Get on My Level!!

To quote the sign over the HU football locker room, "Go hard or Go home." Do not try to holla at me when you know we are not on the same level. There are two primary keys to knowing if you are on the right level: attire and approach.

It is one thing when we are at the grocery store, or maybe a sports bar, your attire is possibly understandable. Any other venue? You need to step ya game up. If you see me and I have on jeans and a blazer and you have on a doo-rag, a white tee, and timbs, I'm not interested. Right now, you are not on my level. You're dressed like a college student. I'm trying to move past that. I know this sounds real stuck up so I will explain.

There are two guys at work who have made it extremely clear that they are interested. First, you've already turned me off because we're at work and you're trying to holla. One dude WINKS at me all the time. That shit is corny anyway, but its extra unacceptable at work!! Stop! You have to be so fine, like Denzel/Blair Underwood fine to pull that off. And even then, you're treading on thin ice. I would suggest that if you attempt winking, you have the most air tight game known to man.

So the other dude always gives me these bedroom eyes and is like "Come here" while he's sitting down. Whoa. Stop the madness. I know you didn't just tell me to come here and expect me to be like, "Ok big daddy!" I am not a chicken head so you're not coming correct. If you want to speak to me, you get up off your ASS and say hello. Pretend to be a gentleman. I really hate that I'm having to say this.

Both of them have already messed up on approach. There's more. Clothing. We work in a news station ok. A news station. Granted, I've already talked about how people who aren't on air do not dress up. And some of the "talent" could use a refresher course. However, that does not mean I want to see you in your Rocawear sweatsuit, timbs, white tees, hats with matching jerseys and shoes, and DOO RAGS. Yes, y'all they have the nerve, the audacity, and unmitigated GALL to wear doo rags to work!! Ok. I won't say they. Its just Winky. But still! You will not. The first day I did a double take. Then I said, maybe its just because its the weekend. People on the skeleton crew tend to look even worse than they do during the week. But I've now seen him no less than two other times with this unacceptable head gear.

The main reason why the attire pisses me off is because you know how they look at us already. You see how other people are dressing. When we dress like that, they try to lump us. We are already shown disproportionately as criminals.

(Altho I've noticed that the majority of the people that commit crimes against their own children are white. Why do they love killing their own kids, i.e. Shannon Smith, Andrea Yates, I'm sure you can add some more? Today I wrote a story about a woman who is appealing her life sentence for starving her four-year-old daughter to death. She claims she didn't know the child was sick. The child weighed 11 lbs. when she was found in a cooler that was put out for trash.)

I'm not saying that its right that white people look at us as criminals, but I am saying that you don't have to play into that by dressing like the very people shown daily on each and every television.

But probably my biggest beef? The fact that they are both from the Pittsburgh area. A little background. Pittsburgh has a ridiculous amount of people that do not leave. These are people that grow up here, go to school here, and work here for the rest of their lives. People outside of this set are an anomaly. I can't even begin to tell you how many people have said, "You're not from here? So what are you doing here?" Um... people don't move here? Apparently, no. This city is de-populating. You know why? Because this city is going through some bad, bad things.

[I could get into that, but you really don't care. Working at the station gives me more information than I could ever want to know about just about anything. I read the AP wires INCESSANTLY- please don't let me get bored. I read almost every news wire daily (usually I leave out the country/pop/rock round ups and the non-Pittsburgh sports other than basketball and football)].

That being said, why would you stay here if you have no intention of improving the city? I don't know. Throne man went to Norfolk State (another reason you're not on my level. ;P a little Hampton Roads humor) and came back. So you've gone to another area, seen what there is out there, and you're still coming back to Pittsburgh? *BANNNNT* (that was a buzzer) Wrong. You will not. That's not cute. If Pittsburgh is your kind of city, then you're not for me. I don't even know or care where Winky went. He told me. Its somewhere in this area. But I didn't care enough to remember. Darn.

Both of them also like going out in Pittsburgh. Probably why throne man liked NSU. NSU parties are nothing like Hampton parties. I love Hampton parties and could do without NSU parties. Mostly b/c I don't particularly enjoy seeing stripper outfits in the club. Pittsburgh parties are like NSU parties. Ghetto fab! No thanks. Why did buddy (Throne man) offer to take me to a "hood club." His words. Ok you know I went to Hampton. We've already established that Hampton is a rather stuck up/siddity/uppity place. So why would you think I would be down for that? I get with the hood music probably more than you. However... I don't want to go somewhere there's a likelihood that I will get shot. I'm sorry. I really don't think I should have to risk my life to have a good time. Call me crazy. Most of the Black-centered clubs here are like that. The clientele? Not on my level. I don't want to hang out with drug dealers and strippers. If that makes me stuck up... I'll be daaaaaaaaaat!

One more thing. Winky sleeps for the majority of his shift every weekend and everyone knows it. Why must you constantly give them a reason to discredit our contributions??? I was reading intently with my head down and this girl had the NERVE to come over to me and ask me "jokingly" if I was sleeping. Why? Because I'm black and you love to tell anyone who will listen that Winky sleeps all the time? I should smack the taste out of your mouth! Bitch.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

LoL WoW I am happy that you have a level which you have risen to and that you demand potential suitors to rise to, that is admirable and a trick others need to pick up.

Don't dis us college students, we are men on a mission, we have to dress like we going to a game. "School is a game either you play it or you get played." Saying that will come back to bite me.

I am going need for them to step their game up and be professional. Looking like bums is unacceptable, and sleeping is only acceptable when you can't get caught. Sleeping in plain sight is wrong and rude.

Anonymous said...

It appears that you judge people before giving them a fair chance to “officially” present themselves based on a certain dress code you have preconceived. Given- everyone do that because we are “seeking” for a certain type of person to approach us and they have to do everything “correct.” I have to say that we need to be more cognizant that not everyone is familiar on what to do and what not to do; I suggest implementing a “margin of error” rule to guide our notions from mistakes. People confuse appearance with personality crossed with character...instead of putting those entities in their proper place. There is nothing wrong in giving someone a fair chance…even if they are wearing a doo-rag, Tims, jeans, and a tee-shirt.

>CW said...

I am just mad that you took over my blog with the comments!!! ;) I think you might have more profound comments on my blog than I do! How u been tho? Never was a fan of Pitt. How u liking it? PS - Its Colen, not Colin :) Thats why I keep it simple at Cole. CW

Jameil said...

I hear you Captain, but I've learned from experience what I can and cannot expect from people. I don't have to like everyone. Its not really a requirement. And when I see someone that needs to step their game up, they usually act accordingly. I didn't do it to them, they did it to themselves. If you are in a professional environment, you need to learn how to dress. Why should I be sympathetic to the fact that you are slackin on your pimpin but don't want to own up to that? Yeah... I won't. I don't think its wrong to expect a dress code at WORK!! *Unless you work in the NBA* Lol. I have always hated plain tees/jerseys/etc anyway. Its just lazy. Its not wrong for me to ask you to look like you didn't just roll out of bed.

ColEn, I enjoyed your blog so I had to get up in there. I was yellin and clappin and stuff. I almost thought I was at a Duke game. It usually takes a lot to get me excited otherwise.

I'm great, Pitt is fair.