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Can you hear it? The HEAVY back pedaling from T.O. and his agent. OFF THE CHAIN!! ESPN's Eric Allen calls it the sound of dollars going down the drain. I am currently watching the Terrell Owens news conference. Are you serious? "He wants to play for the Eagles immediately. He wants to be at practice tomorrow."

Ummm... do you really think that's going to happen? I thought his statement was extremely heartfelt. Nice apology to Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. Blah, blah, blah. Too little too late. It does piss me off how hard certain people come down on him like he's a terrible person. I don't think he's a terrible person, but he needs to keep his mouth closed. You're being paid to play football. That's it. If you have something to say, you need to learn how to say it.

"He will be a better person for it." --Drew Rosenhaus, Owens' agent.
I bet he will! For at least 5 minutes. Do you really think that your nice little statement today can erase all the times you have jawed off in the past? It can't. That is off the chain. On multiple occasions, you've felt the need to publicly criticize your QUARTERBACK, your coach, the team, the whole Eagles organization. The Eagles would be absolutely asinine to take you back.

Yes, he's talented. That's a given. But he is too much of a distraction. From training camp on, he's been showing his ass. You cannot expect anyone to take that but for so long, regardless of what he's doing on the field. He's become the Dennis Rodman of the NFL. Outrageous antics off the field will always eventually overshadow anything you accomplish. He will play again. But, unfortunately there is only one thing to say. Adios, T.O. We will see you in uniform, but not with the Eagles.

And this just in, the Eagles have confirmed that in a statement to ESPN. So there.

In other sports news, peace out Patriots!! Hahaha. I hate this team. Truly. Partially because they're so loved and I'm the underdog queen. More than that, I hate Adam Vinaterri!!!!! Without him, the Panthers would be Super Bowl champs. Go Panthers!! Love the Panthers and how they're kickin ass and takin names. You know I'll be watchin on Sunday. If I can ever FIND a Panthers game on tv here in Steelers territory! They drive me crazy! Come on! I know you love your team, blah blah blah. But I'm sayin, tho. Who I gotta shoot to see the Panthers? I'll do it.

Hampton. Doin it REAL big. Real, real big. Like unnecessarily big. 9-0? Wow. Top 3 national rank? Mooooooooove the chains! I got an insider at ESPN lobbying to get them a shoutout. Stay tuned. And can anyone tell me how you can see ESPNU? I'm convinced you need digital cable, basic cable, On Demand, and two satellites to see it. Jerome Mathis, doin it big with the Houston Texans.

On the basketball end, belated congrats to Devin Green for getting signed to the Lakers. Show Kobe how we do it at HU. Lol. I expect to see him step up when he does get in, though. I'll never forget going to Carolina sophomore year and seeing our team beat the Heels, in person. Devin was amazing. A freshman who came in with no fear against the team of so many basketball greats. As a Carolina hater, let me just tell you how PHENOMENAL it felt to get a win in the Dean Dome. AHHHHH!!! Good times, good times.

So I know you're wonderin. Its obvious I'm from NC. How can I hate Carolina? Let me explain something that I've come to realize few people outside of North and South Carolina understand. If you are in the state of North Carolina, there is only one option for a team. You have to pick a college basketball team in basketball country.

You have Duke, Carolina, Wake, NC State, and Charlotte. All in the same state. Makes for a great season. I LOVE ACC basketball. But you MUST pick. And there is only one choice. Duke or Carolina. You can't like both. You can like any other teams, but when it comes to that rivalry, you have to pick. If you like Duke, or like me LOVE Duke, then you have no choice but to hate Carolina. And mean it. I'm in the ABC fan club. Anybody BUT Carolina. Nice. So, yes I am more than looking forward to the upcoming season. Ranked #1 in preseason polls. I'm so ready!!!! 82 I was born ready! Whooo!! Go Devils!!!

Bobcats. I'm watchin. Rookie of the Year Emeka Okafor, Sean May, Raymond Felton. I'm on it. Go Bobcats!! I wonder if I could ever see them on tv, either. And Pittsburgh ain't even got an NBA team. What's really good with that? But I found a sports bar that I'm in love with now and I think I'm bout to become a regular. Holllaaaaaaaaaaa.


Soldier said...

I dont really know anythin about NFL ( I'm french, i watch soccer... Everybody in Germany for World Cup 06 !!!!! lol ) but thx for checking my blog out especially now that i'm speakin of things that are not so joyful !

I'll start reading yours from the beginning this VERY minute

Sherlon Christie said...

a patriot hater? lol@...how can anyone hate a classy football organization that won three of the last four super bowls...the right way. I'm amazed and your essay is due on my desk by the end of the week.

As for T.O., he's a sports writer's dream....the man NEVER shuts up. If I was covering the Eagles...I would hope the Eagles keep him around cause the man is straight comedy.

POPS said...

a fellow carolinian AND carolina hater! nice!