I love Isaac Mizrahi!!

So yesterday I wandered downstairs after getting all worked up from reading this book. I'm like, I need to calm down, I wonder what's on Style Network. So I turn it on and what do I see? The Issac Mizhrahi "sneak peak" of his show. So even though the commercials kind of annoyed me, I decided to look at the show anyway.

OMG! This has to be one of the funniest shows known to man. So you already know I'm a little fashion obsessed, and a borderline fashion junkie, but I mean this show is beyond my imagination. Stace asked me what it was a mix of. I said Fashion Police meets the Tyra Banks show. Quirky to the point where you wonder if you're sane for watching it, but too hilarious to turn.

Some lady (holistic nutritionist type) tells him to try some Amazon berry. He says, "Ugh! This is so good. It's like blueberry and chocolate had a child." What??? Lolol. But what was my favorite quote from the show? "You have about a week to wear those." Lolol. He told two people the trend they were wearing was on its way out. Hahahaha. And they both looked mortified. (More raucous laughter). In case you were wondering, one was the striped jean look (ok I already think that's over if too extreme), and the low rise jean (I knew it! Its become too 12-year-old slut/Britney Spears to last much longer). And the black lady from Law & Order: SVU was on there. At the end of the interview, he said "Don't you love her? Clap for her! (clap, clap).... Clap for her again!" Comedy.

Have you seen his line at Target (pronounced <>)? Mostly fabulous. Anyway his show is f-in fabulous and hilarious. So hilarious its borderline annoying. I don't want to miss a second. December 5th at 7 and 11. Too bad I won't get to see it b/c I'll be with the best friend and I know he won't want to watch it. Ah well. C'est la vie. I'll catch in on rerun.

I have come to the full conclusion that style is what I make it. Of course I already knew that b/c of my fabulous friend Morgan who is easily one of the coolest people I know when it comes to fashion. And also because I know things are great or wack and then I read it in a zine and I'm like, duh how long have I been saying this already? So I'm saying. When will someone hire me as their stylist already? I'll do it for the low, low price of $1000/wk per person. I do family discounts for 3 or more people. Get your rate in now, these deals won't last for long.

Anyway God bless Isaac, and God bless Style.

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Chris said...

"You have about a week to wear that"...damn, he's cold blooded.