April Goals

Seeing as this month I have to defend my 2nd thesis in two years, and complete two other shorts, I'm gonna go light on the non-educational goals.  I'm already at the part of the process where I have daily stress headaches and if I wake up for any reason I'm wide awake thinking about all the things I need to do.

First let's talk about March.  I've had to partially skip the finish transcription stage and get to the editing portion.  Still working on the script but I'm making some good progress.  I've read 758 chapters instead of my goal 730!  Wheee!!  I bounce around so I read parts of books.  This month I completed 5 books to bring my total up to 46!  That means I only have 20 more chapters left in the bible!  That is so cool!  I also got some non-Bible reading in-- three books!  Yay!  I went to B&N and bought 3 books.  I read 2 of them in 2 days.  It was great!  Just like old times.  I used to devour books!  Click on the books tab for details.

1) Read at least 52 chapters in the bible.  That will bring me to 810 total chapters read out of 1189!
2) Continue to work out AT LEAST three times a week.  I feel myself getting into the mode of exercise becoming second nature and something I want to do more than 3xs a week.  FABULOUS!
3) Eat better meals.  I imagine there will be a silly amount of eating out this month so if I can eat more healthily for even those meals, I'll be happy.
4) Make AND KEEP a budget.  I can do this!!!
5) Read at least two books.
6) Watch at least 4 AFI list movies.  Guess who's already done one? MEEEEE!!


Elaine said...


Trish said...

You and your lists make me feel so lazy!! I just want to get through with this semester. I'd like to get to 3x a week working out though. I'm gong to try to commit to that starting next week.

As always, so awesome you make goals and annihilate them!

Jazzy said...

I can't wait until you make and keep a budget...so i can steal your secrets! I can't do it either.

Liz Dwyer said...

I'm with Trish. I feel lazy now...but YAY on the second thesis! The light at the end of the tunnel and all that! ;)

Mrs Count said...

Make sure you include a weekly milkshake in with your better meals. It'll help balance out all this dang exercise you keep trying to do.

Not So Anonymous said...

First of all, yay for the defending your thesis...time is flying. It seems like you just started this new program. I'm so excited for you and proud!

Great goals! I know you can set and keep a budget...I just know you can :)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

You are burning the Bible up! I'm excited about your spirtual growth!

Yaaay school!! Get it Jameil such the scholar!!

Jameil said...

Elaine... Yay! Thanks!!

Trish... LOL! Don't feel lazy! I really REALLY want to get through this semester as well!!!!!!! 3xs a week makes me feel GREAT! So does setting and smashing goals!

Jazzy... We can so do it!!

LA... You're not lazy Miss Marathoner! Sheesh! *waves at light*

mrsc... You know you need to stop!!! Bad influence!!

nsa... It is & thanks! :)

gp... I am! It's so cool! Oh school...