Monday Mindspacing Vol. 47

1) I wish I could hide entertainment news from every website I view.  That HAS to be the future-- self-selecting exposure to more online information.  I don't need to know about who's sleeping with who and when and who's apologizing.  When I say I don't care, I REALLY don't care.  That is HANDS DOWN my biggest gripe with CNN, the overabundance of crap 'news.'
2) My no. 2 gripe?  CNN TELLS ME WHAT ARTICLES MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS HAVE POSTED!!!  HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO MY FRIENDS ARE WHEN I'M NOT SIGNED IN TO YOUR WEBSITE, BIG BROTHER!!!????  NOT COOL.  And before you ask, yes, I unchecked that box on the fb privacy settings.  Did nothing.
3) Rashan broke my heart.  He has decided he will no longer drink beer.  GULP!!!  I really enjoyed having a boyfriend who could and would try the beers of the world with me.  No more.  What a selfish, selfish decision he made.  Shortly before I posted this... he changed his mind. YESSSSS!!
4) Kurt on Glee looks old in profile.  Fake high schooler fail.  I feel mean now that I found out he's just 19...
5) RASHAN LOVES ME!!!  Back so quickly from no. 3 huh?... He got me a new digital camera &..... SEASON ONE OF 'A DIFFERENT WORLD' ON DVD!!!!!  I've been waiting for that DVD FOR.EV.ER!!!  I didn't know it started at sophomore year.  Hmmm....
6) I have an empty house for the first time since Tuesday and it feels really weird.
7) Know how I'm celebrating a fabulous screening? (Details to come!)  WITH A TRIP TO MIAMI!!!!! PARTY PARTY PARTY!!
8) I had some great Mexican food Thursday... and I feel it's time for some more.  There's a place calling my name and I don't have anyone to go with!!  On second thought, I DO know someone who provides excellent company locally, though.  Starts with a 'Ja' and ends with a 'meil.'


DaniColoredGlasses said...

5) Season 1 is before Debbie Allen took over....I watched a special abt it vs. the rest of the seasons fascinating! As a HBCU alum if you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out.

7) See you soon :)

Trish said...

1. I was talking about this with the Bf. I think that the media makes break ups for people more humiliating then they have to be.

2.That is so weird that CNN does that with your friend's updates.

3.My Bf doesn't drink at all, sometimes I feel bad drinking alone but most times, I don't :-).

7.Miami sounds like great fun!!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Yeah, that's not news. Who cares? Well lots of people do, I'm just not one of them
2. That's crazy that we couldn't turn it off.
3. That was a close one. Maybe I should just drink Nicks beer,b/c I didn't have that groggy feeling like with the bottle.
4. I don't know which one is Kurt.
5. I do love you. When we gonna start that petition to get the rest of the seasons on dvd
6. It feels weird being in my own house for the first time in a week.
7. Welcome to Miami..bienvenue a Miami
8. Can you hold out til Cinco de Mayo? Or will you have Quattro de Mayo? I know I spelled that all kinds of wrong. LOL

Liz Dwyer said...

Aww... how sweet that Rashan says he loves you in his comment. YAY for love!

I am weirded out about that Facebook thing, too. I have every box on there unchecked and it seems to do no good at all. Creepy.

not so anonymous said...

1. I'm sick of it myself...I also wish I could hide all those crappy gossip magazine that bombard my view in the grocery check out line.
4. I love that show!
5. I used to love that show...i try to catch it on tvone whenever I remember.

Sha Boogie said...

OMG! Rashaun just about broke my heart too, but now he is back in our good graces! That is one thing hubby and I enjoy together, BEER! yum..

Sha Boogie said...

Uh oh...spelled RASHAN wrong -- sorry!

Nerd Girl said...

2. Are you on Pandora? 'Cause tey do te same ting (yea, guess wic letter is wonky on my keyboard). I was like why do I keep seeing my friends' faces.... I can't figure out how to get rid of it!

3. Yay for love and beer! They go and in hand.

eight. (This is a janky keyboard...) That's wat I'm talking 'bout! I am my own best company :)

Mrs Count said...

Since I won't be eating out for the next 3 weeks, I'll be eating all my Mexican food at a local place called: my house. Thank goodness the chef is cute :)
I can't wait to make my Cinco de Mayo dish (but it'll be on Thursday, cuz we have church tomorrow)

On a limb with Claudia said...

Hey, when do we get to see your movie??

The Goddess said...

Congrats Miss Graduate!!!! Cant wait to hear more about the screening.

Oh and I want to go to Miami!!! So jealous! Have fun.

Jameil said...

dani... 5) that was on the special features. saw it! now i REALLY want the rest of the seasons on there! 7) yeaaaaaah!!

trish... 1) exactly. i let just bloggers into my life & i can decide when i want to stop. not cool.
2) for serious.
3) lol! when he doesn't drink i'm like whatev! you have to drive, i don't!
7) oH YEAH!!!!

rj... 1) EXACTLY. 2) & disturbing. 3) TOO CLOSE!! IDK what the deal is. 4) the gay one 5) xoxo. we need to get on that!!
6) come baaaaack!
7) bienvenidos? lol
8) i managed to hold out! quatro.

liz... :) it really doesn't help!! so irritating!!

nsa... 1) word life. 4) i know! 5) wish i had tvone!

sha... lolol!! you guys are my beer drinking couple role models!! minus your miller lite *vomit*

nerd... 2) rarely. why do they do it!?? so horrid. 3) OH YEAH!! dead @ your keyboard!!!! you should've said the number after 7. lolololol. i had a great time eating sushi with myself last night! lol

tm... casa TM! i need to do some great things at casa Jameil, myself!! Cinco de Mayo on Seis de mayo??? *side eye*

claud... it will have to come to a theater near you! oooh denver! i've never been to CO! we'll definitely have to apply for a CO fest!

the goddess... :) i will!

On a limb with Claudia said...

I've been trying to unwind from celebrity news. What's amazing is that the more I try to keep away, the more it become ubiquitous. It's every. where. If you have good strategies, I'm all ears.