Wrap It Up!

So I've brought some semblance of conclusion to two, yes TWO open issues brought up in the blog.

1) Text fiancee [(c) Jameil 2008]: I talked to the homie who sent me the text wedding invite. I said, "I know we haven't spoken in a while but how did we get to this point!?" She met him on April 28th... yes 2007. They've lived together since August. Her mom is excited about the wedding. Her father is indifferent. The wedding is at H.einz Hall. The reception is at the C.arnegie Art Museum (or vice versa). SO not what I think of as a Pittsburgh wedding. She asked, "Are you gonna come?" What? Am I gonna boycott? We ain't that close that all that is necessary. Not like if one of my homies married their deadbeat currents/exes. I still wouldn't boycott but I wouldn't be pleased. But this is at a fab location. How can I not go? It's your life. If your parents aren't trying to talk you out of it... what really can I do? We're supposed to go to lunch soon to talk about wedding stuff, etc. so we'll see.

2) Gym date: Remember how I saw him once and all we said was hi and happy new year? I also saw him last week but he was in what I call "testosterone room." That's the room dedicated solely to weights that's mostly just guys. The woman who showed me around the gym didn't even show that to me when I joined. The upstairs area with the circuit training and cardio machines and the indoor track above it is pretty much it for me. There are indoor and outdoor pools as well. But I don't use those either. You know how black women are about their hair. Even with natural hair I'm just so used to avoiding pools that I still do it. But I'm not obsessed with umbrellas anymore so that's fun. I won't be umbrella-free in a downpour, but drizzle or a sprinkle? I'm good. First time I did that was so FREEING!!

I see G (gym guy) today on the bikes and there's an open one next to him. I say hi, grab the current AllureMag from the rack (score!) and sit down. I say, "I want to explain about what happened that day we were supposed to work out. I was doing the noon and the white house caught fire... so sorry." He says, "Oh... well we never exchanged numbers so let's do that now." So we did. Fixed 1969. Are you happy? :) I am. I feel so accomplished right now. A month later. Lol.

And you know how I get about people working out outside of their normal times because it's a holiday. I work holidays. If it falls on my day off, I'm off. If not, I'm working. The news goes on no matter the day of the week. I have to ignore holidays to keep from getting crazy about missing the ones I usually celebrate with my family. That means I often don't realize its a holiday (other than whatever closings we mention) until I go to the gym and am bombarded by TOO MANY PEOPLE!! It was ridiculous in there today. I'm not claustrophobic but I think I just caught it in the gym today. You didn't know it was contagious? Well it is. And I now partly have it. I just had to GET AWAY FROM ALL THE PEOPLE!! I think its only at the gym. When I'm sweaty I don't want an audience of dozens. This ain't NY. GET AWAAAAY!!

Bonus: Why is there this dude from college whose muse I wanted to be who found me on myspace, right? Not odd. We have 24 friends in common including someone some of you know... bizarre. I just realized different aspects of my Hampton life cross paths way too much and perhaps I should be more vague. Except I don't care. Anyway. This dude has had a girl since forever (at least 4 years-- hush. Yes I know 4 years isn't forever but for a relationship that has yet to culminate in marriage, that's a long time.) who also went to the crib (college). One "ex" and 2 crushes from college found me, including the source of endless embarrassment back in the day. (Ooh! I've been free for a year and a half!) Lol. In retrospect that whole period of my life was hilarious. At the time, NOT AT ALL!!!

So this guy who found me whose muse I wanted to be. He's taken to sending me random messages having nothing to do with nothing. I don't care if that's not grammatically correct. You have 3 years of grad school left and you're asking me if I'm from Charlotte (yes) and if it's a good city (YES!!) because you've heard mixed reviews (they're jealous). Ok random. Why do y'all do that. Why is it when we're completely ignoring you and moving on you POP up. I know the answer. Because you're selfish! You always want people thinking of you. Keep it to yourself partner! Lol. He's actually a funny guy (and I'll still be his muse because I bet he'll be on Oprah one day for the book club and I wanna come!!) but the random questions every 3 months are just so bizarre.

*Completely unrelated bonus. "Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant" is just as hilarious as "Scott Baio is 45 and Single." Except before he told his fiancee how he feels about this soul-crushing fear of being a father, I was ready to kick him for being such a big baby and not saying something. JUST SAY IT!! (I've been known to yell this at people taking to long to get to the point. One of my fave professors in college used to say, "Gimme the soundbite." HUHlarious.) Then he manned up. Ooh! And Celeb Rehab? I don't like celebrity news but I love this show. Did you know alcohol withdrawal is commonly fatal?! Thank Dr. Drew for that little tidbit! Makes you want to never drink again doesn't it?

Eh... not quite. But it definitely makes me not ever want to be an addict. (I'm sure no one wants to be an addict.) This is a great show to have on tv. People need to understand what this life is like.

