Our Valentine's Day

Don't you love waiting a month for the recap of a holiday we delay for a month? LOL
The day started beautifully with a dozen tulips! Yay!  Then it was off to dinner at 1618 West!
Me outside the restaurant. Love this outfit! Rashan liked it, too!
We started with duck confit nachos.  It would've been better if there had been more duck and/or with a smaller portion with duck on each chip or more of a layered effect.  Not bad but not great.
I know it seems ridiculous to take a picture of the complimentary bread... but this bread was GOOD!  As was the basil oil it was served with!
Rashan got NY strip Oscar with jumbo lump crab, asparagus and frites.  It was pretty good.  He enjoyed it.

I had the pan seared sea bass with risotto cake and grilled asparagus.  Very yummy.  My only qualm is that I couldn't taste the advertised jalapeno in the risotto cake.  I was also perplexed about why I had one stuffed crimini mushroom off to the side.  Doesn't it look lonely?

I had the espresso martini for dessert... YUM!! I need this regularly!
We finished with the bread pudding with creme anglaise, candied pecans and cinnamon ice cream.  WHAT???  I could eat that for dessert every night and be delighted!  Soooo good!  Man!  I thought about it for at least a week!  And finally... the happy couple! :)


K. Rock said...

Gotdang that food looks good! Your plate of seabass looks like what I need in my life this very moment. And who says you can't take pics of bread. Not I!

Sparkling Red said...

My heavens! That is some rich eatin's right there. The two of you look almost as delicious as the dessert. ;-)

Not So Anonymous said...

OMG that bread pudding made me drool! And that sea bass...yummy!

You too look great, too! I love the magenta shoes and the blue belt!

Sha Boogie said...

You are too cute! And espresso martini's give me life! delicious in a glass, mmmm...

Naima said...

Awwwwwwww!! You two are so cute!!!

That food looks delicious!

Nicole said...

What are you doing to me with those pictures of your food??!?! Great, now I'm hungry. LOL. You two look adorable by the way.

Jazzy said...

I need that martini and dessert in my life RIGHT now. Great pictures.

{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After said...

Okay, HOW CUTE is that outfit? Love it and your hair. You looked great!

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Mrs Count said...

Breaddddddd! And tulips! You look cute too, lol

Nerd Girl said...

Love tulips and your hair looks fabulous!

Y'all are so cute!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

What a wonderful Vday!!!! Tulips,great food and LOVE! Perfection! That outfit was AMAZE!

Ladynay said...

All of it looks darn tasty! MMMMMMMM! Bonefish Grill has some yummy espresso martini's too!

Happy belated personal Valentines Day! I love you too as a couple! So cute together!

Jameil said...

Thanks everyone! You know I love to make you hungry!!

k... I will keep this in mind the next time I think to photograph bread!

red... I like to eat like this at least once a month!!

sha... my first one I think and I loved it!!

ng... i've decided to be extra crazy w/my hairstyles to make up for all the styles I didn't have hair long enough to enjoy back in the day! LOL

Unknown said...

Ok....first, you look ADORABLE.

I so love tulips. My little one was trying to draw me pictures of them the other day. Lol

That food is making me hungry....it looks so good and you know I don't even eat meat or do any dairy. But YUM!!!!

Glad you all had a good time.... You are HILARIOUS for the delay. Valentines day was forever ago. Lol

formatii nunta said...

Definetly you two had a lot of fun, congratulations for that and because you love each other every day.