Monday Mindspacing Vol. 49

1) It is so cool that Rashan and I found each other when we did.  We had both seen each other's blogs at least a year prior to regularly reading & ignored them.  Neither of us would have been open to dating the other had we met any earlier.  I would've found him too old, he would've found me too young.  (He's still old... lolol)
2) I'm just gonna say this because it needs to be said... EVERYONE CANNOT TAKE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!  If you're going to even call yourself a budding photographer, step 1: buy a decent camera.  Don't use your lil 5mp camera or camera phone with terrible lighting and talk about 'get at me for quotes.'  Never.
3) I really, really, really, really want some stuff from my etsy favorites.  It would take me way too long to justify buying all that stuff for myself.  Soooo.... I have a birthday coming up in August!  :)
4) If Rashan doesn't post soon, I'm going to hack into his blog and post for him.
5) One of the ways I entertain myself when watching Iron Chef is to try to name off the different varieties of the secret ingredient before Alton does!  LOL.  Then it makes me feel all smart when I know multiple ones! :)  Yes, I am food crazy.  And I've started cooking & posting on my food blog, The Record Dish again!
6) My life needs more delicious margaritas.
7) I sent Rashan back to Atlanta with all my books, dvds & the majority of my winter clothes and shoes.  He looked at me like WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH STUFF???  Then he said it... lol.
8) One of my biggest fb/twitter/blog pet peeves?  When people spoil tv shows!!!  That is so rude.  Beyond people who live on the West Coast, what if people couldn't be home to watch it and planned on catching the replay or watching it on Hulu the next day or WHATEVER????  So horrible.  Even when I don't watch the show in question I chastise the spoilers!!  My mom doesn't get this about me.  She likes people to tell her EVERYTHING.  Yeah, no.  Sometimes I help her out, sometimes I don't.
9) I really want to watch at least 10 movies this week. Minimum.  I have to get close to something like caught up on this goal of watching 365 movies this year.
10) Has anyone else noticed people on formspring seem to lose interest after a day or 2?  I mean, really.  How many questions can people ask you?


Rashan Jamal said...

1. Yeah, that worked out splendidly. Also, I thought you were a lil obnoxious when I first read your blog. LOL
2. The diff between your sister's photos and everybody elses blew me away. She did a great job.
3. LOL @ knowing how long it would take to talk yourself into buying it.
4. Done - but since you know like every single one of my passwords, it wouldn't really be hacking, would it?
5. That bleu cheese thing was freaky.. what was it again?
6. That one you had yesterday was banging.. if only I didn't have to drive back
7. For real, and now it's in my place, it's make it even harder to pack up my crap when I move.
8. Yeah, there's an art to showing you are watching, and spoiling it for me. STACE!!!! And you know I hate that TV Guide does the spoiling thing too. Wack
9. Ain't nothing to it, but to do it.
10. It's like Ask me anything.. and then they just don't answer. I know I wouldn't answer some of the dumb questions that people get asked

Mrs Count said...

1. I started reading both of y'alls blogs on the day he posted your picture and said y'all had met up. I thought it was so cute.
3. In 2010 don't you need to buy yourself a gift for every year of life you've had? I'm pretty sure that's the rule. I need to buy myself 25 gifts before August.
8. I like it when people spoil tv shows. I don't have to watch them if I already know what happened. Sometimes I'll find out the ending and write the episode myself in my head. I prefer it that way (except Criminal Minds, my brain can never come up with twisted enough stories for that show)

Not so Anonymous said...

1. Timing is so important.
2. I agree, and I'm one of those people. It could be a combination of the reasons you listed, too.
4. I almost took him off my blog roll bc I hadn't seen anything from him in sooooo long, lol. Jk Rashan.
10. I don't even know what formspring is...uh oh, does that mean I'm out of the loop?? :(

Nerd Girl said...

2. I guess since I had to think for a minute about what "5mp" meant, I have no future as a photog!
4. Please do!
8. Please add movies to this list! I can't stand when people fb about a movie and give the story away. Everybody can't go opening night....

