I present this challenge to you.
Yeah, you know its true.
Paul Wall.
Nonsense or drunk people don't crawl.

The next time you listen to a Paul Wall verse, listen.
He will say these four things.
He will NOT stray far from these topics or phrases.

"Its Paul Wall, baby."
"What it do"
"The disco ball in my mouth"
"My candy paint"

When will the madness stop? The only song he performed untrue to form on was "Grillz" by Nelly (ick) and that's only because they limited his topic to one that he's familiar with. So there was really no reason to talk about the disco ball in his mouth. And it forced him to come up with some new ways to describe his teeth. Creative. Can we stop putting him on songs yet?


T Dot said...

My sister hates the Ying Yang twins for their simplistic lyrics, but as she says "they make hits, though." Same can be said for Paul, who like Ying Yang and Mike Jones, (who) Mike Jones, makes hits.

Thild said...

Paul Wall is one of the best rappers out there. I only listen to Dirty South Rap because MOST of all the other stuff is bs. Tupac is of course my favorite and I know every piece of music he's put out, I also like Snoop. So, Paul Wall might talk about these things a lot but that's what he has. What would you rather him sing about? Dance! Party! Rape Women! Do all kinds of drugs as fast as you can! That's what the other crap is. And he doesn't ONLY sing about these things, although he does say them in most of his songs. Just Paul Wall, I Aint Hard to Find, Killin Me, and he was in Grillz because Nelly wanted to get the person who SELLS THEM TO EVERYONE. Him and Johnny Dang are, as everyone knows, in the jewelry business together. They supply jewelry to pretty much every rapper out there that has jewelry. Besides, it's not like the things he says aren't true. It is Paul Wall, baby. Whut it dew is just saying what's up. His mouth DOES in fact look like a disco ball, it's insanely shiny. And all of his cars have candy paint.

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