Monday Mindspacing Vol. 97

1) When you say you (almost) wish you had dark hair and your hair is blond... but dyed... and I can see your brown eyebrows... You sound stupid.  Just FYI.
2) I'm so not as internet savvy as you think I am.  I struggle with the teen text talk as I call it.  IKR?  I determined that was "I Keep (it) Real."  But it didn't always fit.  I asked Rashan.  He said, "I know right."  I said, "Oooooh.  That makes way more sense."  Then I forgot and 2 weeks later I asked him again........
3) Why does Rashan know teen text talk?
4) Nutella-swirled oatmeal with cinnamon-infused sugar and nutmeg?  Thumbs up.  (I love it when my meals sound somewhat like gobbeldygook! It makes me feel so chef-y!)  Shoutout to NerdGirl for the Nutella!
5) I could not care less about who hosts Top Chef Masters.  But for the record, I don't want to see you cringing over eating bugs, CURTIS.  You're supposed to be a chef.  I'ma do you like that vegetarian last week. Expand your "pallet." LOL but no really.
6) Living Social?  Not for me.  At all.  I have yet to be more than marginally intrigued by any of their coupons.  Groupon's been wack for a while as well.  Both of them need to get it together.  Please refer to my 30 Before 30 before suggesting further coupons.  Ideas include whitewater rafting, sky diving, hot air ballon ride, helicopter ride.  Get to work.  Thanks so much.
7) I think either the mom blogs are rubbing off on me or I'm getting all old and stuff but two things blew my mind.  1) A baby was crying at the wedding a week ago and I was completely unfazed.  It barely registered because I was so into the ceremony. 2) At the reception I accidentally sat next to a little boy SCREAMING his head off. His mom turned and said, "Sorry."  I said, "It's okay!" cheerily... and meant it.  WHO AM I!?!  Ordinarily?  I would have been muttering about how there will be no babies at my wedding.  Again. Whooooooo aaaaare youuuuuuu?  Dr. Seuss what's up!?  Or is that Alice in Wonderland?
8) Fashion bloggers make me snarly.  I get so annoyed by their uninclusive, incestuous worlds.  (I make up words when I'm irritated.)  I stopped following one and felt almost instantly better.  It looks like more unfollows are coming.
9) Everybody thank Jasmin for me not blogging for the last week.  Some people don't know how to act.  We all know she's much closer to having babies than I am.
10) You know how we usually only hear the cute/pretty British accents over here?  Every single time 
I'm reminded of the hideous common accents, I cringe.  Ick.  I wonder which American accents are the cute/pretty ones to non-Americans.  LOLOL
11) The term pre-poo sounds disgusting.  For my 2.5 male readers (I don't know what the half is either... claim that half if that's you), that's (I had to look it up, too) something you put on your hair to moisturize BEFORE you shampoo.  But really... do we have to call it that???
12) My left thigh is larger than my right and it looks weird...


K. Rock said...

6. We have had Groupons for helicopter rides. and hot air balloon rides here in Atlanta. Maybe y'all's Carolina deals are major lame.
7. Sounds like a biological clock ticking...
12. My right hip has always been bigger than the other. It looks weird too.

Sha Boogie said...

12) Uhm..how long did you stare at your thigh before you realized one was bigger than the other? LOL

#girlbye, screaming babies still annoy me, especially in church. Shut that kid up!!

Jazzy said...

#9 I GET A PERSONAL SHOUT OUT (who cares if it's not for something good)!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee! And you mentioned babies AGAIN in #7. Methinks YOU are closer than I am. mmmm hmmm

I did wonder why you hadn't blogged though and missed ya!

Nerd Girl said...

2. When keeping it real goes wrong!
4. You're welcome. I think. I'm not sure how I feel about your doctored up oats.
5. Man, that was gross. I felt him on that one. Especially when old boy popped that juicy green caterpillar!
8. Now, of course, I want to know which one...
11. I don't get it. Maybe if I were a loose natural? Scratch that. I tried it on Lovegirl. Not impressed.

Not So Anonymous said...

I try to keep up with teen text talk by asking Alyssa and she usually doesn't know...I end up teaching her.

I like groupon better than living social, but not either of them are awesome. But, I can't seem to quit them...dang.

skylarmacrae said...

10) I've always wondered if people with non-american accents like the accents of those who are from the United States. Good question. Perhaps the stronger sounding accents such as those from the deep south or an accent of someone from Jersey.

11) I am one of the 2.5 male followers. Not so sure if the .5 applies to me or not. Pre-poo sounds absolutely rediculous. I'd never purchase something with a name like that... and I'm a guy! Guys typically wouldn't care that much.

12) My left ankle and foot is larger than my right ankle and foot. They too look weird. I have an excuse though: I just had surgery on my femur. Hahah

thanks for sharing!

Sparkling Red said...

3) Yes, that is a suspicious skill for a 36-yr-old man to have.

7) It's a documented fact that recordings of babies crying are used as an element of torture.

