Monday Mindspacing Vol. 51

1) People are so annoying acting like they're doing something and/or are better than other people by not watching BET.  That's not new, people.
2) On that same thread, can people stop saying you have to look beyond the surface when you watch 'The Boondocks'?  It's REALLY annoying.  We get it, you watch b/c you're deep.  You don't have to repeatedly tell us how deep you are.
3) I've decided when I start my own herb garden, it has to have among other things, rosemary & thyme because those 2 are the most like eating pine needles when dried.  Not cool.
4) I thought it would be really hard not to talk about my classmates but most of the time it's really not.  I guess because I got used to not talking about my coworkers with any specificity.
5) I've stopped encouraging people to start a blog... because I'll be too irritated when they inevitably give it up.
6) Why when I write Happy Birthday on someone's wall on fb do people sometimes comment on THAT post rather than writing their own?  Complete strangers.  So weird.
7) Why is there a choice on shopping sites to sort prices high to low?  Do people actually do that?  Do I really want the $700 pair of shoes when I could have the cuter $20 pair that's still great quality?
8) Do you even know what my mom said to me the other day?  I told her I had given up on the idea of not going to the grocery store anymore before I leave Gainesville & she said "Girl please! Just eat pb&J!"  Really??? When I balked she said, "Then eat grilled cheese!"  For real???  Your first 2 food ideas for me are foods I haven't eaten in at least 15 years?  Way to NOT be there, mom.
9) I really wish Rashan knew more than 1 person.  I'd really like to be at someone's cookout today.  :-/
10) I'm going on a mini tour of the East Coast this summer & am amazed by how much I'll be traveling in a month.  Really crazy.

**Maybe next week this won't sound like a giant list of annoyances!


Mrs Count said...

1. Ughhh, I don't watch BET. It's trash. But did you see RHONY or RHONJ or RHOOC of RHOA or whichever one is currently on last night?
3. I want to grow Basil because I can never find it in good condition at the grocery store. Let me look into that...
7. Sometimes I push high to low just so I can laugh. Maybe that's the point.
9. Go to the park and crash cookouts. See how many you can do before you get caught and arrested!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. yeah, I posted about that awhile back.. You aren't special because you don't watch BET. I bet if they still showed Uncut you'd (meaning them) watch it.
2. It's not deep. It's a broad satire that is fairly obvious. Plus they use the n word a lot. Not too deep.
3. Make sure you have cilantro and mariju.. I mean, oregano
4. self censorship is not that hard
5. LOL - everybody suck but you when it comes to blogging.
6. is that one of those hijacked convos things?
7. I imagine if you don't want the cheap stuff, it could come in handy, but not for me.
8. Both of those sound good to me. Maybe I can have both.
9. LOL - yeah, cookout fail today, but those burgers you made were delicious.

Sparkling Red said...

I've never understood the appeal of rosemary. People throw whole sticks of it into a meal, and then I have to sit and pick it out. Why would I want to eat twigs? It's just not cool.

Not So Anonymous said...

1. All I can do is laugh at this one.
3. rosemary is one of my fave herbs...yummy!
8. I love pb&j...like really LOVE it. I stopped eating it for like 5 years and then had one and now I'm addicted all over again.
10. One time for the tour...have fun!

Jazzy said...

1 & 2) makes me side-eye and roll my eyes repeatedly.
3) funny...i just found out my sister has a blog. i had encouraged her to blog before, but she never told me she was actually blogging. i found it by accident.
9) LOL!! so i guess you don't wanna hang out with the friends from the big dinner (pun intended) at Red Lobster's. *snickering* lol

Nerd Girl said...

1. My brothers and I were just laughing about BET, in the mid 80s my parents refused to subscribe to cable because BET wasn't an option. I can hardly imagine anyone protesting in such a manner now!
3. Blech to rosemary & thyme. The mere thought offends me.
6. Trifling.
8. I'm with your mom.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. I watch BET I complain about the coonery to friends but I loved The Game and every holiday they have a marathon. Holla
2. I watch the Boondocks not because I'm deep it's just funny to me. Although I can say I'm not enjoying the coonery and Obama bashing that is this season. (see how I was able to use the word coonery twice. LOL!)
3.I love rosemary. I want to cook with it more. Herb hmmm good idea.
8. Loves PB&J I don't eat it regular but its good for peanut butter fixes when no cookies are avail.
9. You are so lucky!! have a blast!

Jameil said...

mrs. count... 1) lolololololol RIGHT??
3) and it smells so amazing!
7) lolol interesting idea!
9) hahahaha. we missed this one!

rj... 1) or whatever else you deem to be the one show that makes watching it okay. LAME.
2) exactly.
3) cilantro is a definite. Hadn't considered oregano but hmmm... BTW you know mj and oregano are different, right?
5) not true! but you do.
6) no, i don't mind those. they're among friends. this other foolishness? failure all around.
7) low cost and cheap aren't the same. don't get it.
8) yuck. 9) thanks! :)

red... lolol. fresh is so much better and the flavor is great!!

nsa... 1) lolol. 3) i enjoy it, too! i made a rosemary honey polenta and it was quite awesome!
8) wow... i used to go thru phases where i didn't hate it anymore but love? yeah... no.
10) woo hoo!!! that's the plan!

jazzy... 1&2) right?? 3) lol. my sister told me when she started hers but she rarely uses it.
9) when you say friends... you mean...????

nerd... 1) LOL! that is hilarious!!!
3) WHAT!?!? FAIL!!!
6) Lolol.
8) Yeah... no. I'm guessing neither of you have ever met me.

gp... 1) lololol.
2) BEST ANSWER EVER!! B/c it's funny to you. Geez.
3) mmmmmm
8) yuck.
9) Thanks!