Monday Mindspacing Vol. 96

1) I don't watch Iron Chef America if I don't like the secret ingredient. Chocolate?  Pass.  My feelings would be so hurt if I finally got to judge and that was the ingredient.  Battle milk and cream?  I was in it from the beginning!!
2) There is nothing worse than a self-righteous vegetarian. Do you know when I said I couldn't be vegan, this dude told me to expand my "pallet"?  WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO!?!  You clearly don't know me like that to say such foolishness!!  First of all it's PALATE.  Second, everything in moderation.  Third, don't try to convince me to do something YOU'RE not even doing.  You sound ridiculous.  If I'm ANYTHING, I'm an adventurous eater.  Challenge me on many things (you'll lose) but don't challenge me on my palate.  Ever.
3) I'm equally bad about people who don't know me asking what I know about cooking in a mocking or derisive tone.  Fall back. 
4) Y'all see I'm on edge and people KEEP testing my gangsta!!  I'm so not hard.
4) I PROMISE the worst tweets are about relationships. I mean extra basic stuff. Like "she can't love you if she doesn't love herself." *enter monotone* Wow. I've never heard that before. That is groundbreaking. 
5) I managed to keep stress pimples at bay for weeks. WOW!! Just one but clearly I feel like this is a huge accomplishment!
6) Have I mentioned that I haven't gotten my 8 hours of sleep in at least a week? I AM NOT A MOM!! INTENTIONALLY!!! GIMME MY SLEEP!!!
7) Did anybody see Parks and Rec? I'm in shock! But "30 Rock" is BORING. What's happened?
8) I have an urge to complain about something I don't want anyone to sell me platitudes about. I don't trust any of you people to say what you're supposed to. Instead, respond to this with something really, really jerky.
9) I finished one of three short films due by Thursday. Sunday, Monday, Thursday. #faints*
10) Another softball game tonight. The team captain is working my nerves. So guess what? I hope we lose. I'm not gonna do anything to make it happen but I just wouldn't be in the least bit sad if we did.
11) One of my closest friends from elementary school to college got married Saturday to a girl we've also known since elementary school. Collective awwww! :)
12) I've wanted oysters for what feels like an eternity. GIMMEEEEEEEE!!! 
13) I want a Sprite... or an orange soda... or a peach soda... or a Fresca. What is wrong with me? I never crave soda. If someone says I'm pregnant I'm not blogging for a week.


Jazzy said...


Why are you so thugnificent in the first two??

lmnaoooo @ #3 (clearly I'm commenting as I read) and snickering @ #4.

#pregnecia @ #13!!

Naima said...

#2. Yes!! My dad (a vegetarian) has since learned to fix the way he talks to me about what I eat. As such, he no longer gets the "I'm listening because I have to but I don't give a single care" face from me.
#6. That's no good. No good at all. You must fix that immediately!
#10. Damn, homie. What happened?
#11. Awwwwwwwwww!!!
#13. Baby free.

Anonymous said...

1. Agreed - boring ingredient equal a boring show.
8. Just how jerky? *lol*
10. LOL @ you NOT giving your softball team your all. Come on J, where's your team spirit?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

2.He clearly didn’t know who he was dealing with! LOL!
3.People are so special...like you can’t know stuff. Humph!
4. You know I had to laugh @ keep testing my gangsta!! I'm totally gangsta! lol
4. Yeah you’re tired.
5.Stop it!! I HATE stress pimples! You are doing good. I have failed.
6. Yes give her sleep!
7.I ended up seeing Parks and Rec. after I watched The Office because Will Ferrell was on. I changed the channel when 30 Rock came on because it WAS boring.
8. Well since you put it like that Do it! Do it! I'll keep it real honest!
9. WOW!! *grabs smelling salts*
10. This just made me laugh you are EVIL!! LOLOLOLOL!
11 Awwww!! No seriously AWWWWWWWWWWWW! I have 4 friends from high school who married.
12. Ewww! Vegetarian dude was clearly challenging/questioning my palate
13. Well we did tweet about the deliciousness of peach soda. Just like a food commercial now it’s on your mind. I even searched the net how to get some here.

Adei von K said...

yeah, me and oyster need a meeting quick, fast, and ina hurry. I miss Mississippi so much!

