Monday Mindspacing Vol. 95

1) Ever since I learned children who have fewer words spoken directly to them (often those in financially disadvantaged families) struggle more in school, I try to talk directly to every baby/child I encounter. Every little bit, right?  Now you do it!
2) It irks me when people say every since.
3) Noooooooo!! I just saw a child's ugly velcro shoes and almost said, "Never MY ch--" until I realized it's velcro or tying laces 90xs an hour or watching them skin their inevitably adorable faces/bodies repeatedly after they trip over said laces.  :(  PLEASE DON'T MAKE MY CHILDREN WEAR UGLY VELCRO SHOES!!!
4) My cousin's doing a one-week vegan challenge this week.  She invited me.  I didn't even have to think twice.  NO.  I put myself through enough unnecessary hurdles seeing as I have more goals in a month than some people have in a year.  That sounded way more snobby than I meant it but yeah... I like food too much.  I'm not doin it.  One week vegETARIAN?  I'd so give that a shot.  Who else would be on board?  We can give it a shot.  Tell me this, though.  Can I still eat eggs?  (Pretend they're not baby chickens.)
5) My mom likes David Letterman (kinda) but HATES Paul.  This cracks me up!
6) I've been doing some crazy editing!  I get bursts and just GO!  So I think I'll be posting something online for you guys to see soon!  :)
7) My mom doesn't want me to tweet about her... Yeah... About that... Stop doing tweet-worthy stuff.
8) I'm addicted to burgers and am currently bingeing on them.  Don't worry.  It's not followed by purging.  Just delirious deliciousness.  I think I had a burger 4 days last week and almost had one a 5th day but talked myself out of it.  I think I should've eaten it... LOL>  See what I mean about this one week vegan thing?  Never gonna get it!
9) Son!  I had kim chi for the first time this weekend.  Fermented cabbage doesn't exactly SOUND appetizing but I'm a curious eater and let me just give it a rousing endorsement!  Koreans know what they're doing!  Yum!
10) We have our first playoff game tonight!  Aaaaaareeeee yooooooouuuu readyyyyyyy????
11) Have I told you lately how much I love birthdays??  I get sad when there are stretches of days w/o birthdays on fb.  No fun messages to write???  Awww maaaaan! Your birthday is the BEST day on fb!!  BEST!  Hands down!
12) Speaking of birthdays and fb, HBD you can keep.  If you're too lazy to write Happy Birthday, just leave.  Also don't be so dumb as to use D seeing as BIRTHDAY is one word.
13) Rashan is finally blogging again.  He had to put up a week of posts for me to believe it.  And I'm still not sure if it'll stick.  We'll see.


K. Rock said...

3. Your child doesn't have to wear them. But you will never be able to say to your 4 year "Go put your shoes on" and have the task completed.Velcro is great. But I would dump them after they learn how to tie their shoes.
4. Never vegan. Too many restrictions.
8. I love burgers but I have to resist. I haven't had a really GOOD one in a while. They all seem to be the same.
9. I have been wanting to try that. It sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

2. High five! That's a pet peeve.
4. Hell NO!! Butter is ESSENTIAL!
8. We try a new burger joint once a month. There seem to be new joints popping up all over the place. In lieu of a new spot, we're heading back to Spike's place for our April trip. Yummy!
9. I'm usually very willing to try almost any food item there is, but the smell of kim chi turns my tummy.

Sha Boogie said...

EVERY since I read this post, I'm like 'hmmm..maybe I'm not so crazy for talking to my son like he understands me' lol But, now that you mentioned that, he can count to ten and he's only 18 months!

Nerd Girl said...

1. My biggest mistake ever! My girl never stops talking. Well, unless she's sitting across the lunch table from you. LOL!
3. Yeah, okay. We shall see...
4. I'll pass. I don't know how people go vegan. Uh, uh, no way.
7. Again with the twitter. I signed up and I still don't get it.
9. Never had it, sounds good though.
13. I refuse to be hurt again!

Naima said...

#2. Ditto!
#4. Not even a possibility. Unless I were HEAVILY compensated. And then I'd only THINK about it.
#6. Woohoo!!
#8. I love meat. Burgers = meat. Therefore I love burgers.
#9. Bakari gets very (VERY!) excited about kimchi. I guess I'll try it one day...
#11. I love birthdays too! The day after my birthday though? HATE IT. Such a let down :o(
#12. PREACH!!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.Wow! I never knew that...but I’ve always spoken directly to kids. Yay! me
2. Why? Isn’t that how you say every since? Ever since sounds dumb j/k
3. They have really cute Velcro shoes for the babies. Bring on the little pink Velcro!! so cute!
4. OMG noooooooooooooooooooooooo! And no and what? No!
5. That's funny and I get it!
7.Moms are so funny!
8.You have showcased some yummy looking burgers I’m such a follower and had two last week myself...for all that working out I've been doing! LOLOL!
9.I guess you already know this is coming...Fermented cabbage YUCK!
10.The playoffs? Really? Go Jameil!!
11.I deleted my birthday on FB days before it just to see what would happen. I only got a few Happy B-days from a few folks who know know. I was thrilled! *shrugs*
12.That’s hilarious!
13. Okay this right here...Jameil he is not your personal asst. or is he? lol.

