your program? was the orientation for everyone?