C'est moi

Ok so that's me. I don't have the patience right now to figure out how to put that in the corner so oh well. That was the day before graduation on the waterfront w/my dad. From how much I talk about him, you would almost think I didn't have a mother. FYI I do and she's great!

I took an Online Journalism class at HU and learned all about HTML. Too bad that was jr. year and I haven't used any of it yet since the class. So... I have yet to re-figure all this ish out. Who knows. Maybe it will be weeks until I have the time, ok patience, to figure it out.

Ok so its update time. WAMO (wack radio station here) still plays Cassidy's "Hotel" all the time (more than once a week- too much for a song that came out in 2003!!!!). The high temp today was 63. What kinda ish is that. It was 13 four days ago. Make up your mind!! Pick one. Preferrably something in the middle. I mean it is December. Hahahahahahaha. William on Girlfriends just said, "Awww. I'm yo restaurant baby daddy." Oh the hilarity.

Panthers beat the Bills to improve to 8-3. Good shit. I can get with that. Duke beat Memphis in the NIT tournament. More good shit. I can get with that, too. Hampton lost in the first round of the DI-AA football tournament. That's ok. They still were undefeated in the regular season and had a hell of a season. I'm proud to call it my alma mater.

"Oh Hampton a thought sent from heaven above to be a great soul's inspiration. We send thee the earnest of broad human love. The shrine of our heart's adoration. Still wearing our colors the BLUE and the WHITE as pledge that our fond hearts will cherish and go with brave hearts upon our chosen ways of service to God and our nation. Oh Hampton we never can make thee a song except as our lives do the singing. In service that will, thy great spirit prolong. And send it through centuries ringing." That has to be one of my favorite songs (I paraphrased it). Beautiful.

Ok so I still love all my shows. I have a book review/Black life synopsis forthcoming after my orientation for the Urban League Young Professionals of Pittsburgh. We'll see if they are actually about something or something to add to my synopsis as a reason Black people will get nowhere. Yeah I said nowhere.

So me and my best friend are going to see the Color Purple. This time next week I will be in Connecticut. Who's excited?! It's me!!! I'm tooooooo excited! I get to see my b.f., Chantee, Ashli and the Color Purple all in the span of three days. I can't wait!!!! And I bought this ridiculously fly dress and shoes. I can't stand myself for that. Damn me for being so fly. I would post a pic of the dress but I want it to be a surprise.

UNC still sucks. I still need more exposure to decent music. Pittsburgh's music "taste" is so suspect. I'm just sayin. All I need is some club music, some r&B, and some dirty south. Is that so much to ask??? And I'm currently in grave danger of catchin office ebola. I feel it coming. These people are determined to make me sick... literally. I think that's about it. Rambling complete. Over and out.


Jameil said...

Uh uh! You know you wrong for that! I have another friend that's never seen all of Color Purple. Those two movies certainly make you less black than saying "score!" I definitely have another friend that will not stop saying that word? Where did y'all get that from? Take it back.

Veronica Marché said...

As a former intern and daughter of a WAMO DJ, I am hurt and offended.

But yeah, they do need to get up on their shit.

Jameil said...

That radio station is trash! Please help them up. Let me help them up. Something. We have got to do better than that. I mean really. And I actually really like some of the djs. They crack me up. But the material on there? Ugh! I have never heard so much outdated music in all my life!!!! I actually have an extended post from like my first or second post that you really won't like. lol