my word veri is hotta. Yep I know...but how did they? LOL!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. I always talked to my nephews and nieces like real people. I also tried to put in some hip hop slang to make them fly.
2. Every since I read this, I wanted to say every since to you.
3. Velcro is necessary, so its on you to design a good looking velcro shoe
4. Meat is murder. Murder is delicious.
5.Dave seems like the old man in the neighborhood that all the kids are scared of.
6. It's really good. Cant wait to see the finished product
7.Sorry Mrs H. You're too entertaining not to share
8. When were you eating all these burgers without me. I'm hating
9. After my near death spicy experience, I'm gon have to pass.
10 Does everyone get a participation certificate in your league?
11. I barely pay attention to FB birthdays.
12. I wonder if I can find a card that says HBD. I have until August to make that happen.
13. It's real, shawt. It's real

Trish said...

1. I'm now on it!!

2. I hate that too!!

4. No thanks!

7. LOL!! My Dad is like that with Facebook, he doesn't want me to put his picture up. It's not like I'm one of those people with a million friends, but whatever.

11. I like birthdays too! I enjoy shopping for the perfect thoughtful gift.

13. I still can't believe he's back either and he's still funny, lol!

Nicole said...

I could never do vegan. I'm pescetarian (a vegetarian who eats fish) and that's hard enough already. Oh and you don't have to worry that you're eating a baby chicken when you eat eggs. At least not the ones you'd get from the store. Those eggs are unfertilized and never held a chick embryo. There is absolutely no way those eggs can become a chicken.

Ladynay said...

4) She's a good one!
8) Was it a different type of burger each day? Mmmmmmmmm
10) *song* Are yall ready for this? Don don don ....oh never mind. It's that popular song cheerleaders always do routines too! LOL!
13) YAY RAH! Woot woot!

Sparkling Red said...

You like kim chi? :-p You should come up to my neighbourhood. You could drown in the stuff here, there's so much of it. I don't like it one bit, sadly.

Burgers, though, that's something I can get behind. I normally limit myself to one per week, because a burger has to come with fries in my book, and I try to limit fries. Four days in the week? I could totally do that, if I threw caution to the winds.

Jameil said...

k... 3) that little thing better get some hand/eye coordination & dexterity quick fast & in a hurry!!
4) exactly.
8) this. AWFUL!!!!!!

mt... *high five!*
8) WOW! How exciting!
9) Awww :(

sha... smh. also you're still crazy.

ng... 1) LOLOL!!!
3) :(
4) It's too much!!
7) I'm gonna have to do a tutorial.
9) So yummy!
13) LOL Then you should likely abstain.

nai... 4) exactly!
6) yeahhhhhh
8) mmmmmmmm
11) NAI! We're so kindred spirits! I absolutely HATE August 24th. Rah's on eggshells b/c I call it the worst day of the year.

gp... 1) depends on the kid
2) -_-
3) i'll allow the shoes you sent.
4) so bad.
5) lol. don't encourage her!
8) burgers!!!!!!!
9) free your mind. and the rest will follow.
10) eh. everyone goes to the playoffs in intramurals.
11) this makes no sense. at all.
13) how does this relate to being a personal assistant?
*they meant me.

rj... 1) smh.
2) stop it.
3) i don't want to design it. i'll just have my bloggers find it.
4) word.
5) LOL!
6) AWWWW. Thanks babe!
7) For real!
8) You know I'm a burgerholic. Be around or get left behind.
9) :(
10) No but close.
11) This is sad!
12) I will reject your marriage proposal in a very public place!!!
13) still not convinced.

trish... 1) yay!!
7) son! my mom's 1st cousin is like 45 MAX and TERRIFIED of fb. please get it together!
11) yay!!! me too!!
13) lol

nicole... i love seafood. if i was gonna restrict my diet, it would be ovolacto pescetarian. also, YAY FOR EGGS!!! I wouldn't worry about that anyway, though. LOL

lady... 4) eh...
8) Yep!
10) LOL! I get so excited!
13) i guess...

red... you don't like it and you're drowning in it!?!? nooooooooooo!!! life's so not fair!

burgers!!! i should limit my fries, too... but I don't.