11) I think I must be your .5 male reader because I had never heard of pre-poo before today. Maybe I should get my chromosomes checked - what do you think, could I be XXY? But seriously, no one needs pre-poo. IKR!

Mrs Count said...

2. You thought it was I keep (it) real? And you call Rashan old?
3. IKR?
4. As soon as I find that bag of oatmeal I lost 4 months ago, I'm going to try that!
6. I just started with living social and haven't been excited as I would like. I need them to tempt me daily like groupon does. We just had a groupon for white water rafting. Not that it helps you any.
7. Awwww. I'll leave it at that
11. Yeah it does sound gross. I normally just say pre shampoo

Naima said...

#4. That sounds yummy. I'd eat it!
#6. Agreed! That last good Groupon that I got was quite some time ago. They need to tighten up.
#7. LoL! Baby free, especially at the wedding.
#11. What a horrible product name. Wow.

Nicole said...

I've never seen IKR before but I wouldn't have been able to figure it out either. Now that I know it, I want to find excuses to use it. LOL.

My boyfriend went to Italy in college and he said all the Italian girls said they loved his "sexy American accent." I was like for real? IKR.

Okay, so I know IKR didn't fit right there but I really wanted to use it. LOL.

Trish said...

1. Lol! I don't know why people front like that!

2. My old coworkers always ask me text lingo, it's hilarious.

3. I was wondering the same thing when I read your post. Maybe his neices and nephews schooled him?

7. I sat next to a bad kid on my plane ride over the weekend, it was terrible.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. You just don't understand her struggle.
2. Do you this one? ISAIM4CRSAC???
3. Why do I know any of the useless knowledge that I know?
4. Bougie oatmeal. LOL
5. I really don't like that show.
6. Groupon gets on my nerves with their irrelevant to my life discounts. They need to start offering 60% off on gas or something
7. I can't believe you didn't say "Give it what it wants"
8. I don't understand why you bother with them when they don't comment over here and get on your nerves over there.
9. Thanks Jasmin!
10. They probably hate Boston accents. Nope, that's me.
11. pre poo is not a real thing. You made it up and also bribed google into having fake search results for that ridiculous term
12. Weird observation.

Anonymous said...

4. Nutella is the devil, as is this site: http://bellanutella.com/
I wish I didn't love it so much!

5. Curtis is definitely a better host that the chick from last season though. I can respect him not digging the bugs.

6. I am loving and going broke from all the great deals on all the deal sites. Living Social, Groupon, Bloomspot, KGB and the Capital Deal have been doing me wonderful!! Sorry you no likey chica!!

7. Damn. Like Sha said, I'm a mom and crying babies still make me cringe. I don't make evil faces or anything because you never know the situation, but I surely don't like it.

Jameil said...

7) Chile bye.
12) Agreed.

Sha... 12) Not long at all! I just looked down the other day and was like... what are you doing??
Honestly? That baby caught me on a good day.

Jazz... you're a terrible person.

ng... 2) LOLOL!!!
5) LOL! That was too much!
8) maybe I should email you... remind me.
11) I have no clue.

nsa... ROTFL!!! "I'm a cool mom. I'm not like those other moms!" Name that movie! I find groupon more appealing, too but still both are boring me!!! I can't quit either... b/c the day I do is the week they offer everything I want.

skylar... 10) LOL Maybe!
11) Bonjour M.2.5! :) Thanks for speaking up! It is beyond ridiculous! I'm not ruling it out but I'm not calling it that! It's not a set product. You can kind of throw a bunch of oils together and/or some mayo and leave it on for a while. So strange.
12) Well at least you have a reason!
You're welcome!

red... 2) LOLOLOL
7) It isn't! LOLOL
11) Hello .5! Best ever? Your use of IKR!!!

mrs. c... YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! Whippersnapper.
4) Do it! Where does one lose oatmeal BTW?
6) IKR! Tempt me! Booo w/your WWR! :(
7) Thanks so much.
11) Thank you for real!!

nai... 4) wheee!!
6) Right!?
7) LOLOL I have no choice in that one seeing as there are 4 children 10 or younger in Rashan's family... and he only has like 10 people in his family.
11) It's really more of a process. You can use anything but it is truly awful.

nicole... LOLOLOLOL Best use of IKR EVER!!! Where is your bf from?

trish... 1) JUST FRONTIN!
3) Yeah... except I don't think so.
7) On a plane I can't imagine I'd be so nice...

rj... 1) True.
2) Really?
3) Because you major in the minors?
4) Hush.
5) It's growing on me again.
6) Somethingi good!!
7) I know!!!
8) I don't have to comment on theirs to follow. That's really not what bothers me about them.
9) *glares*
10) Me as well.
11) It is a real thing. Add it to your useless knowledge.
12) I know.

mrstdj... 4) you are terrible for showing me this!!! i looked up 3 hours later and couldn't remember how I got on that site!!
5) I didn't care about her anymore than I care about him.
6) Geez. If I lived in NOVA I might be able to get some good ones, too!
7) LOL. I didn't say I liked it!!! I just didn't get an attitude! Y'all take things too far!