K. Rock said...

1. I am new around these parts and I have been curious as to how you two met in the first place. Would love to hear it. I love a good "love story".

6. Margaritas are great.

10. I don't know what formespring is.

Jameil said...

I don't normally swoop in here midday to answer questions but since you guys were wondering, formspring is what the creators (i'm sure) are hoping will become the next twitter. you set up a page where people can ask you questions anonymously then you answer them. ridiculously basic. and apparently it bores the user very quickly.

rj... 1) and i, you.
2) right??? she rocks! 3) a really long time! 4) hush.
5) maytag! & i knew others but just didn't know they were in the blue cheese category. roquefort, gorgonzola & I can't remember the last one.
6) mmmmmmm 7) no it won't. i'll be gone. 8) THE WORST!! 9) Hursh. 10) exactly. i've been waiting 3 weeks on 2 answers. crickets.

mrs. count... aww! that's cute!
3) good idea! except i'll be broke at the end so... that's probably a fail.
8) you & my mom. i get VEXED!!

nsa... 1) word! 2) lol. at least you know! 4) lolol DO IT!! 10) see above!

nerd... 2) knowing is half the battle! 4) lolol 8) AND MOVIES!!! some people don't even WANT to see a movie opening weekend. But that doesn't mean we should have to listen to you SPOIL IT!! So wack.

k... 1) oh my. that's a bit of a lengthy one but I don't think you're the only person currently reading who wasn't reading when it all started. i'll work on that post in teh coming weeks.
6) YES!! 10) see above.

Naima said...

1. *raises hand* I don't know the "how you two met" story either!!
3. Mmmmmmmmm...etsy...
8. Agreed!! I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I appreciate how you don't ruin shows via Twitter (or otherwise). I almost never watch live TV, so I'd be very miffed!

Ms. Behaving said...

You and Rashan were made for each other. **I still stick by what I said about y'all being the cutest couple EVER** :)

LOL @ #2. -- I couldn't agree with you more on that!

Formspringme sucks! **The sooner folks realize this, the better.** Can't stand to see those "ask me anything" tweets. UGGH

Food blog??? I had no idea. I'll have to check that out!

Ladynay said...

1) Awwwww
2) So you don't want a quote on this picture of a leaf I took in black and white? Come on now! LOL!
9)Good luck with that. I might watch one and that's a stretch!HA!
10) you have reminded me to check that thing. I asked someone a question like...a month ago!

Speaking of reminders...renew your FAFSA if you haven't already

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. I'm curious about when ya'll met also. I lurve lurve!
2.Okay so the 5mp has we crying you are crazy! they make those? You are so correct. My friend had a photog at her party and those pics were horrible! I told her everybody with a camera is NOT a photographer.
5. Yea! for Record Dish!
8. I like to know sometimes. T.V. is okay to spoil but movies and books I'm ready to kill What's even worse to me is the people uploading reviews on youtube about various shows. Those fools need to quit it!

Sha Boogie said...

Woohoo to # 5& 6!!! I've become slightly obsessed with taking pictures of my food, lol. **on the way to check out your foodie blog**


Anonymous said...

Someone asked me if I need professional photos done. I laughed when they showed me their camera. It was like 4 megapixels, no optical zoom. SAD!!

Jameil said...

nai... 1) coming soon to a blog near you! :)
3) right??? *drool*

ms. b... cutest couple ever thanks to me!!! lolol formspring is ridiculous mostly b/c there are a limited number of people you know to ask you questions & a limited number of questions you're willing to answer. fooooooood. that is all. lol.

lady... 2) i'm straight... 9) lol. thanks! it's going horribly! 10) i still haven't!! i'm so wack.

gp... 2) lolol. they're the throw back cams so if you still have one and are trying to take pro pics, stop yourself RIGHT. NOW. aw man. so lame when you think you have someone doing something great for you and GP comes and breaks your little heart!!! LOLOL 5) *ice cube voice* YAYE YAYE!!
8) NOPE! I'm never ok w/it! Youtube reviews I can avoid but there's no warning when it shows up in the timeline/newsfeed! NONE!!

sha... word! eat som'n! lolol