Movies 2010, Week 17

May 9-15, 2010
This week I got into watching 30 Rock... me and these tv shows.  I might have to amend this years goal to 250 just so I can make it.  Lol.
110) Dead Ringer.  Classic 1964 film starring Bette Davis as a woman who kills her twin sister then steals her identity.  Very awesome.  4 stars
111) Play the Game.  An indie film about a guy with Elvin Thibbodeaux as a wingman.  The guy also has Andy Griffith as the grandpa he's teaching how to pick up women.  Very bad.  Bad music.  Bad acting.  Really bad script.  Completely improbable.  Scenes dragged on interminably.  They jumped around without making any sense.  Way too long.  INCLUDING a double ending.  Fail.  1.8 stars
112) Raising Arizona. Coen brothers film about an ex-con (Nicolas Cage) and his police officer wife (Holly Hunter) who steal one of the local quints.  As silly as you think it would be but more enjoyable than I expected.  Lol.  The end was lame, though.  3.4 stars

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