Monday Mindspacing Vol. 94

1) Some dude was humming in class the other day... and it sounded like a negro spiritual.  Why?
2) I soooooooo wanted to do the best April Fool's Day prank EVER!!  I was gonna tell you guys I was engaged and wait for you to be like APRIL FOOL'S!!  But it would actually be true.  HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE!?!  But no dice.  You'll have to wait for that one.
4) Tomorrow we have the third and final game of the softball season.  If we win this one, we go 2-1. LET'S DO IT!!
5) I love how when I put my headphones in my laptop, it automatically turns the volume down.  Awesome!
6) I kinda want an e-reader.
7) I asked Rashan if he would give me a kidney if I needed one.  Without hesitation he said yes.  BEST. EVER.
8) I seriously don't understand why or how I get so into mom blogs but I really do.  It's pretty crazy.   Sometimes they make me want to hysterectomize myself.  Really.  Sometimes it's so bad I make up words and get rid of my own uterus.  But most of the time, the ones I read are really really funny!
9) On Chopped, I always come up with what I would do with that basket... unless it's All-Stars!  Then I just sit back and enjoy!  I need them to do this again!! Stat!
10) When does Project Runway come back?  Soon?  Yes??


Nerd Girl said...

2. Wait. Are you engaged? I'm confused and refuse to read that sentence again. If you are, congratulations. If you're not, congratulations.
3. Eh. I kinda wanted Mike to win. Okay, really, I just didn't want Richard to win.
4. Get it!
8. Please don't hysterectomize yourself!!!
9. That show makes me nervous. I don't know why. I can't bear to watch it often/all the way through.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. He wasn’t really feeling the lecture. It was hard work staying awake.. almost like slavery???
2. You are so bad at April Fools. Maybe next year, you’ll get to do this with pregnancy!
3. Yep, I even got into it and I usually don’t like it.
4. Who you playing this time? The Swing Band.. get it.. cuz you swing at a softb—ok, mad corny… I know.
5. Mine decidedly doesn’t do this. It gets louder and I have to try to find the volume button on the website, instead of my speakers.
6. you are the reason bookstores are going out of business. Borders Killer!!!
7. It’ll be like it’s both ours.. We’ll just keep it in your body.
8. I think you like them because you can get rid of the kids easily by clicking the X button. Kids can be entertaining when you can get rid of them. LOL
9. What would you do with: Kombucha, canned sardines, Nutella, and fruit loops?
10. I meant to look that up last night when you asked, but umm errr… I forgot.

Not So Anonymous said...

1. LOL
2. LOL again. That would have been awesome!
4. I didn't know you were playing softball...did I miss a post??
7. :)
8. hysterectomize? I'm done with you, lol.

Sparkling Red said...

6) DO IT!
8) I hate to admit it, but I do believe that reading mommy blogs had a decisively negative effect on my minimal desire to have kids. When I'm old and alone I'll have to do the reverse of a class action lawsuit and sue them all for pain and suffering caused by childlessness. (Or possibly I'll just be old and happy and have good friends who don't happen to be related to me.)

Ladynay said...

Vol. 94? Cool!

I thought about you earlier while walking through Elon's campus. I wonder what building you guys had your function in.

4) YAY! Good luck on the softball field lady!

Naima said...

#1. *snickers*
#4. Game on!!
#8. LoL @ "hysterectomize myself"!
#10. Soon???? Please?????

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. A negro spiritual?? LOLOLOL
2. I HATE April Fool’s Day well this year I did! Don’t play with me... Cut, color, clarity?
3. Agreed!
5. Hmmm...mine doesn’t do that...what kinda laptop you got??
6. Me too!! I walked by B&N and I said hmmm...
7. He really is the best!!! That’s love! I would want to be someone’s last last last last last last option.
8. LOLOL!@Hysterectomize??? yoself
9) I’ve caught the ASChopped late nite and it is most entertaining? I'm still amazed at the creations!
10) Right?!? I need that in my life!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new here!

1) My daughter hums negro spirituals sometimes. She's 6! We watched some documentary during black history month and a lady said negro spirituals make her feel calm so my baby adopted that ritual. Cracks me up every time!
2) I'm a little confused still...so congrats if so...and future congrats if not!
7) I hope my husband doesn't need a kidney from me in the future because I might not be so willing to help him out. So YAY for your love!