My coworker told me her baby rolled over today. Granted it was because her hubby the stay-at-home dad (that's kinda hot... I may need one of those when I get rich and famous and start popping out kids.) called while I was standing there. But then she goes, "Isn't that exciting?!" "Hey. I got out of my bed today and I did NOT get a party." I know its a milestone but I'm not a mother and we're not that close. That means I don't care enough to celebrate your baby's every achievement. But congratulations... ish.

I've now talked about what X told me not to-- the gym-- and only half of what La told me not to-- tv and food. Let me go ahead and round that out. I drooled all over chipotles on the Record Dish and it's quite funny. hahahahahaha. (There were so many tangents and links today it took me more than an hour to write this blog!!! Insanity.)


Anonymous said...

You have too many tangents! One post, one focus damnit!!!

I do like Celebrity Rehab. The one dude in the wheelchair is ridiculous! His life is all messed up. That would scare me straight seeing him.

CNEL said...

Haha I'm the type to show up to someone's wedding just to see the spot.

Swapping digits, eh?

Down with selfish dude, I know too many people like that, just want on your mind.

"Hey. I got out of my bed today and I did NOT get a party."

proacTiff said...

I'm working hard on my tangents. When I blog up, I sweah I want to blog just like my 1969! She says a lot with few words. I heart those bloggers who can do this. It makes me visit their site more often than not. Because I can be in and out. Not to worry, I save the best for last. *wink*

Dopelikelouboutins said...

lol I agree with Epsilonicus this post went in 50 11 different directions, I liked it though!

Take lots of pictures from the wedding it sounds like it's going to be a classy event.

Glad you got G's #

Did I mention I love the purpleness of your blog :) tres chic madame.

faboo mama said...

I got tagged with a meme, so I'm tagging you.
Now, I don't feel bad for being a little confused about this post. You changed up some stuff right when I was going, okay and??? nope, onto the gym.
I met my husband in May '98. We got engaged in Jan. '99 an married that August. I'm just sayin'

Momisodes said...

Good heavens! What topics have we missed today?.....uh, none. :)

I am SO glad I'm not the only one watching these VH-1 shows. When I saw the house Scott Baio bought, I thought,....man, I should have married an older man. And then I saw his reaction to the baby, and immediately retaliated that thought...

Anonymous said...

Ima need you to hit that wedding. You dont pass on Heinz Hall weddings and Carnegie Museum receptions.

You just dont.

Rashan Jamal said...

Jameil, et cetera: Exercises in tangents. LOL

One more open issue? Who won the gift post?

Gym date never made an effort to find you after all this time. What's up with that? He should be chasing you, not vice versa. (I know I'm a hater. LOL)

So...Wise...Sista said...

[Looking around wondering why everybody act like you JUST got random and tangental all of a sudden] lol

Um...how do I say this...Celeb Rehab, is the sunset on my horizon. I cant get enough of it. I will be soon writing a post about the current Golden Age of TV. (If you dont see it in the next, oh 2 months or so, gimme a gentle nudge) :)

the joy said...

The hour was worth it! Lol.

Celeb rehab is the best. I feel it is so educational. I cannot do drugs.

I love your tangents and random parentheticals. Want.

Jameil said...

first i will address wise since her name is so apt. have you all never seen my blog before? because this is not new. its what i do. thank you wise for being so... wise. the rest of you, get in line. now.

epsi... jeff is soooo scared straight-like. an hour is not enough. i could watch a 24-hr feed of them in rehab. oooh! great idea!

cnel... me too! i need to see those hot digs! digit trade homie. did you like that getting out of bed? lol

pro... tangents are great. those are the truly brilliant people. so much to say so little time!!
be you.

diamonds... it could be classy. we'll see. thx for the blog color love.

fab... you know i don't do those. and you think it was a good decision? if so that's good and what's your secret?! my rents met oct 80, married oct 81, separated 14 years later, divorced 3 years after that.

sandy... hahahaha. i know right?!?! he was TRIPPIN!!

ink... we've already covered that. i'm goin.

rashan... not sure why you care since you didn't even play but that's in the works in the drafts. chasing? watch yourself. just for that i hope your work stalkers keep doing what they do.

wise... can't wait!

joy! thank you dahling!

1969 said...

Yes....you and gym guy exchanged numbers!!!

I say a brunch date after church....

p_nami said...

I like your several mini posts in one. I never know what you're going to say!

Jameil said...

1969... lol. better make it before church. i'm too sleepy after church to do anything but go hang at the crib.

doll... thank you dahling!

Adei von K said...

you soooo have to go to the wedding just based on the locale!!!

and boooooo on muse-r trying to be all in the spot with the random messages.

Karamale said...

(sigh)...the guy whose muse i wanted to be...

so wistful and poetic.

Jameil said...

stace... i know.

kara... lol. i really did tho!! i went w/my friend to her creative writing class mostly b/c he was in there and i just wanted to be able to hear the amazing things coming out of his head!!

yet another black guy said...

"I don't care enough to celebrate your baby's every achievement. But congratulations... ish." Oh i am quoting that like a mutha from now on out!