The post that will get me expelled from America

And I titled it that b/c free speech exists to an extent in this country, but once you disagree with "the president," you're all of a sudden a threat to national security, or submitted to the House Committee on Un-American Activities, or noted in COINTELPRO documents. I know this but hey, so did my predecessors. There are more "un-American" topics to come in later posts.

So Pennsylvania congressman Tim Murphy (R) was in the studio this morning talking about the war in Iraq and his visit to the troops. On this visit to Iraq, he was in a car accident (armored bus accident) so of course everyone wants to talk to him. Everyone's like, great interview, nice guy, blah blah blah. And not even in his face. I did not like this dude. Mostly because he had the nerve to say: at one point, 90% of America was behind the war in Iraq.

First beef: that's some bull SHIT. Who was interviewed? All Republicans? And second beef: why were they behind it? Because of so-called weapons of mass destruction? Its easy to get people behind you when you lie about things. I'm sayin I can convince the entire world to believe me. I can. I just have that ability. But I just don't have the desire to flat out lie to get it. I'd rather keep my integrity. I want to know who you polled. Third beef: if you're gonna give "at one point" statistics, you need to now give the "at this point" statistic. I want to know the number now. Let's get full disclosure. And stop acting like you care what it is and it matters. It will have no bearing on how soon we get out of Iraq unless it means people are getting booted out of office. If this country had managed to get every person out of office that was in favor of the war in Iraq, I can almost guarantee we would have a lot more talk of getting out asap. But he starts talking about the morale is high over there and the soldiers don't want their fight to be in vain. Yeah. I'm sure. Neither do the 2100 soldiers who have died and the countless others who have been injured, permanently maimed. Only God and the military know that number. One of the best programs I have ever seen on MTV was "True Life: I served in Iraq." I loved it mostly because it wasn't one-sided. While I obviously oppose this war, I do not like people telling me how they feel about it when they are supposed to be informing me (i.e. the far left CNN and far right Fox News). It showed the injured, the people with severe PTSD, and the people who were proud to have "served their country." Right now, my sister's prom date is in Iraq (I think), I know its somewhere in the desert. My uncle went to Vietnam. My grandfather served two tours in France in World War II. All of these black men fighting for a country that continually tries to marginalize their contributions to society outside the realms of sex, entertainment and athletics. Something about that is not right. A lot about that is not right. Nothing about that is right.

There have been reports that Iraq is not ready for us to leave. That it needs us to help keep the terrorists from taking over. How long will that word be used to hold the American people in fear? How long will it be dangled over our head that thousands of Americans died in an attack on our soil? How long will we do this? So one AP article reported that Iraqi officials say they will be ready for us to leave by the end of next year at the latest. Right. I'm so sure. That is pure unadulterated nonsense. It disturbs me to no avail that no one wants to come up with a comprehensive plan for withdrawal. People have talked about one, but where is the plan? Even supporters of the war must realize that we should not have even embarked on a war without a plan for withdrawal. That is ridiculous. You cannot rely on arbitrary means when lives are at stake. Potentially millions of lives. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Speaking of the "associated press," they had this article about PA joining other states in a tribute to Rosa Parks on the "first forward facing seat behind the driver." What? That means nothing in modern contexts. So I had to let them know (at the station) that the way that's worded was confusing for the listener and not exactly accurate. The bus was full, she was in the colored section, and she didn't want to give up her seat. The story wasn't run again. Ain't that some bullshat. I will have more on those issues in a later post.

In other news, two Wendy's employees robbed their employer. One of them was named Ronald MacDonald. I'm not kidding. 22 years old and that's his given name. I said, "Why would his parents name him that?" Do you know two people said, "That's not an uncommon name. I know lots of people named Ron McDonald." I said, "You're lying." They were serious. Ok. Only to white people over 40 would think that's a normal name. First of all, I've never even met anyone named Ronald. Second, his parents knew what they were doing. McDs is more than 50 years old. Its been around their whole lives. They were being assholes. Know what a normal name is to me? Keisha. Tonya. Sheena. Tameka. Jameil (that ain't normal, but it's beautiful). Lashawn. These are normal to me. So whatever. Rant completed.


Sherlon Christie said...

keep spitting the fire...

Karamale said...

i think i'm already on that list.

Chris said...

Man, I'm surprised Bush hasn't put you on the terror suspect list. Very well said.

Jameil said...

i might be and we just don't know. and that's probably why karmale ain't even in the u.s. right now right karmale? do they tell people when the fbi is watching them anymore? I doubt it.