How ya like me now?

So the illustrious Hampton University is on the top, again. It is quite hard continually striving for perfection. And somehow the Pirates football team has done it. An undefeated season. 11-o after a crushing defeat of Savannah State, a score of 44-3. So, I'm gonna need my ESPN contact, you know who you are, to get up on that HU shout-out. And I need to know when we'll be playing on t.v. again. Also a shout-out to the volleyball team. Freshman Morgan Williams for capturing MEAC Rookie of the Year and the indomitable Chavanca Hoskins for making the MEAC First Team. Get it girls!

Also, I will be going to New York for the first time. I know. How much sense does it make to have been to Europe, but not NY or Cali? Ah well. I'm getting one of those out of the way. And honestly, I'll probably go to Europe again before I go to Cali. But anyway. Yes, I'm going to Connecticut the first week in December. I know Chinagirl and CC better be coming to get me from the airport or there will be problems!!! No excuses!! Lol. One of the highlights of my trip will be seeing "The Color Purple" on Broadway. All I'm saying is they better not leave out, "Sophia, Sophia!" or more importantly, "You tole Hah-po ta beat me" and "You showl is uuugly." Did I forget anything? Oh yeah and them two crow fingers-- "Until you do right by me..." I can't wait to see Lou Myers (also known as A Different World's Mister Gaines). Ah yeah. Try and see me. I'm just sayin. Try. Whatever shall I wear????

I think I'm too cool for Pittsburgh. I know that sounds vain, but I'm sayin. If you're a big city type person, then it ain't really the place for you. And I am. I mean come on, my favorite city is D.C., with Baltimore as #2. And part of the reason I like B-more is b/c its close to D.C. I like Atlanta okay, but I wouldn't want to live there. Close your mouth Simon. Hahaha. But my point is that Pittsburgh just isn't a foward-thinking city. There's not much for a young Black professional to do. So I think it'll be a struggle to stay here for a year. But I have to b/c there's no way I'm not putting this job on my resume. Plus winter is a BEAST. What fresh hell is the reason for there to be a high of 29 in November?????? What is that about? That's not cool. Last night at dinner, my dad was saying something about sub-zero temps and single digit temps. Its hard for me to even wrap my mind around that concept. Its just strange. But I've been inspired to increase my sweater/coat/boot wardrobe which is always a beautiful thing.

And can we talk about how in my last post I call myself givin the b.f. a shout-out for being my "diary that talks back" and do you know this nigga had the nerve to be unappreciative??? Talkin bout I'm not an inanimate object. See how black people do you? I can't even give a compliment without people acting up. No more compliments!!! Lol.

And some of y'all are seriously slackin on your blog pimp game. Step it up son. If you haven't posted since November was in the single digits, stop reading this and go post. Clearly I need something to do.


Anonymous said...

LoL see the lack of a football team, and a decent volleyball team at Loyola makes me want to transfer. So sad, so sad. I'll just stay getting my fix in from visiting my peeps at HBCUs.

Yeah NYC, I only been there once but it was all good. I've never been to Cali either, and yea I'm in no rush. Maybe cause the number 1 reason for me visiting is now in Ohio, Ha I need to visit my ace there LoL, cause it's been a minute. Oh yeah "The Color Purple"
Mmm you forgot
**Sophia: I loves Harpo, God knows I do. But I'll kill him dead 'fo I let him beat me.
*Old Mr.: Celie, you has my sympathy. Ain't many women allow they husband's ho to lay up in they house.
**Sofia: Sat in that jail, I sat in that jail til I felt like I's bout to rot to death
*Celie: Till you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna' fail.

LoL too cool for Pittsburgh maybe you are LoL. Bmore would more than welcome Ms. Jameil, don't be scurred we the big city with hints of southern charm, ha. I don't care about the Mason Dixon Line, Maryland is in the north. We are northern check that Mid-Atlantic but it still ain't the south.

LoL compliments are either accepted or misinterpreted, so I limit them, or qualify by giving extensive explanations to the recipient.

I'm on my blog game, LoL just need to step it up in other areas. Have a great week!


Chris said...

I still have never been to NY, and I've lived just about 3 hours away (in Delaware) my entire life. Have fun for the both of us!

Jameil said...

ok please let my little sister (ejoy) know she can't be postin all that long mess on my blog about nothing. and she really can't be pluggin her shit up on here. uh uh. Still invading my space I see, 21 years running.

Anonymous said...

I go to school in Erie PA and I have been to Pittsburg numerous times. I know how cold it gets. Being in Erie allows for me to encounter lake effect snow. That means a whooooooole lot of unpredictable snow.