So Forbes has released its list of 10 "Tastemakers in Music." These are people they feel have changed the way people think and feel about music. They were chosen based on earning potential and number of major awards. Clearly to me that already says flawed because we know who decides those, but here they are, in no particular order.

Eminem: make it stop. I really, really, REALLY don't like Eminem. The whole psycho thing? Take my daughter on a field trip with me to dump her mother's body, etc. etc.? Not cute. How the HEEZY did he make this list. Ok I know how based on the criteria, but ick. Otherwise, how has he made a contribution? By being the first white rapper to get a huge Black fan base and pretty much keep it? So what. Next.

The others: Yo Yo Ma, Bob Dylan, U2, White Stripes. Umm... whatever. But can you believe they left the great white hopes Elvis and the Beatles off???

Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, the Neptunes, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock. Agreed. Do it big then. However, I think they left some off based solely on contribution to music/changing the way people think and feel about music. I would add Grandmaster Flash, Ella Fitzgerald, Run DMC, Billie Holliday, Little Richard. Grrrreat! I think I could listen only to Ella Fitzgerald for the rest of my life. With a little 3-6 Mafia and UGK on the side. I gotta stay flyyyy. Lol.

Speaking of Run DMC, I need to know who watches "Rev. Run's House." That show is the greatest! If that ain't the craziest preacher I've ever seen, I don't know who his. Those kids, the wife? Pure comedy. The other night when the oldest daughter was spraying perfume on the dog, the other daughter gasps, "No animal testing!" I don't know why, but I fell out laughing. Hahaha. I love that show. And he played his daughters b/c they're too sheltered to know that an apartment in Manhattan is ridiculously overpriced. Watch that apartment hunting episode. Lolol. Good times, good times. But I can definitely do without the jacuzzi scene to close out every show. I'm cooool on that Rev. Run!

I wanna send Happy Birthday shouts go out to my boy Diddy. 36. Doin it up. Happy Belated (Nov 4). Keep ya head up, son. Your 3rd try at "Making the Band" won't bring Bad Boy back to the top, either. Lol. But I still love you though for giving me 112. Even though you made them leave you. Its all good. But can you ask them to stop with the "club bangers" because they really don't work for me. Stick to what you're good at. Thanks. Oh yeah, and that goes for you, too. Stop rapping.

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