Monday Mindspacing Vol. 48

1) I don't appreciate all of you who are turning 30 making me think that far in the future.  Thanks for nothing.
2) Rashan weirds me out when he says my name.  He says it so rarely that I always notice when he does.  It's startling!  I always go, you said my name!  Lol.
3) When people do overhauls of their entire lives, I always wonder what they went through to make them lose it like that & why they don't just do a little at a time.  Might help all those changes stick a little more easily.
4) I love looking at pictures of people's children... mostly because I don't have to change their diapers or listen to them cry.  And they're so cute!  I like reading mommy bloggers, too... but when y'all have one of THOSE days?  I am SO grateful for my single student life.
5) I've also determined 13 seconds is the perfect length for a baby video where the baby isn't doing much but smiling and laughing, maybe just sitting there.  After that only the grandparents & parents care.
6) I hate pomegranate.  I know that's a strong word: pomegranate.  But I mean it.  Eeeeyuck!!!
7) Last week's graduation post was my 1000th!!  Pretty cool milestone.  I hit it in less than 5 years! :) 
8) Now that KFC's sandwich is about 8 weeks old it's time to stop talking about it like it's something new.  Unless you've tried it, let's move on from the chit chat.  Really?  The obesity argument?  That's novel.  People who eat a 'sandwich' that's two chicken breasts, cheese & bacon are either gonna be and STAY fat or never gain an ounce.  Either way, that one thing isn't the reason for their size.  Move it on along.
9) The day I got google reader was the day I reintroduced some sanity into my blogging life.  Bloggers who don't post frequently don't make me feel like I have to check daily.  Just put it on the reader!  The. best.
10) I'm so over your self-congratulatory fake deep tweets.  You know what I mean and if you think I'm talking about you, I am.  'An apple is not an orange and neither is a tomato.'  For real?  And the motivational statements that are a constant loop of platitudes... Stop it.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

6. I only like the actual fruit I have since childhood. Pom juice in EVERYTHING is soo annoying and it's just not that good, but since it's suppose to have antioxidants that fight cancer I drink it. *sigh*

7. Wow! 1000 I can't see me getting that many. I started blogging late and then took a year off. LOL!

8. That sandwich is a monstrosity of epic proportions! I always wanted to say that about something LOL!

p.s. what did you think about Obama giving the commencement at Hampton?


Ladynay said...

1) *mental note* don't mention birthday this year. LOL!
3) breaking points I guess *shrug*
4)Enjoy the single student life cuz once the kids come, there is no return policy! LOL!
7) Yay! Congrats!
10) "A mental house is just a house until you get a welcome mat"

I swore I commented on the movie thing...maybe I'm tripping.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

2. wow i thought i was the only one that gets weirded out by that.....equally odd is if someone who usually shortens my name decides to use all 8 letters. It's jarring. They need to stop that post haste.

Anonymous said...

9 - Google reader truly changed my life for the better!! *lol* It's amazing that I kept up with as many people as I did before discovering it.

Nerd Girl said...

1. Geesh. Turning 30. I remember that.....
5. Sometimes? Even they don't care.
9. I feel like I need "Google Reader for Dummies." I've been trying to use it since the stupid work blog ban, but it just feels lacking.
10. You cannot change other people. Simply how you react to other people. We who are wise realise this. Namaste. (see how I threw that s/z in there for ya???)

Sha Boogie said...

Whenever Hubby says my name I'm like 'huh?' what did I do?! lol

Jameil said...

gp... 6) i've expanded my fruit likes but pom hasn't made the list. beets & blueberries are good for me, too but i'm going to have to miss their benefits.
7) lol! when i started i had no idea it was going to snowball like this.
8) HAHAHAHA! well thank KFC!

1) LOL! You can mention it... just don't set any goals! LOLOL
7) thanks!
10) LOLOLOL!!!! I was sitting here trying to figure out what in THE WORLD you were talking about!
yes... you were trippin.

dani... lol right??? i say his name all the time but he very rarely says mine.

mrs... i know! God bless google reader!

nerd... 1) LOL!
5) hahahahaha! awesome.
9) you just have to get used to it. at first i really only liked it for those people who never blog but now i like it because it puts everything in one place.
10) But I really thought this was actual advice you were giving me!!!!! LOLOLOL!! I was like, no those people need to change!!!

sha... hahahaha!!! right?? it makes me sit up straight or something.

K. Rock said...

1. 30 in 12 weeks!! Happy Birthday to me!!

5. I so agree. I am a mother and I try to limit the amount that I talk about my kids because honestly, I don't want to hear anyone talk for hours about theirs. It's a common courtesy.

9. I love my reader too!! It makes it so easy to keep up with the blogs I read.

Jameil said...

1) Happy Birthday to you!!
5) HAHAHAHAHA!! Me and all the people who know you but don't know me THANK YOU!!
9) Yep!