Nerd Girl said...

2. So...vegan is a definite out then?
4. Hahahahaha! I saw one like that on FB yesterday. I think some folks are impressed way too easily!
10. Cute action shot on FB!
12. My pallet hasn't expanded that far.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Did they have one for beets or was that my imagination?
2. I've been blessed that my veggie sister is not one of those annoying ones.
3. What you know about cooking? is a ridiculous question. Especially when all they have to do is look at your blogs, twitter or Facebook
4. It's especially wack when you know the person doesn't believe what they are tweeting. You all inspirational today, but tomorrow you cussin out your 3rd baby daddy
5. Congrats I guess.
6. Poor sleep deprived baby.
7. I didn't know you felt the same way about 30 Rock. Not so much of a fan this season. And that episode of The Office wasn't too good either
8. I don't know how to be jerky. It's too outside of my character.
9. Lots of work, but its very good
10. YO! I woulda had to be extra jerky in my response to that email you showed me. Calm that down, lil girl.
11. AWWWWWW!!!
12 Hmm.. why haven't we ever went back to Jimmys?
13. #Diabetestweet

Sparkling Red said...

2) OH yes. I have known too many militant vegans. Come on people - don't you know that vegetables have feelings too? Do they really think that carrots WANT to be chopped up and boiled? So insensitive.

6) Dare I say that this lack of sleep is making you cantankerous? *ducks*

7) I have never watched 30 Rock. Am I missing something good?

Trish said...

5. Please give me tips on this,

6.I'm suffering terribly from insomnia!

7. Parks and Rec is a hilarious show, I have my sister watching now.

Unknown said...

#2. I know what you mean....I get the same thing from people when they find out I'm somewhat Vegan/Vegetarian.... Like the ONLY thing I eat are vegetables and need to "Expand my Palate" Also. And YES I can throw down in the kitchen too. Lol

#4. You do seem a lil testy....must be in the water cause I'm feeling a lil GANGSTA myself these days. Lol.

#5. Oh my goodness. My face NEVER breaks out and I have the WORST adult acne right now. I don't usually curse but...WTH!!!! Told you I was feeling gangsta.

#6. Girl get you some sleep!!!! Now!

11. Awww. How cute. Love is SO grand!!!!

#12. I've kicked my soda habit sooo long ago, but all it takes is being out and having one and I find myself being so tempted. I could So use that carbonation right now. YUM!!!

Jameil said...

jaz... you are such a hater.

nai... 2) ROTFL!!!! I LOVE IT!!
6) much better this week!
10) she STAYS coming out her face w/foolishness like you need to... hold up. this is LEISURE. i need to do nothing.
11) :)
13) word life.

mrstdj... 1) word.
8) lolol y'all were NO help!
10) i mean...

gp... 2) CLEARLY!
3) get it together people.
4 & 4) lol
5) get thee behind us!
6) got some!
7) p&r = goood. the other 2 = not.
8) i don't even remember what it was anymore.
9) yeah...
10) we lost! and then i realized (again) i hate losing.
11) :) yay love!
12) ma'am. you ew the most basic food. step ya game up!!
13) exactly! yo fault!

adei... they sell them outside of MS just FYI.

ng... 2) umm... i believe so.
10) LOL! THX
12) :( tear!

rj... 1) vomit. i pray it was your imagination but i feel like they did. google says yes.
2) she really isn't!
3) seriously! this was a stranger (remember macy's?) which was equally bad. you know NOTHING about me. fall back.
5) you guess??? that is AWESOME!
6) I KNOW :(
7) waaaaack!! both of them.
8) *blank stare*
9) thanks love!
10) FOR REAL!!!
11) :)
12) CAN WE GO TONIGHT????????
13) Really...

red... 2) soooooo wack! rotfl @ veg feelings! love it!
6) lol. tis true.
7) meh. you were. but this season is not great.

trish... 5) water & exercise is my guess. not really sure.
6) boooooooo!!!
7) so funny!

tg... 2) food is so overly politicized. how about we all eat what we want and leave everybody else alone?
4) lolol. oh gangsta water.
5) evil acne!!! ugh!!!
6) i got some!
11) it is!!!
12) man... sometimes i neeeeed a soda at the most random times. the worst.