Trish said...

1. I sometimes hum the ending song to the Jeffersons.

2. This lady on the radio pranked her husband saying she wanted a divorce. His reply was that he was glad she brought it up because he had been thinking the same. All I could say was DAMN!! I'm sure she'll never prank anyone again.

4. Softball sounds fun, I used to play when I was younger.

7. Awww!!

8. There are a couple mom blogs that I like too.

K. Rock said...

2. What is that dude of your waiting for? Gawsh!!
3. It was. I was pleased with the winner. Glad he won cuz if he didn't I just know he would have thrown himself off a bridge somewhere.
7. I would give you a kidney too...a kidney bean!
8. It is weird you are into them because I have kids and I have a hard time getting into mommy blogs. I couldn't just talk (or read) about kids all the time.
10. I had been wondering the same thing. Hopefully they are taking the time to make it better than last season.

dejanae said...

hey...i love negro spirituals dammit
*mean-mugging* not appreciating april fool's engagements
get to it
then comes babies!!!!!

Anonymous said...

2. Glad to see I'm not the only person on the slow bus. *lol* Stop confusing us.

3. TC All Stars was fantastic, but I was Team Isabella. I CAN NOT WAIT for his new restaurant to open here in DC. I will be THERE!

6. I love my Kindle, but I still miss books. Maybe I'll take my son to the library this weekend.

9. Man, I just finished watching the finale this morning. The ingredients throughout the whole series were CRAZY! Nardo? Goat Leg? Canned haggis? Dulse?????? Amazing results from random and obscure ingredients. Love that show!!

Jameil said...

ng... 2) LOLOL! I LOVE THAT YOU'RE CONFUSED! Still not engaged!
3) I so didn't want izzy to win. But I didn't like Blais as much this season either.
4) The other team didn't show! Automatic win.
8) I guess I'll wait.
9) Lol! It's stressful for a lot of people!

rj... 1) I CAN'T!!!
3) Wheeeee!!!
4) I don't even know but you are ridiculous w/the corny this week...
5) Partner let me upgrade you, let me upgrade you!
6) As packed as that place is they should have way more business and never go bankrupt. I call shenanigans!
7) Awwwwwwwwww
8) Ooh! So true! And I usually get the best and funniest stories. I get to skip the hard stuff. It's like being a grandma!
9) Leave.

Nsa... 2) RIGHT?!
4) You did! Another Monday Mindspacing.
6) Why not?
8) LOL

red... 6) I should! I will one day!
8) LOLOL! This is insane! I tell you. Your comments are such a joy!

lady... thanks! :) The journalism building... I don't even remember anymore what the name was. 4) LOL. Thanks!

Naima... 1) LOL
4) WOOT!
8) Must be done

gp... 1) LOLOL I know!
2) WHAT?! WHO HATES APRIL FOOL'S!?! This is just sad.
4) Wheeeee!
5) MAC BABY!!!
6) Let's do it!
7) LOLOLOL. I'm like yeah I can't be your option b/c there are too many bad kidneys on both sides of the fam. I really will likely need both of mine.
10) Yassss!!

bridge... WELCOME!
1) ROTFL!! That's the best ever!!!
2) LOLOL. I'll go with the latter!
7) LOLOLOL! I so get it!

trish... 1) LOLOL WHY????
4) I have had way more fun than I anticipated!
7) I know!
8) Ooh! Share!

k... 2) No you didn't!
3) Me too! But lol @ why. Not why I was happy! I just don't like the loser!
7) Grrrr
8) LOLOL I think Rashan may have hit on why.
10) I don't remember how I felt about last season but I just love that show!

dej... Ummmm negro spirituals are great but NO HUMMING IN CLASS PERIOD!!!!!!!

mrstdj... 2) LOLOLOL! I love it!
3) Really!?!? I def. didn't like him. I would eat at his restaurant tho! I love Blais' "Flip" in ATL. Extra great!
6) I have Kindle for Mac but I still love books! I just think it would be fab to not be carrying books all the time.
9) Right?!?! I still don't know what nardo is! That show is the best and made soooo much better with all-stars! Esp. the judges!